Beauty and tragedy and all that lies between

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  1. Jasper Levereaux

    Deep in the roots of the mountains, where the light rarely ever glowed, a shadow shifted as the wind whispered, it's cool presence a long known balm. Soft eddies and currents of wind flowed past the man's ears, telling him all they knew. Dark eyes opened into the gloom of the castle, his home for many years and there was an anger in them that looked out of place on his youthful face. He stepped out into the cool night, his eyes watching the stormy skies and the soft eddies of the wind that tousled his hair.

    He had been in deep thought, consumed by the long years that had passed since the great ages of his birth and the years still passed quickly, with little amusement but the books in his library, the forests of the mountains and the bubbling of the spring waters. Today was the day, years ago, when he had saved a young girl- and asked for her hand in return.

    He had travelled far to find that kingdom again, his horse's hooves fleet and hard against the dry packed earth. She would be of age now, and in the quiet musings of his thoughts, he wondered how she had fared the many years since. Would she remember him, her saviour from the rushing river? And if she did... would notice, as all others did, that he had not aged a single day, not a grey hair more than that time by the river? She would notice and fear him, as all others had done in the past and he would cope with it best as he could. Over the many aeons, the pain and sting of rejection and fear had faded- but some wounds never healed without the balm of affection and that was in short supply for Jasper.

    The kingdom from years past lay before him, as his steed carried him over the lands at a speed less than the natural and as the sun rose over the eastern horizon, the castle rose as a great monolith before him. The portcullis was raised for his entrance, as his horse was stabled by a young stable boy. The king was seated in his throne room, splendour adorning the walls as Jasper stood before him, clothed in the dark but well fashioned clothes of his preference. He could tell the man was shocked or perhaps surprised or frightened at his unchanged face.

    "It has been many years, since I made my request. But I have come to gain what was promised to me, by your words."

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  2. The same dream haunted her for years in her sleep. She woke that morning panting and sweating as she sat up thinking of the dream she had just had. Liliana stood and wash her face look in the mirror seeing the images of her as a little girl in the river on that sunny day and the man who she never forgot.

    Sighing she changed and went to the kitchen grab a apple then walk outside to the garden looking at her flowers. They were beautiful all colors blue, green, pink, purple every color you could think of. From the roses to the Lillie's it was her favorite thing to have breakfast out here with the flowers.

    She heard someone was here to see her father and remember he had arranged for her to marry the man who saved her. Why would he do that he will be old by now? She thought to herself as she made her way to the throne room.
    Walking in she gasp seeing the man and that he hasn't changed one bit. "Hi you have not aged" she curtesy to him
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