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  1. [​IMG]
    For centuries there has been a conflict between vampires and werewolves, a never ending battle with no one as the absolute winner. Some leaders have came across a bet that if they separate themselves from one another, no one will try to attack each other. Though that is true, someone always seems to upset the other side and a war starts all over again. History claims it to be a never ending loop, books claim it all to be just fluff, but whether anyone believes in them or not, they're out there. Despite it, there has been a group of people who has either lost loved ones from either side, shown hatred of them all, or just grew into the family business of hunting and ending them. Yes, those we call the Hunters. No they don't turn into something by night or have some kind of powers, they're just humans. Humans with a mission to hunt down every single one of them even if they kill themselves in the process, but what happens when they all are forced to live in one city?

    Gm's: @Leucothea & @Luxii

    Alright guys, so this is a roleplay me and two other people came up with together. It is about vampires, werewolves, and hunters being forced to live in a town together. I can't reveal too much information before the actual Sign Ups are posted, but there is a lot more to the plot than what you've just read. This will be in the Libertine section because we will encourage sexual themes, but if anything gets too hot then you can take it to a PM. This will also include explicit language, blood, and probably gore. This is just an interest check, so there won't be any reserving. If this interests you, please give it a positive rating, post something good, or just take the poll!

    Yaoi Roleplay!

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  2. I feel like I'm stalking you now, but (interest stamped!)
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  3. Haha, it's fine! XD thanks for the interest Poly ;P
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  4. You know I'm joinin'
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  5. interested!
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  6. I like this idea!!
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  7. You have my attention and interest o v o
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  8. Hi me! Doomy I was wondering when you'd stop by and give me some lovin xD
  9. Oooh... Looks interesting.
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  10. Ikr? I haven't seen you since that Seph rp!
  11. Alright guys, the actual Sign ups are now open :3
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