Bermuda's Triangle

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Ever wonder what happens to all the boats, planes, and submarines that disappear when crossing the Bermuda's triangle? It's a portal. One to a natural and mythical world you would only find in books and movies. Here are the survivors of those supernatural events, either alive or already turned into bones by one of the several creatures that live here. Hybrids, elementals, and beasts. All of those you once heard about in myths and legends, they excaped from this portal.

Every human is eventually bit by a creature, turning them into one with similar characteristics. That or, they become food. If bitten, their form, strength, velocity, and age limit will change. *Just those humans that turn, then have the ability to shift between their human and creature form, but with a great amount of energy and time.

What are the original creatures? Living things like no other known by a human in charge of turning those travelers from our world into creatures. They are stronger than the bitten, some good and curious, other evil that will kill you in an instant. These originals have a true form and an anthro one (like wolf and werewolf). Be creative, there are no limits here, except being invincible. *Elemental creatures are just for the original ones. No bitten has this ability.

The few humans left live hidden in the remains of the boats and airplanes around this natural world. But creatures aren't their only threat. Many plants and insects have toxins that will kill them in months or seconds. So be careful, your best chance to survive is to turn into a creature.

For those that want to return to the real world, there is one hope. A legend that speaks about two elders, dragons, one white and one black. The white is the good, the light, he will give you the opportunity to return to the humans' world, or grant any wish you might have that means good; from reviving a lost friend, to have an special ability. But don't find the black one, or you will be given two options: death, or be part of the dark army with the shadows on your side.

•This is how you must present your character. Every post must be on third person, using quotes when you speak.
-- Photo of your creature or human --
Name: Last name is optional.
Age: Limit 300 for bitten, 500 for originals. (Limit: death.)
Race: Human, original, or bitten. (Every human must be bitten at some point.)
Type: Hybrid, beast, or elemental. (Not applied if human. Elemental is just for originals.)
Side: Light or darkness. (Good or evil. Lights usually help, don't bite, only if asked by the human, and just kill to survive or protect.)
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