Been a great run my friends, really has.

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  1. I know this seems like I'm leaving because of a close friend's departure, but that's not it. If I left here forever, how would she get a hold of me when she got back online? No, I will be returning soon. But for now, here's my well wish for everyone. (She knows that I am not leaving because of her, love her too much to do that. i am happy that she's making such a great choice for her life)

    I'm going through some pretty hard things in real life, things that I can't run from forever. I have to deal with them and it will be a while until I return back to iwakuroleplay. It took me a long time to make this thread because I feared what might happen, afraid that I'd lose friends and what not. That's another thing I have to work on personally, not being so scared of losing people. I developed this from experiences, and well, it's annoying me.

    To my Garcia (she knows who she is, though I don't know if she'll see this or not), thank you so much. I know I am an awkward person, and my awkwardness ruins conversations sometimes. But I know that you know I love you dearly. You've made me smile and help me see the brighter side of things. The banter, the 9PM to 5AM conversations we've had, and the roleplays. I won't ever regret clicking on that Criminal Minds roleplay request. In many ways baby girl we are like Morgan and Garcia (no, these were not just fans gone crazy calling one another character names, you've really got to understand it), and individuals along with it.I'm sorry I didn't tell you that I myself was planning on taking a break from the site, but like you mine isn't forever either. Love you girl. ~Morgan (remember that photo)

    I will be returning to this site in time. i don't know how long it'll be until I return, but I can give a good estimate of around the first part of January 2013. Maybe sooner then that, i don't know; until I get things situated at home and work I am really tied up. I wish that I could stay with you guys and it tears me up inside leaving, but I will never say goodbye, only farewell because goodbye is forever. and I have made too many good friends here just to never come back. I'd have never met Garcia. I wouldn't have had the pleasure of talking with fluffy and roleplaying with raya and Stethro (which username I keep misspelling and I apologize but I forget how to spell it. Tricky username, can't even pronounce it lol). To think I almost skipped over this roleplay site in my search for one; glad I chose this one.

    I've also been called into work which means I have more hours, and more and more paperwork. I'm also being transferred to a new unit, and getting to know my new co-workers is going to be a pain especially when they hate the new guys...anyways, I will miss all of you dearly.

    Today will be my last day here (11/5/12) until I get back.

    I will be back.
  3. Good luck with everything!!! Wishing you a happy return as well! :)