Beauty through the eyes of a predator

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  1. Looking to play around with the predator/prey relationship a little... Not asking much, kinda letting the role play flow. What I'd like is species that are congruent. Wolf/Deer or rabbit, lion or cheetah/gazelle, etc. The specific plot and setting is up for discussion be it a fantasy arranged marriage, a slightly more 'feral' hunt, or a modern relationship. I am more than happy to play either role and gender and any sexual pairing is up for grabs. Though I'd prefer the prey, of they are male, to be effeminate...
  2. hello! I love these sorts of rps. I am better at playing the submissive role, and 90% of my males are effeminate. I even have a bunny boy character.
  3. Well huzzah! I have a wolf! Any particular sub genre you'd like?
  4. I'm pretty much good with anything
  5. Well are we doing m/m?
  6. my bunny boy is gay, but I do have a submissive bunny girl as well if you would prefer fxm or fxf
  7. Well I kinda want to do an arranged marriage so a bunny girl may be best considering it'd be mxf.
  8. that's cool. I have been wanting to use her for quite some time now.
  9. Huzzah! Can I just get her name and a reference picture?
  10. Naturally

  11. cool. so...setting? rp or pm or forum?
  12. Is there a specific setting?
  13. Medieval fantasy, I'll leave pm or thread up to you
  14. I'm good with either one....I have noticed that pm seems to be a bit easier to keep track of though
  15. Then PM, what is your average post size?
  16. it depends. On average, kind of short. I am trying to lengthen my posts, but if my character isn't doing anything or can't really do anything, then I can't type as much naturally.