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  1. Mars, 31,000 exact date unknown, Precise location unknown.

    I ran my hands through my hair, they cold steel of my armor sending shivers down my spine.
    I can't tell you how long i have hidden myself down here, or how long i have toiled away, waiting for the sign to begin my plan.
    Knowing so much, and yet so little is infuriating, the knowledge that you alone have an idea of what is to come to pass, and yet I do not know how to stop it, All i can do is prepare myself and amass resources for the cataclysmic event.
    He would have known, though his bond to the architect of mankind's woe was simply too strong, all he could do was give me the knowledge of machines, their workings, all he, the vast mighty ruler of mankind in it's golden era of expansion could offer me was knowing.

    Though that is not to say that such knowledge did not give me considerable power, this armored shell that protects me and the computers in my mind that give me flawless recall and a picture perfect memory came from the knowledge he gave me, the machines i have built, the enhancements to common technology that the others on this red dust planet came from that knowledge, in fact, though those who rule this planet know nothing of me, i have lain the seeds of my plan in their technology, i have planted my cyphers to codes they have not yet conceived in places they will not know until it is too late, with my knowledge i have already achieved more than i ever could have dreamed of as simply myself, but this knowledge is also a curse, for though i bear centuries of wisdom and intelligence gathered by minds immeasureably superior to my own, i also know that what i am attempting is not only foolhardy, but that the odds of my success are a million to one, for even if i save those yet to fall, there still remains the question of whether or not the coming darkness will simply sweep over them, casting them aside as they scramble for the Emperor's throne, then as with the future i know, technology and invention will stagnate, machines revered as gods and any improvements made to them ignored and the individual who improved them excecuted by religious zealots.

    I shake my head, desperate to cast off this melancholy, for i ahve not the time to be so dramatic, i ahve but the time to build, fabricate and otherwise create an infrastructure, an army and defenses with which to save this world.
    Earth as i knew it died at least five thousand years ago, if not earlier, there now remains no plants or animals, all extinct in humanities wars and the Emperor's acension into power, now the enitire planet remains Giant administration building and palace, and i shudder with contempt at every thought of it.

    Red dust falls from the roof of my cavernous dwelling, disturbing my reverie and as i look to the monitors that display the outside world through a multitue of cameras, I am greeted with a sight that stops my breath and drags my heart into the pit of my stomach.
    A shuttle approaches from Earth, hardly unusual, but the glowing script at the bottom of the screen, my computer's interpretation of the shuttle's log is what causes my dismay.
    shuttle contains Rho-mu 31 and Dalia Cythera.

    I utter several words i have not used in years, the curses flowing from my dry lips like gas from a cracked pipe.
    I'm not ready, I need at least another decade to complete my works, i have but the power to create my army, Of that i have but one hundred thousand units of infantry, Hybrids of flesh and machine that I m,ade to be loyal and unswerving, that know the fullness of what is to come to pass and the hefty burden with which we must march.
    on top of that, five titan war machines, of which none are larger than an Imperial Warhound, though their armament is that of a Reaver, five machines is not enough to even scratch the surface of the enemy Titan Legions and i shudder at the thought of what will happen if i fail, if the wretched traitors that flock to the banner of Horus destroy my war machines and sack my facility
    "If it comes to that, then surely we must make the same sacrifice as the Magma City" I whisper to myself, if only to hear my own voice.

    I change the images on the screens with a pulse of thought, and the images of my forge complexes, all sheilded from sensors and hidden deep under the surface of mars, and i smile as i see the production lines moving and churning, every day ten more infatry units are given life, every day, a hundred are built and i have over a trillion in storage, though i have not the power nor resources to give any more than a million life, and at that their lives last only a century, several waves have come and gone in the time since i first built my catacombs.

    I need to switch the lines over from Infantry units to Control nodes, for without control nodes and power generators i will not be able to activate my forces.
    Damn all this logic, why must everything be so hard? I mean if everything had just gone as i planned it, in another ten years i would have my five trillion strong infantry army, i would have enough control nodes and generators to power not only that much infantry, but no less than a legion of my own titans.
    Its just not fair. I mean for my enemies, every single fucking thing goes either right or they can make something of their loss, for me, well i get sweet fuck all.

    the steel tendrils that are wired into my spine move with a sort of empathy, their movements jarring as though they felt the same outrage as I, though I struggle to calm myself, for if i loose my temper, if i fail to retain my composure, i will surely fail.

    Over the past month nothing has happened to my great releif, I have successfully changed the infantry production lines over, and now i can activate up to five hundred thousand infantry, not enough to truely disembowel the traitor ranks, but enough to give them a sucker punch they'll not soon forget.
    Another of my Titans have been completed, though unless i have another year, i will not be able to make another.
    I doubt i have that much time.
    In storage i have at least another six Titans i can refit and rearm, and if I'm lucky, i will be able to Re-activate them all, though if even one is able to come back to life it will be a sweet miracle.

    The Tanks show better progress, though They need Activated infantry to crew them.
    I look at my figures with a growl of anger.
    I thought myself smarter than my enemy, i underestimated their cunning.
    The long decades that Kelbor-Hal and his lapdogs debated their positions before coming to the conclusion that unrivaled power trumped moral courage and allied with Horus went unnoticed by me, though my intelligence gathering devices captured many signs.
    had i only been able to read them, had I stopped myself from becoming consumed by the power i had been given.
    Now it is too late.
    Too late to turn back, Too late to change course.
    Too late to slow down.

    As predicted, the bastard Legio Mortis have begun their march, and even now the traitor skiitari shake the roof of my complex with their sheer numbers.
    They march for Zeth's city, Magma City, the only city on Mars to appreciate the value of invention, the only forge to look to the future of technology.
    They msut not fall.
    I look to the Vox device, linked to Zeth's defences, and i feel the old anxiety slithering across my skin from my spine, the dread of the unknown, the multitude of ways the conversation could go wrong flooding my mind, though with a growl a push them as far back as i can and grab the headset.

    "Zeth?, yes, I understand you are in the middle of a seige, look to your records, I KNOW! look to the year 1989, it will be the first entry, it will tell you what i want you to know, it will tell you of how i come to aid you.
    You see it? yes, oh, years of preperation is an understatement, Yes, Of course. In Mortis Est Extrimis" I lower the headset, he palms are sweating under the armor, and I flick a pale Blue hood over my head, the entire robe is that of a tech preists.

    I life the headset again, this time i switch the frequency to that of my enemy, their battle cant now open to my ears, though my purpose is far less wise than intellignece gathering.
    As I press the final key that signals the vast, caverous doors to the staging area, an area to the left of Magma City, on the flank of my enemy, I laugh into the microphone, and as i type the instruction to send my forces to war, I activate the vox system i ahd implanted in the walls, shaped charges blowing away the rock formations to reveal them.
    "Enemies of Terra, Enemies of Mars, Know this; We come for your heads, we come for your hearts, we come for your souls and most of all we come with vengeance in our hearts, with a cold, burning rage in our souls and with your destruction in our hands, We are the Deus Ex Mechanicus, and you have sown the seeds of your destruction this day" I Delcare, the words decided upon years ago, though i will admit that i the exitement of it all, as the first volleys of my nuclear missiles struck the Aquila Ignis simultaneously, the bright flash emenating from the blow blinding all sensors for a full five seconds and sending a vengeful wash over the surrounding titans and Skiitari, killing many, wounding even more and Irradiating all.

    as the smoke cleared, the Massive Imperator Titan struggled from the smoke, it's sheilds gone, it's massive frame stripped of all paint and burned, though still it trundled forwards.
    I cursed inwardly, regretting my hesitation to build any more than five nuclear missiles, though that regret was washed away as the Loyal Titans of the Legio Tempestus seized the initiative, their weapons sending burning death screaming into the Aquila Ignis, it's death sending a ripple of shock through the traitor legions.
    It was then that my Titans Emerged, surrounded by Infantry and Tanks, all mooved at the speed of the Titan unit, their weapons charged and ready.
    The Infantry held enhanced Lasguns and plasma guns, the tanks were deployed with three lascannon's in the turret and two twin linked lascannon sponsons.

    Thus did my forces go to war against the enemy, who despite taking innumerable casualties to my nuclear wapons, still outnumbered even the combined force of my own army and the Loyalist armies now moving to support me from the Magma city.

    To Be Continued.
  2. Wow.
    I rarely read anything of military genre-ish, but this was really really strong. In that captivating way.

    There's a place or two which was a little confusing (but I wasn't sure if you wanted criticism, too xD).

    &&& most of all, I LOVE the way you use sentence structure to give rhythm. The story is more compelling because of your style of writing it.
  3. thanks Sakura, its always good to know someone liked reading what i wrote!

    oh, and im always up for criticism, what parts did you find confusing?
  4. I got a little thrown off right there. :33 The entire planet remains as a giant building and palace ? or under the control of ?

    Literally steel tendrils ?

    A little confused on "can't now open to my ears" ?


    And other than that, it was awesome.

    I don't really get some of the terminology, hence, I just imagine tanks and stuff blowing up on mars, but not in the funny sense. After I read that, ( I read it twice), its like I'm stunned silent and blinking at the screen expecting something big to go kaboom in a dramatically suspenseful way.

    Very powerful, Warmaster, very powerful <3
  5. AS for the first point, In the Warhammer 40,000 universe Earth, known now solely as Terra, is basically the Emperor's palace and the head of the Administratum and Ecclesiarchy, the Administrators and Preisthood respectively.
    what flora and fauna it once had is now replaced by a mass of concrete.
    well, there would probably still be massive defensive fortifications as well, and housing for the workers, adepts and preists, but otherwise yeah, the planet is pretty much a giant administration building and palace. or at least that's how i;ve always taken the descriptions in the rulebooks.

    as for the second point, indeed, though they're called Mechadendrites, basically think of Doctor Octopus from Spiderman, though less bulky and more versitile.
    Mechadenrites can have manipulator ends from grasping and other similar tasks, they can have medical or mechanical tools to aid the controller in healing men and machines.

    The way these are controlled is that they are wired and connected to the individuals nervous system, usually though the spine, though often an implant is insterted into the brain to help the implanted individual control the Mechadendrites to the level of dexterity needed.

    as for the third point, i should probably have used a different word.

    I meant to write
    Their "Battle Cant" now open to my ears
    in that instance i used "Cant" as another word for "Code".....mostly because i've read some "black library" (Official citadel/Games workshop publishers) authors use the term.

    and thank you Sakura, I felt inspired to write the piece, and I'm glad that the Inspiration shows through.

    Hmm, perhaps when the weather is less uncomfortably warm, i'll continue the peice.
    dunno why, but the cold seems to help me concentrate.
  6. I love it! Your writing style is kickass, WMD!
  7. Were it still possible, i would be sweating, for despite delivering a crippling blow to my enemy, despite forever changing history with my actions it seems the enemy will still take Magma City.
    I cannot allow that to come to pass.
    I Will. not. allow that event to pass, i must. change history here if I am to succeed, if i am to survive.

    For me to live and my plans to succeed, the traitors must perish.

    My war machines began to push the Traitor Skiitari back, though at the cost of many machines
  8. Wow, the transition is great. From "I cannot...I will. not.." its so powerful. You get this little shudder or thrill as you read it. XD

    Do you write these as they come to mind or write and edit ?
  9. i write it as it comes to mind, then edit for spelling usually, though sometimes stuff slips through
  10. Thats why I feel this strong feeling when I read it :P
  11. In the end, all that remains is death, whether it be the cold hand of time or the boiling cauldron of war, death comes to all, and all you can do is struggle against the tide for a while, fighting the current of fate with the strength of conviction and self belief.

    that is what brought me here, though now, as i watch my machines fight against vicious, biomechanical monsters made reality, i wonder if i can really win or if the future is already written, and nothing i do can change it.

    i shake my head, the thoughts clog up the workings of my mind like sediment in a pipe, yet i must remain sharp, for my enemy is still very much a danger and a threat to my plans, they still have god machines, they still have troops and heavy weapons, this force i struggle against is but the tip of the iceberg, they are but a shadow of the force i will have to fight in order to save mars, and through that, the Imperium.
    i do not have time for these delays! i do not have the time to spare trading blows with these dogs, these filthy traitors who hold their own ambition above humanity's survival! that is the prize here, the survival of our race, and these fools stand on the side that will award nothing but pain and death to all that live!

    the fools! the unrepentant, repugnant fools! in my mind i curse them as i once more assume command of one of the titans, this time i activate the massive voxcaster that I had installed into the chin of every machine, to further enhance the humanoid feel to the machines, though the voice of the god machine is harsh and unforgiving
    "God Machines of the Legio Temptestus, ONWARDS! FOLLOW ME AND AWARD THESE TRAITORS THEIR DUE! let us show them the error of their ways and the folly of their choice!" i snarl, the vox caster making each word even more feral, and through the machine's eyes i see tiny infantry figures fleeing before me, my weapons cutting vast swathes through their ranks and incinerating the very ground.

    the feeling of power is unmistakable, echoes of the machine's semi sentience make my movements and actions animalistic, and with a fury i press onwards, evermore pushing the tip of the spear deeper into my enemy, deep into their heart.

    this ends now. it must or else all is for nought.
  12. something fishy with the "whether it be", but the beginning is very strong <3

    I love this <3 the metaphors <3

    Your endings are the best! Here, especially the use of "nought" it gives a different feel to the writing. <3

    I love it~ For a second, I thought while I was reading if I should reread the other parts in case I forgot what was going on, but when I read this, I remembered what was happening and what the primary speaker was going through. It was so cool because I finished reading and stopped and felt this rush of feeling and recalled the earlier passages!

    You're definitely a great writer! <3 Instead of feeling scared or worried about the battle and the people's lives in danger, I instead get this sense of confidence that he will succeed in defeating them, I feel some kind of fire-burning-in-the-heart strength xD :)
  13. whcih is exactly what im going for cheers sakura!
  14. Your work kinda instills a kind of military-type inspiration! Like the whole "Do or Die" and "We must fight for "insert goal here" at any cost!" feeling!
  15. Please, more?
  16. i shall endevour to get inspired!
  18. For the Emperor, Brother Severdus!

    seriously though, that is awesome.
  19. Astaroth smiled back at her. "Daddy makes a lot of mistakes though."
  20. Powerful and thrilling as always :D

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