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  1. A world where all kinds of mysterious creatures exists in one place together, no problem. No harm, just like any other day. Trying to live, trying to eat, trying to survive. Nothing wrong at all. It's just the nature of living. Warm, cold, rainy and dry places in one place, one planet. But then suddenly...


    In a big castle hidden behinde mountains and trees it's existent have ceased, it's gray stones have fallen apart in some places, it's cold but the summer heat can get inside. A high castle indeed but the trees can still make it disappear. A man in a black suit walks down the stone stairs with another man that have a weird spike tail and small horns on his head. The man in the suit have a cane to lean on when walking down to the cold room.
    -"How is it going?" The man in suit asked.
    -"We have captured most creatures from the forest and put them in the cells, sir. Vampires, devils, angels, the list is long on how many creatures lives on this planet, sir." The man with the horns said with a small smile.
    -"Good, soon... We will take over the lands and be the biggest most fearsome on this planet and make them listen to only me." The man with suit said and laughed happily.
    -"Yes... sir." The man with the horns said and kept following him down.

    An unknown man in a suit had many forces of horn-wielding men with spike tails, where they came from was unknown and their attack sudden. They attacked any creature that were against them and they locked the creatures inside cells for them to not come out from. Why their sudden attack formed and why they suddenly out of the blue in summer attacked these creature are unknown but one thing is for sure, the man in the suit has to be beaten before it gets worse.



    Nothing sexual or too romantic (this is more of an action genre after all)
    You can be any creature you want but remember that it can't be too ridiculous strong or else what is the fun in that? So no God-mod
    I don't want a too-lazy-to-read person, you can write how much you want and if you want to be in this you must know that you can't be too lazy to read.
    When you write, make sure that you can be understood and that anyone can read it
    If you want to be a new creature, please tell me a little about it and what their strength and weaknesses are.


    My character:

    Name: Rei

    Age: Unknown

    Creature: Unknown

    Show Spoiler

    Character: Childish but still very adult like, quiet for the most but can talk when asked, a little light-headed

    Background: Have lived in the forest for a long time as he can remember but then got caught by the man in the suit and have been locked inside to control his own powers. Have been there for almost 2 years but then got permission to go outside when his powers where weak. He met a star that he named Shoun and is now his companion. Shou is kind of a fat black star that floats around and makes a clinging sound when in danger, shocked or happy. He usually cares around a book as well with spells in it since he can't use his own powers without it. Before he didn't need a book.

    Shoun (open)
    Rei accidently met Shoun outside in the woods when he was searching for food and bumped into him. After that the star Shoun have followed him, at first it was annoying but soon Rei accepted him.
  2. Hello! my interest RP with you. I can play a fairy with have 4 elements: fire, watter, earth and air and a little magic powers: shrinking, transformations, paralysis and torture.
  3. Sorry to say this but another one have already asked my permission to rp this already. It's just that the person forgot to put the info in here.
    But if I come up with other ideas you can join in depending on if you want to join or not :3
    But this place is already taken, sorry. I've asked the person to put their info in here so it'll soon be up.
  4. Sorry George, this has been taken by my humble little character:

    Name: Lydna
    Age: Unknown
    Creature: Imp

    Show Spoiler

    Character: Feisty, hates asking for help, quite intelligent though she doesn't like to show it.

    Background: Unknown

    Other: Fire sometimes sparks around her when she is angry. She uses fire to fight her enemies.
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