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Would you date someone whose gotten plastic surgery?

  1. Yes, as long as they're just as beautiful on the inside then they are on the outside.

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  2. No, its unnatural to change your looks like that. Why would you even want to?

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  1. This idea suddenly came to me after watching the movie 200 Pounds of Love. If you watched that film then you basically have the outline of this whole RP. Of course no background knowledge of the movie is needed but if you like your Korean romance films then I 100% recommend ;) Also don't be afraid with the wall of text down below. Give it a try and you might just like it. (I also promise it really isn't as complicated as it looks)

    The plot I'm going for is centered around a self conscious girl that's been in more then one occasion, looked down on because of the way she looks. Although with the support of her mildly patronizing but good hearted best friend she accumulates the courage to confess to her childhood crush. Just as everyone expected she was coldly turned down and humiliated for expressing her feelings. That was the turning point which caused her to take the initiative of plastic surgery. With all the money she's saved up to start her dream of owning her own flower shop she had more than enough for a complete body transformation. She's bent on making her crush regret ever underestimating her by making him fall in love and breaking his heart.

    Now here's where we can start discussing details. If you're into a high school backdrop then we can start the RP at the beginning of senior year. Where she disappeared during the end of sophomore and all through out junior. No one remembers her and she's back with a new name to get her revenge.

    If you're not big on the high school, teen age scene then we can pretend that she had confessed during the end of senior year. Here's where more brainstorming comes in. They can either be both attending the same college at this point or can be way passed that and are already living as young adults. How they meet is completely up to you but I do have a few ideas:

    • Rich boy
    During high school - The pressure of being your father's predecessor for his million dollar company has been escalating over the years. Every little thing you do is being closely observed by him and his competitors. You must always be ahead of everyone, receive top marks, be perfect in every sense of the word. What happens when a certain a girl enters your life?

    After high school -You're now in charge of your father's multimillionaire company (you get decide the products being sold) and are in need of a private secretary after your 7th one quit on you. After days of rejecting what you consider to be 'terrible' resumes, your father steps in and picks one for you. A girl with outstanding recommendations and fluent in several languages. She's a keeper and definitely useful but is there something more...?

    • Popular Idol
    During high school - You're at the top of your game. Every record you and your group mates have put out have reached platinum in the past two years. You're an international idol reaching the top ten charts in over 9 prominent countries. Everyone knows your name. With popularity however there's a price. Not everyone loves you and you've been subjected to more than once to verbal or physical harassment's. Even when they do love you it can end in the same way. The crowd is fickle and if you're not careful you may fall and you know what they say, its a long way down.

    After high school - Basically the same as plot as above. Scandals, competitive groups, and the all too watchful media as icing on the cake. Except this time your previous manager had been found sleeping and giving your private lyrics as well as snippets of choreography to another Idol group. It was all hushed up since the company that had the other group signed is a very prominent and manipulative one. The only one big enough to compete with your's actually. Now after a few months of riding it out alone, the head boss is assigning you a new manager.

    ^^If you're not into the whole music genre we could change things up so that you're an actor instead. Let me know whichever one you prefer^^

    Alright if you're still with me thank you! Next are a just a few ground rules of course to keep this RP going as long as possible and just a few of my personal preferences.

    1. I really do like RPing on threads better than PMing but if you'd rather do it that way or even Skype it, I'd be good to go with either.

    2. I can do libertine and if you fit the age description we're good to go ^^ (Unless you want to do this outside of Iwaku as to not break any rule, I don't really care).

    3. Romance is a must. It's one of the main things that keep me interested but I also appreciate it when its nice, slow, and realistic. That just means our characters won't be falling in love with each other within the first 4 posts.

    3. One to two day absences are A-okay by me but after that time limit has passed, I would like a short explanation for your extended disappearance. Don't worry I won't go crazy on you and spam your inbox but I will ask once if you'd like to drop the RP if you bail on me for more than a week.

    4. Please, please, PLEASE let me know if you're dropping out. I won't get mad, I promise. In fact I'll be glad that you let me know beforehand.

    5. I love character sheets and am welcoming to all pics ranging from anime, cartoon, realistic, to actually real but for this one I prefer real pictures. A written description (as long as its fairly detailed) is okay by me too. As for a character sheet you can make up your own. The minimum info I need is:

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