Bellum pro Apparatus Deus

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  1. XD a thief that the princess catches and 'toys' with. Then lets go, only to 'accidentally' get lost in the thiefs home area and be rescued by 'her thief' :3
  2. Saturday
    8;10 Morning

    Sodika:Wakes up*Gets dressed in school unifrom and gets leather jacket,yellow braclet,ring,and necklace,and gray stockings on*

    Seitiki:*Wakes up,Gets dressed,fixes hair to the side,and gets leather jacket on*

    Sodika:Comes down to Seitiki's room*

    Seitiki:Helps Sodika onto the ledge*

    Sodika:*Jumps down*Time for school!

    Seitiki:Yes dark one!

    Both:Goes to school*

  3. Gonna leave this here before I go to bed. <3
  4. "Ahh.." Harmorny flinch and moan louder, "Don't.."
  5. I'm not in Six Feet Under so I can't speak for it precisely, but I do know it's not an MG, and even if it's MG-like, those are usually still standard roleplays unless the GM wants to do a stat or dice system ^^;
  6. I love it! Your writing style is kickass, WMD!
  7. Were it still possible, i would be sweating, for despite delivering a crippling blow to my enemy, despite forever changing history with my actions it seems the enemy will still take Magma City.
    I cannot allow that to come to pass.
    I Will. not. allow that event to pass, i must. change history here if I am to succeed, if i am to survive.

    For me to live and my plans to succeed, the traitors must perish.

    My war machines began to push the Traitor Skiitari back, though at the cost of many machines
  8. Wow, the transition is great. From "I cannot...I will. not.." its so powerful. You get this little shudder or thrill as you read it. XD

    Do you write these as they come to mind or write and edit ?
  9. i write it as it comes to mind, then edit for spelling usually, though sometimes stuff slips through
  10. Thats why I feel this strong feeling when I read it :P
  11. In the end, all that remains is death, whether it be the cold hand of time or the boiling cauldron of war, death comes to all, and all you can do is struggle against the tide for a while, fighting the current of fate with the strength of conviction and self belief.

    that is what brought me here, though now, as i watch my machines fight against vicious, biomechanical monsters made reality, i wonder if i can really win or if the future is already written, and nothing i do can change it.

    i shake my head, the thoughts clog up the workings of my mind like sediment in a pipe, yet i must remain sharp, for my enemy is still very much a danger and a threat to my plans, they still have god machines, they still have troops and heavy weapons, this force i struggle against is but the tip of the iceberg, they are but a shadow of the force i will have to fight in order to save mars, and through that, the Imperium.
    i do not have time for these delays! i do not have the time to spare trading blows with these dogs, these filthy traitors who hold their own ambition above humanity's survival! that is the prize here, the survival of our race, and these fools stand on the side that will award nothing but pain and death to all that live!

    the fools! the unrepentant, repugnant fools! in my mind i curse them as i once more assume command of one of the titans, this time i activate the massive voxcaster that I had installed into the chin of every machine, to further enhance the humanoid feel to the machines, though the voice of the god machine is harsh and unforgiving
    "God Machines of the Legio Temptestus, ONWARDS! FOLLOW ME AND AWARD THESE TRAITORS THEIR DUE! let us show them the error of their ways and the folly of their choice!" i snarl, the vox caster making each word even more feral, and through the machine's eyes i see tiny infantry figures fleeing before me, my weapons cutting vast swathes through their ranks and incinerating the very ground.

    the feeling of power is unmistakable, echoes of the machine's semi sentience make my movements and actions animalistic, and with a fury i press onwards, evermore pushing the tip of the spear deeper into my enemy, deep into their heart.

    this ends now. it must or else all is for nought.
  12. something fishy with the "whether it be", but the beginning is very strong <3

    I love this <3 the metaphors <3

    Your endings are the best! Here, especially the use of "nought" it gives a different feel to the writing. <3

    I love it~ For a second, I thought while I was reading if I should reread the other parts in case I forgot what was going on, but when I read this, I remembered what was happening and what the primary speaker was going through. It was so cool because I finished reading and stopped and felt this rush of feeling and recalled the earlier passages!

    You're definitely a great writer! <3 Instead of feeling scared or worried about the battle and the people's lives in danger, I instead get this sense of confidence that he will succeed in defeating them, I feel some kind of fire-burning-in-the-heart strength xD :)
  13. whcih is exactly what im going for cheers sakura!
  14. Your work kinda instills a kind of military-type inspiration! Like the whole "Do or Die" and "We must fight for "insert goal here" at any cost!" feeling!
  15. Please, more?
  16. i shall endevour to get inspired!
  18. For the Emperor, Brother Severdus!

    seriously though, that is awesome.
  19. The disconnection from the Control Apparatus after my Victory had forced me into unconciousness, the sudden deprivation of a thousand senses all at once, no matter how gentle, was excruciating.

    but it had been worth it for I prevailed, I fought what future generations would revile as the legions of hell and I won.

    or rather, I beat the child and now had to prepare to face the parent.

    Other than the fact he is not here, i have no idea where Horus, the Archtrator and architect of this entire heresy, has gone
    , and I shudder to think of what will occur when he gets here, for i know what he brings in his wake, the sea of rape, mutilation, murder, biological experimentation, corruption, ships madde of steel with interiors of living flesh.

    I cringe and force oil back down my mechanical oesophagus in an approximation of the way i used to have to force back bile, and my brain creates a pseudo burning sensation in my throat.

    the Adepts gathered before me wait in tense silence, and i realise i have been standing before them for at least five minutes in sheer silence.

    "My apologies" i mumble, a complex vox system imitating a deeper, more 'gravelly' version of my flesh voice, and one of the Adepts nods at the sound, Maximal i beleive his name is
    "None are needed Mikaelus" he speaks with the voice of Pavarotti, and my face twists over sub dermal steel implants into a pleased grin
    "It is a wonder to hear the voice of Luciano Pavarotti Adept Maximal, though i fearI must in fact apologise, for this conflict is far from over, even now, the arch traitor Horus, once greatest of the Emperor's sons, approaches, and understand me when i say that no power on Mars or Earth, I mean Terra, barring the Emperor Himself has any chance of stopping it" the Adepts look at me with what i assume is bewilderment, for how could i know all this? i raise my hand to still their questions, there just isnt time to ask or answer questions. Horus comes. and we are no where near ready yet.
    "A moment please my comrades, I KNOW that horus comes, and I KNOW we cannot defeat him, if he turns his eye to our conqest before that of Terra, now I beleive i know what you're thinking, you're thinking, what can we do to prevent these filthy twisted once paragons of Imperial Glory from annihilating us, and the answer, my freinds, is simple" I pause for a moment, looking each in the eye before i move to continue
    "the Answer my Adepts, is that we do what the Adeptus Mechanicus does best, we build, we maintain, and we create, we keep the Emperor's armies supplied, we make more Skiitarii, more of my Robotic Legions, more Control stations, more Psuedo titans, i have the blueprints, and all of you, my freinds, have the resources and facilities, let us get to work, for there is much to do and no time left to do it!" i finish, and the Adepts, though perplexed, seem to be convinced, and as the last, Adept Zeth, leaves my command bunker, i sigh and fall into my command chair.

    I hope we can make do with the time we have.
  20. Powerful and thrilling as always :D

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