Bella's Road

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  1. It all started on Bella's Road. If you don't know its one of the most rushing, buisy road in the small town. In the town there were hardly anyone, yet Bella's street was packed. The high school-ers were there for practically any time they weren't in school. The road had coffee shops, bars, hospital. Basically the population center was on Bella's street. Yet knowone knows why the street was called dBella's street and not a numbered street like the rest of the town.
    Lili knows the future, knows all the lies and secrets that hide in the town. Yet, will she ever tell anyone about the street?

    1. All iwakuroleplay rules apply.
    2. Yes there can be "sexy" stuff so if you don't like it, Leave.
    3. Keep cursing to a minimum but you may curse, just don't be like " #?$& #%*< @&*&$!!!!"
    4. Please write atleast a paragraph everytime you put in a post.
    5. Don't make your own role, the roles are below if you want a role.

    Emma Jack, 17 :
    Lili Benson, 18: @Nerdy Chick
    Galaxy Kilden, 16:
    Harrison Peck, 16:
    Ben Jackson, 17:
    Erick Hela, 17:

    May the roleplay be ever in your favor...
  2. Lili Benson, 18

    Personality: Funny, Shy, Flirty, But with girls, she might loose her mind and go killer mode on whoever needs to be knocked out of her way.

    Looks: (Got from Chibi Me app) image.jpg

    Secret: She once got called a boy because of her short hair and bushy eyebrows. Then she ended up twisting someone's neck, leaving them to almost killed. She also loves the smell of Flowers and bread.
    Extra: She is the only one in town with a power. That power is reading the future.
  3. Ok so how would this rp even work would you let us in on our roles I'm guessing just need a little more info.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.