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  1. [video=youtube;QZR_6K03gWk][/video]


    For all cat lovers on this site, and cute things lovers alike.<3

    maybe. o.o?

    > w<'

    Does your kitty do these things as well?

    What crazy and or adorable things does YOUR kitty do? <3

  2. Mercury is a mouser, through and through. He chases and pounces anything that moves.
    If it happens to be a balled up napkin, receipt, etc. he will proceed to shred it to bits.
    Which brings me to the fact that I believe the cute little idiot thinks of himself as a dog.
    He wags his tail from side to side when I feed him, runs at a door when it opens, and even chirps at non family if they're who walks through the door.
    He has also taken to carrying my teddybear with him. I plan to get a video, if I can catch him doing it without him seeing the camera and fleeing in terror.
    If he kneads my tummy one more time, though, I might have a dead kitty. Because that hurts.
    o wo'
    Do not kill the kitty.
    For then you cannot get video.

  4. AAAW SO CUTE AT 2.00-2.11 :D Cute all the time but extra cute there xD
    I wish I had a cat :/
    *Takes a flight to go and kidnap Maru*
  5. :D! My friend's cat, Luna, will crawl up like that, all ready to pounce on my hand, cause I'm her auntie. And she will shake her butt before she pounces.
    It's adorable.
  6. I LOVE Maru soooo much! :D I want a cat that loves boxes this much! x3
  7. STACI

    I love you like Maru love box.
  8. :D <3<3<3<3
  9. I wuv my boyfriends kitties. Carla's HUGE- fat enough that I'm expecting her to roll around instead of using her legs, Chloe is adorable and talkitive, but her and Carla get into fights all the time, Pixie's a little lioness, but she drools on blankets, and Peanut is afraid of everything, and Stinky.... is very fluffy.
  10. You are all now Slave to his power.

    Maru is one of my most skilled agents, his ability to make human mind-slaves is second to none.
  11. Aww! :3 Very adorable!

    I don't have any cats of my own, but my family had two at one point. One was very affectionate and the other one was scared of everyone except my parents. The one silly thing I remember one of them doing was stealing my toys and my sibling's and carry them around and groom them. We would find the toys lying around later covered in saliva from her licking them and carrying them in her mouth. I kinda feel sorry for her now actually ;_; cause I think she wished she could have kittens, but couldn't because she was spayed.
  12. My tom cat Severus is huge and fluffy! There is a ledge by the stairs that he sits on when I go to the bathroom and when I steps down a couple of stairs I am eye level with him. He usually takes that opportunity to headbutt nuzzle my face. He almost knocks my glasses off! He follows me around the house like a puppy and yowls at me if I walk passed him and don't at least run my fingers through his fur. He even rolls over and sprawls out on the floor so I can rub his tummy.
    I wanna kitten. T ^T'
  14. My cat can fetch. Some of you already know this. Runs around the house all on his own just to get chased cause he's just so playful. Loves his pettings and lets me hold him anyway I want. Follows me around the house like a real life pikachu. Before he was MINE, he was at my cousin's house as one of his cat's kittens. But he always kept trying to stowaway in my clothes bag. Multiple attempts. So after a while I finally took him home two christmases ago. When the oldest of my three cats died, the sweetest girl cat I'd ever known, he really helped me cope with it. He is a big fluffy rascal which some of my friends claim is my feline doppleganger.

    Sooooooo yeah.

    My cat Captain rules.
  15. ​Agreed on the Capn' Cat.