Bellanova - Possible JRPG-esque RP?

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  1. I've had this recent idea in my head of a world I created when I was a but a young teenager, involving an intricate caste system, magic, different races, all the high-fantasy blah blah you'd expect in a world such as this. The technology and magic of the world mimics that of many JRPGs, most notably Final Fantasy games.

    The world revolves around a core civilization of beastmen known as Galin, with a magitechnological advancement that lets the best in their society augment themselves with a clockwork that enhances their natural magical abilities. Partially enslaved and partially assimilated into their society is another magically inclined race known as the Daeva, strangely-colored people who favor places dark and secluded, but forced into the open to compliment their weaknesses. The Daeva aren't exactly weaker than the Galin, but have less cohesiveness to their race. They're not exactly unhappy with their place in life under the Galin, but would appreciate a less strict system placed over their heads.

    The land of Bellanova has been in a mostly stable peace for a long time since the assimilation of the Daeva, taking control of a large portion of the continent, surrounded on all sides by various natural barriers that protect the nation from outside forces, leaving the armies within to occasionally feud among each other over petty disputes among the nobility, keeping them active and without the negative effects of idleness. Finding themselves in their prime, Bellanovians are challenged with a mystery brewing on the fringes of their lands.

    Messengers have been sent from keeps, castles, and cities at the edges of the country, speaking of some unspeakable horror with no face wiping out their citizens or scaring them closer to the capital in the center of the city. The royal house of Bellanova has gathered the country's elite military groups and strategists to combat this mysterious threat, but are too proud in their ways to realize the unknown cannot simply be fought without first knowing what it is.

    One Galin can see this, having all too cliche wisdom, sage-like in his aptitude of observance, and has a plan to combat this threat... if only he were an adult. The kid faces some issue, of course, with getting people to listen to him... but he might find some willing ears in odd places.

    If I garner enough interest for this I'll write up an OOC within a few days with more intricate details on Bellanova and its citizens, the powers one might possess, and a more clear direction with where our characters will go. The RP will be played on a minimal writing level of the site's definition of "Adept." As a personal rule I typically only accept up to 10 players including myself, but only need 3 others to consider starting one.

    Do to the party-esque grouping our characters will likely find themselves in, make sure you're willing to play a character that is at least a tiny bit compromising so we don't have an issues with synergy. But don't fret! You'll have ample ability to go off on your own tangents and leave the party if you so wish! It's just I don't have time to deal with those anti-social characters everyone has met in a roleplay or another, the kind that makes for wonderful story material at the cost of other's sanity. If you like to play such characters however, you're not out of luck, there'll be a time in the story you'll be allowed to act out your wishes, just be patient ^^ There's enough flexibility in the story to accompany most character fantasies, just not all at once. I pride myself with organization in my roleplays, my only issues are in keeping people around considering as writer's we all have lives outside of Iwaku that make it hard to keep up with roleplays sometimes.

    Oh and don't worry, this won't be anything less than
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  2. I have interest and would like to learn more.
  3. *soft and gentle bump*
    Stillll looking sweethearts.
  4. Sounds kewl. Sounds like it'll be adventure-y if it's JRPG style though, so you might want to limit the number of characters below 10. Such a large party in RPs will often cause characters to get left out, just like how in JRPGs, you don't use every character, you only use the same 4 or 5 depending on the max party size. The rest just kind of rot in your menu.

    I'd like to play 2 characters, one of which would be a lone wolf character who isn't a main character but more exists just to add a flavourful villainous subplot. Would that be OK?
  5. That would be perfectly fine, in fact if the second character is completely villainous I might have a job for them, we'll see.

    Could I count on you being there for the RP if I went and made the OOC? .3.
  6. Yep. They're not going to be completely villainous. I mean, they are going to be totally evil, but they'll be a third party trying to figure out what's happening and use it to the advantage of their own schemes. I'll need a little information about what's happening to play the character because they need to be one step ahead of the party, though.
  7. You might find a little difficulty with that at first but I'm sure we could work something out ^^
  8. A villainous plot that doesn't involve difficulty is bad for story telling though. No one likes an easy win.
  9. I will bite.
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