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  1. Masquerade-spot-banner-masquerade-8147072-800-100.jpg Welcome to the Masquerade where everyone is behind a mask, how do you know who is who? The answer. You don't. Love is something that is shared by everyone on earth and these spearks ignite your imagination. This ball happens every year in Italy, lasting a total of seven days and your back once again. Are your ready to party? Remember the rules, Don't take off your mask. Because if you do, the magic will cease to exist.

    Rules to the Masquerade:
    1: Your not aloud to take of mask.
    Outside of the ball girls and guys are not to interact unless living together outside if the event. And if you do your not aloud to say who is who. Your identity must stay secret until 7th day.
    3: Do not break any of these rules or tragity will fall apon you until the seven days are up.
    4: On the seventh day if none of these rules have been broken, all rules will not exist for the last party. However if rules are broken your tragity won't end until day break of the 8th day.

    ::Guys:: (5)
    Wyatt Nickolas Haman ~
    Julian Reed Daniels ~
    Leonardo de' Bonicelli ~
    Lukas Vinter ~
    Jeremy Campbell ~

    ::Girls:: (6)
    Ariana Matrial ~
    Faith Laurel Warren ~
    Nadia K. Renegade ~
    Alessandra di' Medici ~
    Avery Colburn ~
    Annabell Vinter ~
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  2. Alessandra di' Medici
    Being carried by her long flawless legs Aless wondered the streets of Venice, the city in which the ball took place this year, looking for nothing more then a pass time. She soon found herself in the shopping district and smiled at the familiar place. "It's been so long." She mumbles happily. A few of the shop keepers called her name and waves. Even though the city was rativly big it seemed everywhere this beauty walked people greeted her. After all this was her home town. She looked around aimlessly for her friend which was suppose to meet her and help her shop but she didn't find her. So instead she found something to eat. The wind slightly blowing her brown red locks and her eyes twinkled in the light. Everything suddenly changed when some one tapped her shoulder. Turning around she found a man with a box in his hand. She smiled realizing it was the mask given to her for tonight's ball. Excited she runs off to her house to change. She smiled happily as she laid the short red corset dress with black lace on her bed. Next to it where matching shoes and a beautiful lace chocker with red dangling from it. She smiled before turning off to take a shower.


    Leonardo de' Bonicelli
    Leon simply strolled threw the streets before looking at the time. "Shit." He cursed under his breath before taking of running. His long legs carrying him quickly to the meeting place until he ran right into a girl knocking her to the ground. He girl looked lost obviously not from around here. "Sorry about that Madam." His thick accent lingering as he spoke perfect English "are you lost? I can help you if you want." The woman shook her head stunned by his presence and ran off. Leon how ever smired before looking at the time. "I better get going or Aless will kill me." He says racing off to his house to get ready himself. Jumping in for a quick shower and then pulling on a deep red long sleeved button down shirt, black vest and black pants. He brushes his hair letting it fall naturally and pulls on his black and silver mask.
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  3. (yay!)
    Jeremy Campbell
    "what about theese sir?" The overeager employe gushed holding up a pair of golden (what?) and bedazzled (eww) boxing gloves. Ignoring the man he pushed past him and to the rows of neutral colored gloves and hand wraps. Quickly he picked out a pair identical to the ones he had originally had before they vanished (probably stolen by an enraged looser). Slinging them over a shoulder he moved to the racks of gym clothes. This was a much harder decision. Did he want something light and comfortable, one that kept him cool, or one that looked cool? Wasn't there one that had all three qualities? Probably not. He ignored the suggestion to buy a hot pink tracksuit with mock diamonds imbedded in the waistline.
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  4. Avery Colburn
    The heavy pants and deep breaths, along with the sweat dripping down her forehead came from the nice pace of Avery's jog. Well, at least for her it was a jog, more like a long sprint for your average American. She looked down at her wristwatch and saw the time, her bright eyes widening as she quietly cursed to herself. If she didn't start getting ready now than she would be late for the Masquerade ball. Avery made her way back home and finally got back, opening the front door and getting inside. She headed straight to the shower and washed the sweat and dirt off her body, needing to be perfectly clean. She dried herself off after, heading into the bedroom to get ready. First Avery started with the eye makeup, then to her plump lips for color. Second, she started with her thick hair, getting a curling iron and curling every strand of hair on her head. She then grabbed her special dress from the closet as a sweet smile grew to her lips. "Perfect..." She mumbled happily, before stripping and putting it on. The fine fabric gliding against her skin made her smile even more. Avery finally fully got the dark lacy dress on and took a long look in her mirror, grabbing the mask and slowly placing it on her face. She took the ribbons and tied them behind her curly head of ginger hair, hiding the sting behind her locks. A soft gasp of surprise escaped her lips, she looked like a completely different person, not like herself. She couldn't even recognize this elegant woman in her own mirror.
  5. Wyatt N. Haman ~
    " Sir what do you think of these shoes here" The middle aged man spoke leaning down to hand Wyatt the black shoes. He slid the shoes onto his feet and then stood in front the mirror and moved his foot around to get a good view of how the shoe looked on his foot, " Hmmm Calvin what do you think?". The man, Calvin looked at the shoe with almost the same amount of interest as Wyatt had before he stroked his beard and looked back at his other shoes. " Well honestly I think these are nice but the ones you had on earlier were much better looking". Wyatt liked people who kept things honest with him and his lips curved up into a small smile and he nodded his head in agreement with the man. " You know what your're right, I'll be buying the first pair of shoes". Calvin nodded his head before walking over to the counter and ringing up the shoes.

    Wyatt already had his suit and tie, he had got his hair trimmed down nicely and he even bought himself a new watch for the occasion. The final thing on his list was shoes and now he could cross it off the list. After paying Calvin the money for the shoes he walked out the store and then climbed into his car to head to his house. He had made sure that he had his suit hanging up behind his door and his tie to go along with it.

    The ball would soon be right around the corner and Wyatt wanted to have everything ready for tonight. It was his first ball after all and he wanted to at least look the part. Once home Wyatt placed his shoes on the floor next to his bed and he jumped into the warm shower and relaxed. Just a few more hours that's it.

    Julian R. Daniels~
    As much as Julian was supposed to be getting ready for the ball it was easy for him to get slightly side tracked. He was on his way to pick up his suit but he had stopped by a small mask store and he walked around in there for about fifteen minutes and then from there he stopped once more to grab a bite to eat. It wasn't like he wasn't excite because in fact he very much was but with so much to do in Venice Julian couldn't quite help himself. When he finally arrived at the tailor the man had him try on the suit to see if the small changes that had been made were okay and once Julian was satisfied he thanked the man and paid. " Are you going to the ball tonight?" " Why yes I am" Julian responded to the man who looked at him before giving what somewhat looked like a faint smile.

    " Oh I remember when I went to my first ball. It was incredible, filled with such good music..Not the music you young people listen too today, no it was the type of music that touched your soul and you danced the night away with some mysterious beauty...that's how I found my wife". Julian gave the old man a genuine smile. He was glad to hear about other peoples experiences and how they viewed the ball. Julian just hoped it was a amazing for him as it was for the old man.

    After bringing the suit home, Julian placed everything that he was going to wear on the bed and then added the mask on top of the clothes. " Everything looks perfect" He grinned and then made his way downstairs to make himself a sandwich, something light but enough to keep his full until the ball. He had shaved earlier in the morning and did his hair but of course he would fix it up once he got ready but for right now this was his time to relax and anticipate how the rest of his night would plan out.
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