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  1. Drew Parker is average. Scratch that, below average. He couldn't help his small stature that drew bullies right to him. It didn't help that he was gay either. He still couldn't figure out how that got around but he figured that's just one more thing everybody had to know about him. He could have a moment of peace. He could sit in class and listen into the detailed lecture that was for future exams. But when that bell rang all hell would break loose. Walking out of the door as fast as he could so he can at least get a head sta-

    "Where do you think you're going faggot!"

    He turned back to see the captain of the football team staring at him in a hormonal rage. His name was Drake. Drew honestly doesn't know what his problem is but he always has one, and it always involves him. Drew's hazel eyes darted to his dark ones in fear as he tried to ignore him and scurry away. But of coarse that couldn't be helped as he shoved Dreew into the wall holding the poor boy up by his blonde hair.

    "Answer me when I'm talking to you you fucking dipshit!" He roared in Drews face.

    All drew could do was reach up to the huge hand ripping his golden locks out and hoist himself up so the pain would be bearable. He was ready for the annual spit in his face or a punch in his rib cage but he didn't feel anything. All he felt was the tightness in his hair release as he fell straight down to the floor. He looked to the side to see Drake on the floor gripping his pained face looking up in shock. Drew followed Drake's shocked glare to see his savior, tension emiting from his figure as he was cramped in a position that seemed like he just threw a punch.
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  2. If there was one thing that Hunter couldn't stand it was bullies. Hunters body filled with rage as he saw Drake lift the boy by his shirt, Hunter grabbed the back of the Jock's neck forcefully before flinging him backwards. He then swung around and smashed him brutally in the nose, the impact caused the immediate spray of blood to gently drizzle on Hunter's face. He looked like a serial killer. The jock had shouted loudly before Hunter's fist had connected with his face, now he sat there whimpering and crying as the blood pooled from his nose. Hunter grunted and grabbed his face and violently snapped the broken nose into place and then booted him in the stomach before spitting on his clenched body. "Don't fucking touch him again." He grunted. He hadn't realised that everyone in the corridor was now staring at Hunter. Hunter didn't see himself as violent, or strong. He was a professional teenage boxer, but many people didn't know this or expect that from him. He shook his fist a little before glancing to Drew, he then grunted as he wiped some blood away from his face with his sleeve and walked away.
  3. Drew glared at Drakes battered face in horror before looking up at Hunter. The rage emiting from Hunter frightened him but he knew it wasn't towards him, yet towards the bleeding boy choking on his own blood flooding down from his nose. He wanted to say something but he was in too much shock to say anything. Instead he stood up and rubbed the nape of his neck in frustration. He was failing to understand how could someone possibly even lay a finger on the jock without getting beat down.
    And yet reality hit him right in the face as he glanced down at Drake again. The boy sputtered a horrible cough through his throat as more blood spewed on the halls white floor resembling a Picasso painting of some sort. Guilt flooded his heart and he simply took a small step towards Drake only for him to cower back in fear.
    "Don't fucking come near me!" He tried his hardest to make it seem like a threat but failed as he started to cry again.
    Drew stepped back and looked Hunters way only to find his back turned and his figure getting farther and farther.
    Drew cocked his head in confusion. This guy almost bust Drakes skull open for him. And he couldn't wrap a reason around his train of thought but was thankful that someone finally stood up for him. He smirked, satisfied of the thought of jock not bothering him anymore. But yet Hunter still intrigued him a bit.
    He walked with speed to catch up to Hunter but he wasn't stopping. He was getting a bit tired and weary of following the mysterious guy around the school, especially since he nearly gave someone an aneurism from fear. But yet his obliviousness of his surroundings got the best of him as he didn't realize he bumped deeply into his back almost knocking himself over.
  4. Hunter had worked his way around the school, uncertain of what lesson he was in so he aimlessly wandered to find his classmates. He was wrapped up in his own thoughts when someone fell into his back, Hunter stumbled forward a little and then turned in annoyance to find the boy on the floor that had been bullied earlier. His expression softened.. "Watch where your going..?" He asks calmly, showing him that he isn't a threat to him.
  5. Drew's cheeks lightly tinged a pink tone out of embarrassment. "S-Sorry..." He patted Hunters back as if securing him. He knew he couldn't have done any damage towards Hunter from a light push but he still can't go around bumping people. The small blonde looked up at Hunter with apologetic eyes.
    "Sorry another earlier too. You didn't have to do that for me." He wheezed slightly. He still had the wind knocked out of him from being slammed against the wall but he was slowly managing. He looked down at his feet in shame.
    "I don't wanna seem like a bother but still..."
    He looked down and observed himself slightly. He was so small it actually annoyed him. Drake was just one of the douches that would mess with him and he couldn't protect himself. He quit his self conscious thoughts and got back to what he was saying. He looked back up at Hunter with a gracious smile.
    "Thank you..."
  6. Hunter looked at the small guy that was clearly confused, distressed and a little embarrassed. "It's okay, I was glad to, bullies are shit." He commented, he had heard in the boys voice that he was still slightly recovering from the blow that Drew had inflicted, he also looked saddened. Hunter smiled a little and lifted his hand to his face only to gently raise his chin. "Cheer up." He murmured and chuckled a little. "My names Hunter." He added, before looking to his side where coincidentally, the nurses office stood. He gently took the boys sleeve and opened the door and took him inside and before he could protest, Hunter spoke. "This boy was mildly assaulted, do you mind checking him Deloris?" He asked kindly. It must have looked strange that Hunter knew the nurse on a first name basis.
  7. Drew looked across nervously at the young nurse. He's never been to the nurses office. Whenever he tried that meant Drake would get in trouble and that doesn't go well. The jock would stand right in front of the doorway mocking him to get checked up upon. And as soon as the boy would turn to walk away that scene consisted of him being knocked in the back of the head and stomped out to hells end. But he was relieved to know that Drake was at the other side of the school choking on his own blood. He slowly walked in to see if any of the jocks friends were in there waiting on him but he sighed happily to find no one else in there.
    "Thanks Hunter." He smiled.
    Before he started to walk away he turned.
    "By the way, my names Drew." He beamed.
  8. Hunter smiled and waited for him to get checked out, his own hand was slightly bleeding too and his face was still slightly splattered in blood. "Nice to meet you Drew." He says, watching him get checked out. Hunter was slightly attracted to Drew, he was pretty good-looking and the way he cowered and basically looked up to Hunter slightly aroused him.
  9. Deloris slightly lifted Drews shirt to see a large dark bruise on his back. Drew looked to the side to see Hunter observing him. He inwardly cussed as he couldn't control his reddened cheeks and quickly looked away from Hunter. Deloris brought out ice pack and wrapped it in a paper towel. She lightly pressed it up against his bruise and he began to twitch from the cold.
    "It's ok, it's just a little ice, nothing's internally damaged." She chuckled kindly. She grabbed a tissue from her desk and offered it to Hunter. She smirked.
    "Care to explain what happened this time Hunter?"
  10. Hunter took the tissue with a small thank you and dabbed his bloody hand. "Just stopped some kid from beating the shit out of someone." He told her.
  11. Deloris went back to her cabinet to get gauze and went to preform her medical procedure on hunters bloody hands.
    "Hunter you can't go around playing the hero for everybody." She grunted in frustration. She then applied a small strip of tape on the gauze. She looked over to her papers on the desk and gathered them in a small folder.
    "I've got to get these to the principal right quick and see about the other boy in this fiasco since he obviously shouldn't be well right now..." She inquired and glanced at Hunters now wrapped hand. She soon left the two boys alone. Drew couldn't help but notice how Hunters battered hand and soon punishment would be his fault. He glanced over at Hunter but couldn't find the right words to say since he already apologized.
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