Beautiful Distaster - A Post-Apocalyptic Suburbia

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Picture the most beautiful place you can think of, white houses and subtle trim with seemingly endless streets. Where the trees are so green and vibrant, the lawns perfectly cared for, the neighbors friendly and compassionate. The perfect place to live, or as it used to be. Replace these thoughts with terrible rot and peeling paint, the smells of death and smoke clouding every view. Doors are off their hinges and windows are broken with glass everywhere, even the trees are torn and snapped.

A disaster, a sad view of another time. What was once a perfect landscape has now taken to rats and roaches, danger and despair. What can be done?

Enter You. You are among several survivors from the horrors of the destroyed landscape of a city you once called home. You may know these people, you may call them your friends, your family and even your lovers, you may not even know them at all, but they are the closest thing to a family you have at this point.

We don't always like our families, but you worked together with these people to rebuild this relatively untouched neighborhood. The houses are old and decrepit, but you gave them life. The yards are bare and dead, but you gave them meaning. This is your new home. This is your new family.

But you are not alone.
Character Sheet:

How you act towards neighbors:
How you act towards strangers:
NPCs (If any):
Equipment (One gun/Melee weapon):


Okay, this is a post-apocalyptic suburbia. As a character, your goal is to stay here. You want to be here. Why is important to your character and will dictate the way your character acts toward people. Make sure to pick traits that are appropriate, contradictions will be corrected before you can play. No pressure to post every day, I will post 2 times per week. Before the things in the game start, you must be able to interact with those around you. Play a character, don't wait for the action to happen.

If your character is introverted, post their thoughts and fears/worries, otherwise you need to interact with your neighbors. You know these people, they may not be your best friends, but people as a whole need social interaction and the way that you interact with one another will determine how I introduce the obstacles along the way.

Roleplay isn't just about the story, it's about how people interact and behave when things don't work. Don't be afraid to try new things, to talk to people without constant action going on. This isn't a roleplay about action and adventure, it's about a group of people working together to keep their home.

I enjoyed making this story, but it's much better when people put their own ideas and thoughts into it so feel free to do something different or off. Feel free to make your own action, it's okay to start a fight with another character, to initiate your own conflicts rather than simply wait for God to throw a monster. That's what RP is to me, it's making your own story, going your own way as things happen, not just following the leader.

In short, I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it.
By any chance would there be a leader-type to the group? Someone the others would pay attention to more, like a cop for instance?
I don't see why not, there's not real "backstory" to why there's the apocalypse. Bombs dropped, smoke cleared, survivors survived.

If you'd like to play a leader-type character, I'm not against it, but it's better to join in and show your responsibility through RP. People are more likely to follow you if you do that rather than start off as a "leader."

In short, have a backstory, play a dominant character, but be prepared to deal with other people also wanting to dominate and get attention.
Sounds like a plan. I was thinking about making a truly level-headed character, a person people can easily look up to and I will show that as the Topic goes on, you'll see =)
Also, just a personal preference... Stick to non-japanese names please. I'm not gonna remember those and I'd like to not have to go back to OOC every time someone says a name.

Name: Oliver Thomas

Age: 26

How would you act towards others: Oliver is a very charismatic, charming, and manipulative person. He is not dark-hearted, but actually rather kind, though in a tough
situation he is always more likely to save his own skin rather than assist anyone. He often runs across other people, though he usually only approaches individuals on their
own, and has a habit of avoiding large group unless absolutely necessary. He is also a bit of a con-man if he must.

Equipment: A satchel filled with supplies (food, water, medicine, ammo), an M9 pistol with two spare re-loadable clips, and a knife hidden up his sleeve.
Haha, nice job on the character, Box. I look forward to seeing Cor and Meaz. I'll also make sure to post my own character on Wednesday, I just wanted to give everyone a chance to play who they wanted so a character idea wouldn't be taken.