Beholder of Blue: The Sands of Dunes and the Outer Lands

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    Original Plot Concept for Three-P RP:
    - a desert world dying due to the sun's relentless kiss upon it. One belief has gain flesh - The Beholder of Blue is said to be the one who holds the ability to return the waters to the Dunes and protect it from the Sky Fires that consume it daily; even in the dark of night, the Sky Fires still sting. But, this Beholder will bring more to the future of the land than even their eldest Shamans know.

    Some fear she also holds the opposite of water - fire, believing she is a Firemaker. This fear has supposedly been recently witnessed, has led to her exile from her village. So, she travels now, seeking out what she must find that will return the waters to her land and bring forth a new future to her people - and possibly renew her people's faith in her.

    I'm thinking who she ends up bringing to the Dunes is a lost wanderer who almost dies out in the desert. He is obviously from the Outer Lands, ones many Sand People are unaware exist. He has lost his memory due to sun sickness, and is slightly blinded as well from the same. Even though she has been forced to leave her people, she is still respected in other tribes who do not believe in the rumors. She takes the Outerlander there to recuperate.

    Now, I'm thinking this Outerlander has skills that are unknown to the Sandpeople, and when he slowly begins to show some signs of knowledge to things they don't know, they begin to consider him a holy being, like the Beholder. They soon claim that he is the gift the Beholder was meant to bring to the Dunes in order to return the waters...

    He brings technology.

    The twist - technology is just as much a dangerous as it is a blessing. Through this, the Beholder ends up also bring forth the very threat her people feared - fire.

    Now, there's probably more twisties and plot bombs that can come from this. I'm just throwing this up now to see if anyone has any ideas that popped up from their first read. I see other tribal members, and probably more to the Outerlander's story that will end up being the major conflict in this. There's a reason why this person was found in the desert almost dead... Something drove him out there - either to hide or to die...

    No one enters the desert expecting to live.

    Another portion of the story deals with the Tribal Alliance between the three larger tribes that manage all others. Whadi, being the largest (Alpha) is responsible for the Beholder's exile. The other tribe representatives are upset about their decision voted on without their knowledge or here-say.

    According to findings various Elders have come across, there is a reason why the Beholder must stay within the walls of the Alpha city - The Sand Devil wishes for her end, to guarantee that the waters never return and the desert can turn into glass. He will send out his demons to destroy the cities and villages, kill off all Sandpeople tribes to feed his children. Then, he will heat up the sands and the desert will become glass - his dominion will be unlivable by any other being except his children.

    As of right now, the Beholder is vulnerable; she is unaware of this danger, and the Sand Devil's children have awaken.

    Whadi, hoping to clean up their mistake, called for the aid of the other tribes, requesting that they send out their best trackers to team up in the search for their beloved Beholder. Anything can happen to with this part of the story... IDK, that's for the group to figure out as they go along.

    This story will begin in the second village, where the Beholder is caring for the Outerlander, and the people there discuss the situation the Beholder has been marked with, as well as this new situation she carried into their territory.

    Name: Bathya Anetaha (Aneta, Annette)

    Age: 86 (looks 19)
    Gender: F
    Race: Desert Elf

    Written Appearance: Hair is way longer and with the tell-tale appearance of brightened, sun-bleached strawberry reddish strands running from the top of her head and woven within her dark brunette braids. Her eyes, now this is where many have fallen from faith, from grace, and from cliffs; for they are set in the most striking crystal blue – all blue. There are no whites for enemies to seek before an attack. Her eyes are a deep rich blue within crystal blue – an honorable trait for what the Desert people call the Ignhad-ahhn, the Beholder of Blue.

    She’s considered to be a Sand Dancer -Soothsayer in her tribe, one that can see truth between the thin lines of falsehood, and knows the heart of the land better than the land itself. The water magic of her people is her passion, and alone with the sand, Aneta can conjure up wonders. They also claim that she is the one who will return water to the land (honor, respect, trust, a future; not necessarily really water, but that’s another aspect of the belief as well.)

    Personality: Serious, strict, militant in some cases; in others – a stoic warrior who doesn’t have to speak to understand if a person deserves death or not.

    Strengths: Knowing what to hear, when to hear it; what to say, when to say it; when to take action and how that action should be made before her enemies realize that she’s actually a threat.

    Weaknesses: Doesn’t know her limitations. Even though she’s strong and tough, she is still a young woman who lacks in the ways of the Outer Lands. Her lack of education about other cultures and races will cause her to overstep her boundaries sometimes, say something taken out of context due to the cultural confusion; which can cause distrust and problems. All she has is her actions, and if they don’t speak loud enough for her, then her place in the group will forever be – doubted.

    Likes: Likes people who can stand up independently for themselves, not those who are like children playing warrior. She likes to take control in a lot of things, but is humble enough to know where her place is. Although, she does favor being pampered once in a while; to not have to worry about responsibilities.

    If she had the chance to live an easier life, she would probably like it a lot, but still maintain a harden heart.

    Dislikes: Weak souls, dull weapons, open hearts. She's not very good at sharing her emotions, or dealing with people who do. She's not the type of shoulder someone would want to cry on.




    Skill Classification: Shaman/Soothsayer/Ranger - Desert

    Demon Belief: Some people believe she is the reincarnation of the Fire demon, Crech. (The birthmarks down Rt side of her body resembles those depicted in ancient illustrations upon Crech's entire body.) He is the one who dried the lands with his heated breath and turned them into Desert.

    Abilities: Close range fighting, melee, weapon competency, Healing, Awareness, Beast Bond.

    Focus: Doppelganger - ability to read an opponents moves and fighting level, mimic their every attack, learning their fighting technique in order to put it back on them. Can focus enough to maintain the ability she learned from her opponent.

    Weather Manipulation - able to cause water-related weather changes in the location she's present in, or the location of her opponent.
    Water Magic, and Soothsayer (Sand Dancer)

    Hidden Because her skills in weather (Air), can create fire through lightning. She's keeping this under lock and key.

    An excerpt of her thoughts one night before she left the Sand Lands:
    I didn't know I had a new name at first, until they began to scream it at me. I don't know why they kept yelling, why they ran, what I do comes naturally. Does it not come naturally to me? Fire Maker... that I did not understand, I did not burn their flesh... Blood Drinker... that I also do not understand, I never drink the blood, only the water. After all, what use does a dead man have for his water?

    I never understood their fear... but He reassured me, told me I had no reason to understand their fear, that their fear was meaningless, only useful as an advantage.

    He told me many things. He explained so much: the Ighad... that meant blue, that title I understood - my eyes. No one had them but me; one reason why they fear. Kry, that meant demon, a name given to me by a Sand Dancers. I killed her, killed her with the sun just because the name didn't suit me. And that's when they began to scream.

    I like the desert; it is my world, my land, and I am its desert child. But He grows dissatisfied, tells me that there is much beyond the open sands, and that I must leave this place for a time. I do not wish to go... but I owe Him much, so I will leave.

    Beast Name: Dache
    Beast Race: Minotarian

    Beast Appearance: [​IMG]

    He’s thinner than in this picture after living in the desert for so long, but the thinness is only leanness, for his muscle mass is still rather impressive. Stands about 7 1/2 ft tall on twos, and about 5 3/4 ft tall on all fours.

    Covered in no fur, his skin is of thick leathery flesh with hard bone shells on shoulders forearms and fist, down neck and back, around thighs. His hands have three appendages and one thumb like appendage; and hooves for feet. His tail is stocky, and his horns is less than his shoulder width.

    Beast Abilities: Stand and walks on fours or twos, ramming skills, hand to hand combat, can wield weapons (battle axe, battle swords) which he stores in a sheath connected to the saddle he wears for Aneta.
    Bond Strength: 4 and growing

    Weapon: 980_1.jpg Dual Battle Axes and shield.

    Abilities: Empathy, Melee Attacks, Weapon competency - spars with Aneta to keep her fast and strong. Intelligent Beast - Beast Lore knowledge.

    Focus: Metal Manipulation, Spell Stealing - soak in the energies within an opponents attack to store, to share with allies, or to alter and return for a ten-fold attack, Second Wind - increases speed, Berserk Attack, Ferocious Lunge and Charge attacks.

    Biography: Even though he was naturally bonded to Aneta, Dache is not fond of it. He is from a proud race, but one that has slowly died to only a small handful; which he hasn't found. Aneta has helped him cope with the lost of his tribe, integrating him into her own as friend and brother. He only allows Aneta to ride on his back, and the saddle she uses was fashioned by his hands. Anata had refused this courteously from him, feeling she would offend his honor, but Dache feels to allow her to suffer during travel is more of a dishonor to his horns than if she rode on his back like a dogger mule.

    The reason why he is so protective of her is due to her willingness to treat him better than he treats himself. He respects her for this, as well as respects her holy prowess. She’s told him many times that she will assist him in finding his tribe, hoping that she can help him rebuild his race in this manner.

    Beast Name: Roh
    Beast Race: Baphomet Ram


    Weapon: Crescent scythe (in picture)
    Beast Abilities: Melee, Weapons Competency, Spying
    Bond Strength: 3

    Aura Abilities: Healing Skills. Energy Awareness - attuned to elemental energies allowing him to sense spells or natural disasters before they occur.

    Focus: Healing Skills, Elemental Magic of Earth and Water, Counter Spell knowledge, Fear Illusions - distracts the opponent's focus by creating illusions to mirror their fears, but only the opponent can see the illusion; Removes Curses - takes them upon himself because he knows he can survive them; Invisibility, Evocation - the sharing of Energy with allies.

    Biography: Anata befriended Roh out of the blue, literally. He is a creation from her dreams, when she was once attacked brutally and left for dead by a hostile nomad tribe that ransack their city. The medicine the Shaman gave her twisted her subconscious and threw her into a coma. Later on her father learned that the Shaman was a traitor from another enemy tribe who came to kill the Ignhad-ahhn, for even though her tribe sees her as a holy woman; and some honor her regardless of the rumors the hear, others believe she is a demon child and should be killed before she brings fire onto the Dunes. Roh is only here to help, for he dislikes the words others hold against his maker and wishes to end them quickly.

    Roh and Dache are the only companions she has. But, Roh is more than just a horn to lean on. He is a powerhouse of strength and agility, a warrior and protector. He’s become a secondary bodyguard for Aneta and keeps her safe when she’s out from under Dache’s vigilant watch. Roe is also her emotional consciousness. When she's is sad, he cries. When she is afraid, he hides. He shows others the emotions she refuses to show herself. Eventually, this will change - something will change all of this.

    Roh has an uncanny attraction to Aneta, because she’s his reason for being. The little ram has devoted his works to her and tries daily to hold her respect. No…Dache and Roh are not the best of friends, mainly because Roh is a twisted little trouble-maker at times. Dache holds a deep sense of distrust in Roh, believing that he was manifested from Aneta’s fears and doubts, nightmares - not dreams. But they work together; tolerate each other, for Aneta’s sake. Even though Dache has warned Aneta repeatedly about the Ram, she just thinks Dache is jealous that her attention is now splitting in two. Roh is a rather charming little ram.

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  2. Re: Beholder of Blue

    Name: Keztrocx Boharin

    Age: (16-25 humans; 85-130 elves, gnomes, & dwarves; 20-45 halflings & Tarnaks; 13-20 Montonies): 39

    Gender: Male

    Race: Dwarf

    Appearance: (picture): [​IMG]

    Height/Weight: 3'6/ 320

    Personality: Keztrocx is a stereotypical dwarf. He farts, spits, yells, and drinks plenty. There are some peculiar things about him. Whenever he is around a human he is rather quiet and comely. People who knew him otherwise wouldn't be able to recognize him. Keztrocx is definitely a leader and a fighter. Otherwise he is a strong person who stands by his beliefs and tries to make by in life.

    Strengths: Keztrocx is a strong leader, fighter, boat maker, and armorer. His making of boats started when he was young after his father was sailed off to sea and the only person that returned was a crew-mate in a small canoe.

    Weaknesses: He can't fight small things, like rats or crabs because they move around to much for him to be able to hit them. Keztrocx is also illiterate, he can't read or write. This was because his family couldn't afford and education for him and his result was being illiterate. If Keztrocx was bigger that would be a strength but he is small so that is weakness.

    Likes: Keztrocx has many likes, the things at the top of his list are: Hammers, songs, drums, dogs, festivals, drinking, playing games, throwing logs, and fighting.

    Dislikes: The one things he hates is anything that is giant, smells, wears a hat, or hates dwarves. It's a small list but he gets extremely angry whenever he sees anything of that stature. Most of it is understandable, like dwarves should like giant things, or people or monster that hate dwarves. The interesting parts are the hat hating and the smells. He likes things to be clean and tidy and not a mess.

    Special Weapons: His hammer that has a flame symbol on the side of it.

    Skill Classification: (warrior, mage, etc.): Warrior

    Beast Name: Rogar

    Beast Race:Grugorian

    Beast Appearance: This beast hulks over boulders and small trees. It stands about 7'4 with four feet and two tusks that come from it's mouth. The beast's face is hairy and resembles one of a mammoth but it is slimmer, more muscular and doesn't have trunk but a mouth with a full set teeth. It's whole body is covered in fur except for it's underside which has a light pelt. His overall color is a dark grey with swirls of black in various places. The Grugorian's nose is two holes in the middle of it's face and has flaps that come over it, but when it breathes they flap open. It's head it usually down during the rain because if it's head were up the rain would leak through the nose holes and drown the Grugorian

    Beast Abilities: The Grugorian can run fast, can track down people with it's scent (as long as it has it), and can jump long distances.

    Bond Strength: (1-5 1=weak bond; 5=strongest bond *only the Guild Masters have 5): Keztrocx has a 2 bond strength with Rogar. He often argues with the beast as if it was an actual person. Almost like they were married...

    Aura Abilities: When Keztrocx activates his aura his body engulfs itself with fire and brimstone. His beard becomes basalt as well as his hair. His eyes glow radiantly through the smoke and fire. He is able to control this fire, this fire doesn't burn the ground as he walks but it does melt snow or ice.

    Aura Focus: (on skills or in magic bonds): His focus is in Magical bonds.

    Biography: (Give something basic in the least, but you don't have to give too much as long as the history comes out in RP):

    Keztrocx was born in the town of Broomhaven. A hole in the wall town with barley any attractions in it other than it's bars and festivals. His parents, Morda and Gergor Boharin were both cooks. They worked all over town and sometimes went off to work in the cities. His parent's would put food on the table and teach what little they knew to Keztrocx about life. Many people considered him family quite odd, because both of his parents were human. Most of his life he was left home either trying to clean to house or practice fighting because he didn't have anything to study. As well as his parents being away they couldn't, or didn't want to give Keztrocx schooling. It would give him something to do while he was home alone but his parents never had the time for him. When he was alone he would wonder about why he is with this pathetic family and why he wasn't with a strong dwarven one. Keztrocx thought about this until he finally made a couple of human friends. After many years of playing, pretend fighting, and learning about each other they all became really good friends. Keztrocx had a good life then, he had a family who was around and who would support him. Once he turned 18 they surprised Keztrocx with a letter from the castle guard that invited him to training. He was excited about this and found out later that they were also drafted. Keztrocx packed his things and left for the city the next day.

    The day bloomed at he reached the walls of the small training camp outside the city. He had a smile on his face and entered into the training camp. The gates opened as he saw the trainees endure harsh exercises and fighting. Keztrocx held his brown wool sack and dropped it on the sand. He looked around seeing if his friends were there and saw them training. As he panned around he noticed that only humans were here. Slowly he began to walk until he bumped into one of the head guards. "My apologies sir", said Keztrocx kindly. The guard pushed Keztrocx to the ground and told him to get lost. Keztrocx tried to interrupt but he was pushed out of the guard base. He looked back at his friends seeing them laughing at him while he was forced out of the base. That day he was ashamed and that is when his journey begun. Keztrocx went home and began to clean to get this whole thing out of his mind. A year of so had past and his two friends had graduated and became guardsmen. He thought nothing of it until his parent's confronted him about it. They began to explain to him about his parents. He had never before talked to them about it before. "Your parent's worked on a large ship that transferred weapons to some of the major kingdoms", his father had said. Keztrocx was told much about his parents, even how they died. Some day during one of their shipping trips and they were raided by pirates. Their boar never returned to shore. Keztrocx didn't feel sad about this, but instead he felt ashamed about his parents. He thought they would have been fighters, strong warrior who would have conquered lands or been the king and queen of a great empire. Keztrocx knew that he had a future better than that. That day he left his home taking all of his possessions and left to start a life of his own.
  3. Re: Beholder of Blue: Taking Players Now!

    Posting this here because it's a brainstorm that was started by Kross (shame on you :P).

    So, since most of this I'll probably end up using, I might as well post it here for others to get an idea off of.

    The tech would be simple machines and such at the start - a way to pump water from the crazy deep wells that the are only found in the four large villages, ways to create greenhouses that will assist in sustaining coolness in order to balance the environment inside for proper vegetation, ways to cool the inside of buildings without using the precious water, ideas on conserving body water in a more purified manner... Things like that would be the start of it.

    But then, he'll introduce weapons - new way to protect against the nomad villages who pillage other villages. They are use to blades, and bow/arrow, spears. But, this Outerlander bring about weapons that can take down other dangers - dune worms, sand sharks, whirl devils, glass slides, glass lizards, and other creature and phenomenons that cause problems for everyone there.

    There's other issues to that has nothing to do with the Outerlander, but will cause problems from him regardless...somehow.

    The Inner Circle of Whadi, the Capital House, is under turmoil because of the people's decision to send away their Sand Dancer. Her presence within the Inner Circle was part of prophecy. With her there, a semblance between water and fire/heaven and hell is formed and balanced. But with her departure, the balance is tipped and this has caused the strange creatures that remain to themselves in the dunes (sand sharks, dune worms. glass lizards, etc) to emerge and attack.

    The other three large villages are angered at the Whadi for losing her (not being told the truth about what happened) and demand that they find her. The Whadi send out their best trackers, as well as the other larger villages, to find her.

    There's probably more here that will really turn this thing into a crazy high fantasy with twisties all up and down, but I haven't popped a bunny on it just yet... So, we shall see.

    IDK...the nomads would probably be the antagonist in this... You might want to run as one of the trackers from one of the four villages. I believe, if she begins to help this Outerlander, and he's running from something in the Outer lands, then she's going to want to keep that danger away from her people. So, she will guide him across the dunes to the other side to lead the danger away and back towards the Outer lands. But, I don't know if she will be fascinated with what she sees and venture into the Outer lands herself, (which will, unknowingly to her, kill her lands) or will she return to Whadi? I believe the tracker who find her at that moment will be the one who stops her - by any means necessary (minus killing her).

    IF a friendship happens between her and the Outerlander, and she's being attacked and what not, then he'll have to decide to help the woman who saved him - which sends him back down the trail he'd left that's being tracked by the ones out to get him.... Or just head off to safety, leaving her to whatever fate fall upon her.

    And that fate can be anything - either the people will consider her pure and not cursed with fire and she returns to the Circle to save the Dunes. Or, her return brings more problems, more fire, more creatures from the abyss; and they consider her cursed and sacrifice her to their gods. Or, even something worse than that - which can be a twist that completely turns the story around and causes the sand dancer, the tracker, and the Outerlander's lives to twist in such a crazy, unheard of way, that it damn well might work! Then, it will be told that the Shamans knew all along that those three souls would end up mixed up in this life or death situation for the dunes...

    Crap! I've just made a triple circle here... everything twist within another and within itself, somewhat.... I'm posting this too... Don't want to lose it.
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    *hangs in the rafters, waiting to move this to the OnexOne section if Eternalfire refuses*

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    Yea...sorry about that Asmo. It WAS meant to be a Group, but then I'd changed my mind... Then a friend of mine said Three-P and I'd reopened it to such...but that was after Eternal had mentioned 1x1... Yea, very indecisive on this one right now. >___<
  7. Name: Risar

    Age: 32
    Gender: Male

    Race: Thursar (Half-Orc)

    Appearance: (picture):[​IMG]

    The typical Thursar inherits a strength and endurance which greatly surpass the same characteristics in an ordinary human - an animalistic power reserve displaying their orcish origin. They are usually taller than humans but share the orcs' ability to heal very fast. Due to their size and robust bone structure the Thursar tend to be somewhat clumsy but compensate this with good reflexes, resulting in the fact that they rarely wear heavy armor.

    Only large warhorses, bullhorses or even larger mounts are able to carry an armored Thursar.

    When it comes to intelligence it is hard to compare a human with a Thursar since the majority of the latter lack any form of organized education, but there is nothing to indicate that the half orcs are less capable of mental activity. The Thursars who have grown up in the streets develop the same sly cunning as their human counterparts, and those who rise in rank within a mercenary faction are often shrewd tacticians and have a talent for strategy. In natural environments, such as the woods, mountains and grottos, a good sense of locality unfolds within the Thursars but they have a poor sense of direction in habited areas.


    Difficult mental experiences do not affect Thursars to a great extent. Despite their often troubled childhood, psychic traumas among the Thursars are rare. The reason might be their pragmatic orc-like nature, making them live in the present to a great extent and also resulting in the fact that half orcs make bad theorists. The Thursars also share the orcs' inability to understand magic and thus share the same fear the orcs have for the arcane, something that can probably be traced back to the origins of the orc race. A few Thursars develop abilities resembling those of the orc shamans, but without guidance or tutoring these abilities seldom grow strong.

    On most Thursars markings will appear on different parts of the body. On full blood orcs these markings are related to age and social status, but on Thursars this function is lost. Thursars have thicker hair than humans but in general have less body hair. Their eyes are often completely dark yellow, dark brown or black, it is extremely rare to see a half orc with a bright human-like iris. They have good vision even in faint light although they can't see in total darkness, but this comes at the expense of a slightly poorer color vision. Thursars also have a good sense of hearing compared to humans, but they have difficulty hearing higher frequencies.

    Height/Weight: 7'8/ 428lbs

    Personality: If an expression could speak, Risars would say...well, his would say a lot actually --for a half-Orc. While his body language screams "I am going to kill you a very unpleasant way, and though his grip can undoubted tear a man's arm from it's socket (I was there, I saw it), his eyes behold a different story. He is truly devoted to the tribes and he Inner Circle. He is aggressively protective of the Priestess Bathya. He once stood watch over her for fourteen days without eating, sleeping, drink water, or using the bathroom. Anyone who came near her while she meditated was met with a very, VERY unkind approach from him.

    Half-Orcs have a predominantly [SIZE=3]predisposition[/SIZE] to f[SIZE=3]ight like a pack of wild dogs. He [SIZE=3]manages to do it w[SIZE=3]ith the ferocity of a [SIZE=3]hyena. He will break[SIZE=3], he will rip you[SIZE=3], and he will tear you apart if you threaten [SIZE=3]anything[/SIZE] he believes in. It's not a fact, i[SIZE=3]t's a [SIZE=3]guarantee. He doesn't care how many or how big, as Half[SIZE=3]-Orcs are 'groomed' by the world tob against the world due their abominable seperate ties between human and Orc lineages. Not[SIZE=3] accepted [SIZE=3]in [SIZE=3]full blooded Orc[SIZE=3] society as they are seen as '[SIZE=3]weaker' more 'inferior' than their full blooded [SIZE=3]brethren[/SIZE]. Humans look upon the[SIZE=3]m as [SIZE=3]stupid[/SIZE] brutes with no se[SIZE=3]nse and will often make a slave of [SIZE=3]one, as they can p[SIZE=3]erform chores that re[SIZE=3]quire a lot of strength.

    But u[SIZE=3]nd[SIZE=3]erneath that stone fac[SIZE=3]ade lays a beast with cunning and wit. A [SIZE=3]ferocious, tenacious [SIZE=3]warrior[/SIZE] who can't [SIZE=3]be put t[SIZE=3]o rest. Many o[SIZE=3]f his kin used to mock him when he was younger; much like [SIZE=3]childhood bullies they would taunt and abuse him until the day he defended himself and stopped being so timid around them. That was the[SIZE=3] day he earned their respe[SIZE=3]ct and his repute. He might not have many [SIZE=3]physical[/SIZE] scars, but this is simply because he is such a [SIZE=3][SIZE=3]profound[/SIZE] warrior--but the mental ones that shaped him make it hard for him [SIZE=3]to understand his longing to belong, and his secret infatuation with the Priestess.

    But Risar is, well...Risar. He's [SIZE=3][SIZE=3]uncommonly[/SIZE], if somewhat...lewd. Due to his innate savage nature, he forgets the [SIZE=3]formalities[/SIZE] of clothing at times[SIZE=3], things trigger his temper and he [SIZE=3]usually[/SIZE] [SIZE=3]violently[/SIZE] explodes and when he's feeling really cheery, he likes to get into [SIZE=3]fights[/SIZE]--lots of them. But the fig[SIZE=3]hts he gets int[SIZE=3]o with Sand Elves, well, they don't last very long[SIZE=3] due to the fact he [SIZE=3]gets carried away and doesn't [SIZE=3]realize[/SIZE] how strong he really is. So the term [SIZE=3]'use in moderation' goes fairly out the [SIZE=3]window.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

    Likes: Desert Ray & Sandshark meat, Bathya, brawling (What Orc doesn't like smacking something around?)


    Special Weapons: Typically carries a spear--However, on not occasions he will be spotted with an enormous bearded axe.

    Skill Classification: (warrior, mage, etc.): Warrior

    Biography: (Give something basic in the least, but you don't have to give too much as long as the history comes out in RP):
  8. Hey Kross, that Aura stuff is not going to be in this RP, so you can eliminate that. And the beast in not required.

    Other than that, it's interesting to have a half-orc living with desert elves, but the two races probably won't have any problems at all. Both are not highly accepting within the other elven races (I'll have a bit of info about the desert elves that will explain that), so the two might co-exist just fine.

    Anywho, if you have any ideas about who there's a few half-orcs living within the desert elf tribes, then post them up. I'm cool with it. I think they will be the major fighters within the tribes. The desert elves are good fighters, working with their knowledge of the land, animal-lore, distance fighting and stealth; but strong hand-to-hand combat and the use of heavy weapons is just not their thing. I see desert elves using mostly trickery and magic to deal with their battles.

    There's a thought....
  9. Posting this up, so I don't forget it.

    I was about to post the map, but I've got to photoshop a bit of it first. It's a map created by one of my cowriters for a book of his, but my concept is like a fanfic off from his concept. Sort of... the continent I'm setting this story in is from his story map.

    Anywho, the setting is pretty much a fantasy, LOTR-type atmosphere. So, you have the elves, orcs, dwarves, trolls, humans, halflings, and stuff like that. The other countries and cities are way more advance than the desert lands because... well, no one really 'lives' in the desert, and those who do don't have the materials to create advanced tools and such that will simplify their lives.

    Desert lands are mostly a third-world country. They live off the land and survive by their beliefs in their gods and the Shaman who helps to maintain their connections to them. They stick to themselves and don't trust anyone who is not like them. I'm going to add that they are comfortable with those races that are similar to theirs. High elven races (Royal, Forest, Sea, Half Elves, Dark Elves) they do not trust. Other races that are more recluse, like dwarves and orcs, they can tolerate.

    History wise, when a small group of displaced orcs moved onto their lands, at first the desert elves ignored them thinking they will be dead in a week. But, realized that they were very adaptable to the desert surroundings, and proved themselves well against the desert demons that threat all lives there. After a few fights to prove skill, respect, and dominance, the desert elves and orcs made an agreement to live together. The desert elves will teach the orcs more about survival on the dunes, and the orcs will help train them in more battle skills and weapons for defeating the desert demons. This has worked out well for them for years, and there is an orc leader sitting on the Whadi Inner Circle council.

    Half orcs live within the three high tribes of the dunes. That's the only places they are known at. There can be a bit of a rumor with them from the other smaller tribes. They believe that these half orcs are not real, or they are spawn demons from the fire demon that are just as big of a threat to their lands and their water as a tarnished Beholder. Your charrie's connection to Anata will only cause more mistaken beliefs, or cause the shamans of the tribes to see another part of the long-standing legend of the Beholder.

  10. Dude, I'd actually edited the eight pages of work me and E7 did back then, to that!

    I'm so not planning on using all of that in the RP, mind you, but the information I'm going to be posting will be like a reference for us when it comes to constructing a part of this world.

    Map didn't work... will have to work on it again...

    I'm trying to Photoshop my map real quick, so we'll have just the continent of Anor and the surrounding outerlands to work with.
  11. Well, I need to do something. Feel sorta useless.
  12. Well, tear down what sort of basic tools your character can bring to the desolate, dry lands of the dunes. They have primitive tools and such, basic wells, and other hand-made things they've constructed from crude materials - lizard leather, sand worm hides, hay and weeds, cactus... Think of the Egyptians, the Africans, the Middle Eastern, the Aborigines, the Native Americans; how are they surviving? The way of life they hold is similar to our Desert Elves, in a sense.

    Knowing the smarts of a Dwarf, what can he bring to the Desert Elves that will make their lives better?
    And then, what will he bring to them that they will look upon in wonder...and then fear as if it is the devil himself?

    Then, why in the world is a Dwarf in the desert in the first place?

    I'd mentioned the believe that all Outerlanders have - No one expects anyone to live in the Dunes - you only go there to die.

    This means that the Outerlanders don't know that there's Desert Elves out there, just as the Desert Elves don't know that there's other lands beyond the dunes. Only the Elders, and Shaman know what's really out there.

    So, what 'forced' your character out into the desert? Did he do something wrong, or did he witness something bad and was threatened, or ran out of town? Or, did he run on purpose, hoping he would not be followed? Are the bad guys following him? (Say yes to this one).

    Why are they putting themselves in danger to follow this dwarf into the desert? Does he have something they want, information, or a item, or a skill that he only knows that's valuable for the wrong people? (Oh, that sounds interesting there...that might connect to the whole weapons thing - what he actually brings to the Dunes is something that is terribly dangerous in the wrong hands...But in the right hands, it's a life-saver...)

    Oh, forgot to warn you.... I'm in a brainstorming mood, which only sparks more mind salad for all muses. If something in my rants causes you to think more deeply about your character and the problems and situations you can put him in throughout this story - then I'm doing my job.

    But, you can do this to. Play the 'What if' game with your charrie. Figure out his story in the mist of all this crud. Find out where he's from and what happened to him that no one else knows in the story. Trust me, it's going to come up! Let it be something totally crazy - but it somehow fits perfectly with the whole 'fire and water - sand and brimstone' concept this story seems to be heading.

    I can say this, if I haven't done so already, whatever your charrie brings into the dunes will threaten the lives living there, but it will and can provide the protection they need - if placed in the right hands... (Might make a full circle here and say that Kross's charrie is the right hands to handle this 'weapon' or 'item'.)

    If we do that, then it shows that our three charries were meant to meet up in this manner. They were suppose to bring fire upon the dunes, but in the end that fire will bring water - and life.


    Now, don't kill yourself over all of this. Just know your charrie and the life he has in this setting. I won't be starting this puppy up until somewhere in mid December... I'm still working over a few other RPs, as well as setting this one up decent enough. I'm not going for anything majorly big, but epic can come in small packages, ya know! :)

    (Don't never, EVER, tell me you feel useless AGAIN!! I'll put you to WORK, I WILL!! :P))
  13. Hell, now I'm stuck!

    I was going to start this with her actually leaving her home, but realized how much that will stretch the beginning before she even finds Kez. So, I'm changing it and just starting where Anata finds Kez. So, Risar's been following her all this time...

    K, My holiday will start around the 24th, and my family is not doing anything major, so I might have something ready before the end of the month. Maybe...
  14. Okay, I'm going to have to pull this RP out for the time being.

    My time has altered drastically, so in order to remain responsible in reality, and keep up with the RPs that I'm already deeply in, I'm going to save Beholder for another time - possibly around the summer or the end of the year you'll see this up again.

    So, I've got your calling card, guys. If I do return this, I'll give you a PM - sending you your original templates and plot line, just in case you've forgotten by then. If you're able to join up, you'll have first dibs. If not, t'is okay...

    Sorry about all of this guys, but things have taken a turn for me. And also, I don't want to run this without you two. I know Kross is out for a while, understandable... I know you're still hanging about Eternal - so again, I do apologize.

  15. I'm thinking about reworking this entire concept.
    The more I think about it, and all the other possibilities that it holds - story wise - I'm liking the idea of expanding it for a group RP.

    Sorry guys, it's just every time I start working on my OCC, I start brainstorming more ideas and subplots, and that just opened up this thought. I think, since my mind is about packed full with onexones or three-p's; I'm sort of craving more group RPs.

    Well, when I do this, if you're still interested, I'll let you two know. I've got your charries saved, just in case.