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  1. I'm not actually requesting for a partner(s), but I am willing to be able to be your partner if you are willing to give me a try. :3

    I am a passive-aggressive role-player, meaning I role-play following the storyline and integrate a little of my own mix in it, of course I would still be able to follow the plot. I am able to just leave you on your own to narrate the story and manipulate everything as you wish while I just go with the flow, or if you wish let me do it for you, again, without straying away from the storyline.

    I can be able to think up and am open to any plot you used to role-play in (except smut, because I don't know who to be seductive and sensual. I do know how to talk dirty, but that is all). I can play a knight in shinning armor, a damsel in distress, a pea brain of an ogre, a spoiled brat or anything you can come up with for me to portray as. Usually, I would play the male role (despite me being female and all) but I would also play female roles. As for personality, I usually play the optimistic and charismatic character with a pitiful upbringing of some sort but I can also do more than one type of personality.

    I am flexible and could go from beginner to intermediate to advance writing if that is what you want. Though please take note: I may not have the best grammar in the world but it is enough for you to be able to understand what I am conveying with my writing.

    My genre range is endless (minus smut). I can go from Fantasy to Modern to Sci-fi to Horror to Suspense to Action to Drama and etc... etc... etc. I can even integrate all of them in one plot if that is your wish.

    I think that is about all there is to know about me.

    If want to role-play with me and have a genre in mind that would be great!

    But if you don't... just answer these questions below:

    What genre do you usually LOVE to role-play in?

    Would you like to play the male role or female role?

    That's all you need to know about me. If you want to discuss things in the role-play further, please don't hesitate to PM me. Or if you want to speed the discussion up, why not we utilize the Conference Box? It'll be faster if we talk live.

    I am always available any time of the day, except at night cause that's when I go night-night.

    If you want to see how I role-play just see the links of titles below my signature. They are all active. :3

    Tah-tah for now~
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  2. If you would like, PM me and we can discuss a roleplay
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  3. Because why not too? C:

    Care to do a one-on-one RP? It would be handy for me to get some RP-ing in after a long hiatus, and fun too~
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  4. Sure~ pm me the details~
  5. Sure~! I'm interested :3
    Pm with details, please.
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  6. Okay, so I got some request for OnexOne mostly and most don't have any idea what to do. So I decided to post some of my ideas from the genre's you all have given me. Some have listed theirs already and here is what I came up with:

    For destiny_921:
    Slice of life || Romance

    Though yours is a bit--well, its broad... so I can't really put any details to this because of how broad the genre is but I did came up with one or two stories. Just choose which one you'd like best.

    To Love Life
    This is about two people who were told that they were going to die soon. They both met in the same hospital. The other one had already accepted the news while the other one is afraid to die and that he/she had so many things to do. So they both made an agreement-well, the one that already accepted he/she was going to die soon, took it upon himself/herself, that they were going to do EVERYTHING on their list of things to do before they die.

    Just Be Friends
    Two best friends but the other one loves his/her bestfriend while the other one doesn't realize it. Yep, no need to go into detail with this one. It is what it is.

    For Sentro:
    Humor || Action || Romance || Modern Times

    So you wanted Elves involve in our RP, huh? Elves and also the genre above. It wasn't hard to do this one with the genre you gave me. It was actually fun to think thus one up. Tell me if you don't like it though. I will come up with more.

    I Am Married To A What?!
    Its about a married couple, nothing out of the ordinary until the husand/wife found out he/she was married to a runaway warrior prince/princess and an ELF no less. With Elves from a different dimension whose sole purpose is to separate you from each other. That's not all! Seems your hubby/wifey has a extremely annoying ex-fiance. Since the secret is out can the two newly weds be able to survive this ordeal?

    I still have more idea's. But for now this is all I can give you guys. Tell me what you guys think. :3
  7. "To Love Life" sounds cool~ :)
  8. Yeah~? Cool. :3
    There is no definite ending to this so whatever you decide for an ending is all up to you. :3
  9. Haha sure XD we will see how it goes~ unpredictability for the win :D
  10. I would love to roleplay with you :) I LOVE to roleplay fantasy like magic spell flinging, robot girls, all that fun stuff and I usually RP girls so I hope that's not a problem