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  1. Hello one and all, have you ever played Alice in wonderland? The video game where Alice is in the nut house but goes into wonderland? Well I'm somewhat looking for the same thing, your person must be willing to play at least two-three people. My person Annabelle believes she is Belle from beauty in the beast and her doctor at the crazy house is the one keeping her in his castle. This will be a mesh of fantasy world and real world so you cannot just coast while I work my but off because I'm really wanting to do something like this. I will be playing Annabelle and her main nurse Jessie, you will be playing obviously the beast and her doctor. If you wish to play more come talk to me. Also 50/50 but sex will come later unless you want the doc and the nurse to become a thing or something I would be okay with this. Also so no one gets confused I will separate the posts such as:

    Real world: Jessie fought to get Annabelle stable again as she climbed the table and started to scream, Jessie was at the end of her rope. She loved Annabelle but she was getting harder to handle as she seeped more into her fake world to escape reality.

    Delusional world: Belle ran as fast as her feet could carry her, they were after her. She didn't know why or how the dishes came alive but they did and right in the middle of her drinking out of it! The dishes tried to calm her down but it wasn't working, her head hurt and them coming closer made it harder to breath. She climbed the table and screamed for help but they were getting closer, she felt like someone was there trying to calm her down but she couldn't see anyone. Her heart thudded so hard it was deafening she heard the tea pot tell her to calm down again and she lost it, her heart gave one last thud before the air escaped her and she passed out.

    Real world: Jessie finally got the needle in and Annabelle's body went limp, the poor girl how could she save someone so far into their own world?

    (This is an example may or may not be in the story)

    Castle: [​IMG]

    Mental hospital: [​IMG]

    Age: 17
    Personality: Annabelle gets confused easily and has a hard time not saying her thoughts out loud so many times she will say what she is thinking without realizing it. As Annabelle she is manipulative and will do anything and say anything to get back to her dream world where she is Belle a sweet shy girl who loves openly and freely when she is not scared.
    History: Annabelle has two personalities though people think that Annabelle is the real one doctors confirmed that the manipulative part is the extra personality trying to protect Belle from the harsh reality. Belle grew up in a very bad home where she was beaten, mentally beaten and raped by her mother. She of course has no memory of this as Annabelle let the real Belle escape into the fantasy land so now Belle truly believes she is Belle from beauty in the beast.

    Personality: Jessie is shy and a happy go lucky morning person, she bites her nails a lot but she is the best fit for when Annabelle appears because it reminds her so much of Belle. She also loves poetry and becomes very nervous if flirted with.

    Outline for Doctor/Beast:

    Why they became a doctor:
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