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  1. Finger like rays of the morning sun light poke through the glistening windows at BB academy. A blessed warmth radiates from the shining sun, heating up the masses of sleeping students. The scent of freshly cooked bacon and sweet honey wafts out of the large kitchen, down the lengthy corridoors, and under the oak, dorm doors. All is peaceful untill... The silver school bell lets out a piercing scream, its rings echoing about the place. It's 7am, with two hours till class starts, and the bell's breaking the morning heaven to let the whole school know this.
  2. Unlike most teenagers, Tamsin was very much a morning person. She enjoyed getting to work early, and although she hardly viewed this academy as serious work, she still endeavoured to be up and about bright and early. By the time the morning bell rang, the studious young girl was almost entirely ready for the day, having made her bed, given the unoccupied areas of the room a good spruce and showered.

    Unsurprisingly, the clothes she wore were unassuming. A loosely fitted woolen jumper, a green that matched the colour of her eyes, along with plain old black trousers and sturdy boots. Maybe it wasn't what this affluent academy wanted from their students - but seeing as Tamsin was here as nothing more than a favour to her parents, and attire hardly made a difference to talent, why bother? She was comfortable, and hardly looked a wreck. She just looked - practical.

    Really, the only part of her that wasn't practical was that damned voluminous hair. Like most women, Tamsin did enjoy making sure she had a 'good hair day'. Her locks were an almost startling auburn, bright enough for many to believe she dyed it. Today she wore it loose, falling what could only be called elegantly to rest below her collar bones.

    Now, what did she need today? The trusty leather satchel of her youth, that had been lugged around from day one, despite the fact that it had been almost as big as the five year old Tamsin. Even then she had been determined, and so had almost broken her back hauling far too many books about in that thing. Now it was just the right size to fit the obligatory art supplies, a few choice personal items, along with an anatomy textbook and an encyclopedia of ailments. Although Tamsin intended to follow the curriculum rigidly, that didn't mean she couldn't also study for other things.

    And now it was time to face the day. Most likely the first out of the solitude of her room, Tamsin sauntered from her room, whistling Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance Marches to herself haphazardly. She enjoyed the muted sounds of early morning, everything seeming coated in a foam buffer, keeping it from encroaching on the fragile for a time. It would be shortlived - no doubt gone by the time the redhead reached the dining hall.
  3. Kathedra walked through the hallways, examining all the boys she would date. 'No... yes... maybe... YES!' she said to herself. She carried three books in her hands, one for singing and two for violin. She walked up to her locker and stuffed the books in along-side all of her makeup and hair stuff, and then grabbed out her acting book. Acting was her only one passion well, singing was good too. Unfortunately her mom didn't like the acting. Everyday morning till evening they would fight about it. Kat, as she went by, after locking her locker went back to judging boys.
  4. Blonde hair flowing with the drop of each step. A long, confident stride, fitting of a gentleman. He looked down slightly, his amber eyes peering at the floor from his head, tilted forward a scant, and his hands were in his pockets. He was thin, tall. A bit lanky. But he didn't look unhealthy, just unhappy. But he found happiness in his imagination, no matter how morbid he could make the world.

    Black and white. A sketch, you might say. Each line crooked and wiggled with each passing moment. the portraits mounted on the wall crawled out of their frames, amalgamations of what they were meant to portray, and followed him for a few seconds, before being choked by a binding chain of steel connected to a fleshy hook at the back of the neck, and returning to their frames. Large teeth sprouted from the carpet as he passed, a sort of living red carpet rolled out before him as he walked a constant pace.

    The image flashed out of his mind as he blinked a shut of sanity. He wasn't insane. In fact, he was quite calm. But that might be due to his title as a cellist. If he was forbidden from playing his cello in his spare time, he'd likely go mad. He's told this to people in earnest. Thus, because he could, he was quite calm. He enjoyed the feeling of the string vibrating against his fingers as he played. The deep, bass notes against his ears. It was fitting that a deep man would play such a deep instrument.

    He made his way to the dining hall to catch a meal. The player of such a heavy instrument needed to eat. A familiar tune hit his ear. The whistling of a girl he was acquainted with. They were about the same age. She joined him in the string section as a violinist. A smile drew across his face. He still seemed sleepy-eyed from waking. He said not a word, and instead withdrew a hand to wave hello, and stepped by the coffee area for an espresso. Silence was maddening to him, however. He often imagined noises in his macabre visual filters. "Having a good morning, Tamsin?" Small talk was a good way to break the silence. The deafening silence which made him wish his cello was loud enough to give him tinnitus.
  5. Faul lifted her head from her fluffy feather pillow, and began to stretch and yawn. Her dad was there to give her a special gift. "Guess what I got you today?" he said with a big grin. He was hiding something behind his back.
    "A puppy?" Faul hoped as she sat up in bed, anticipating her gift.
    "Close," he answered by pulling out another stuffed puppy. This time a golden retriever pup. Faul eagerly snatched it out of his hands.
    "I love it daddy!" she squealed as she snuggled it.
    "I have to go soon on business but I'll be back," it was like this every time he came home. "I can't have breakfast with you sadly. But they are serving at the school..."
    "NO!" Faul shouted as she threw the puppy in her mountain of stuffed animals. "I dine with you! I refuse to eat what the others eat," she griped with nose in the air.
    "Sorry dear, you have too. Now be a good girl for daddy while hes away. Can you do that for my?" he said in a sweet loving tune as he picked her up and spun her around.
    When he set her back on land she embraced him and shoved her face into his chest. "I will daddy!"
    "Good girl. You are my little angel," he adored as he patted her head and left.

    After her long session of dressing up she was sent off by her maid to go eat with the other children, as ordered by her father. "But nan!" she griped. "I don't wana!" She did regardless.
    Entering the dinning hall she made sure to make a noticeable entrance. She knew every on in the school by name, and decided to call on the first boy she saw, since Lou-Kun was nowhere to be found. "OHH AMBROSSSSSSS!" she called out as she skipped towards him. "Have you wrote my song yet?" she teased. "And what about my portrait?"
  6. The aromas in the dining hall were heady at best, and often competing with eachother in such a cacophony of flavour that Tamsin found it just a little revolting. Perhaps it was unsurprisng that a variety of rich foods were on the menu - rich students demanded worthy foods, it seemed. She wasn't complaining about that,of course, she particularly liked the excellent quality fruits on offer, along with the darjeeling currently brewing in her hand.

    She was drawn from her own little musings about the bubble-like world of this academy by a perfectly friendly greeting from the admirable cellist. Tamsin immediately flashed a genuine smile, shy though it was. Although she was relatively capable of conversing with other people, it had never been her strong point. She was more an observer than a partaker, hence her ideas about Ambross seeming troubled. There was certainly something odd about him, no matter if it was just his personality or something more sinister. Even so, it was none of her business, and so Tamsin never said a word about her suspicions, preferring to stay out of the way.

    "Yes, thankyou. And you, Ambross?" She took a sip of her tea, though perhaps it was still just a little too hot. Still, it was always best at this stage. The scent wafted strongly to her nose, accompanying the sharp taste with almost military precision that only faded along with the cooling of the liquid.

    It was at this point that the young Faul made her characteristically explosive entrance. The child was like a bomb of prissy self confidence, blowing away anything and everything that got in the way. Tamsin took a subconscious step to the side, feeling slightly out of place now that Faul was making obvious conversation with Ambross. She still said a pleasant, "Good morning Faul." But was now studying her tea quite determinedly, trying not to get in the way.
  7. Louis had been pacing around the kitchen, conversing with a few of the female chefs most of the morning. He'd had his breakfast earlier, since he was always one of the first to eat as to be prepared for the day. When Louis heard Faul's irresponsibly loud calling, even though it wasn't addressed to him, he gracefully rushed from the kitchen to see her. "Good morning my dearest Fau-chan! I hope you'll bless the rest of our ears with a softer tone of your lovely voice," Louis greeted, then catching sight of Ambross and Tamsin, "Good morning Ambross and Tamsin, too. Tamsin, your hair seems to be radiating with beauty today!" He gave a swift bow to all three of them. While Louis talked to them he also kept a sharp eye out for Kathedra, with whom he was supposed to do a special project in class with today- at least to his conscious belief.
  8. Ambros sipped his espresso and gave a weary smile to the girl four years her junior. He heard something about a written song and a portrait. He remembered the song a bit. Not so much the portrait. Not that she would stand still enough for him to sketch one.

    "Good morning to you, too, Faul. I see you're energetic as usual. Myself, not so much. I don't have your song ready yet, I'm afraid. I've been a bit stooped in practice and the like. And I'd likely be able to get your portrait done if you'd stay still long enough for me to set a line. I do, however, have a few stanzas memorized for you this morning." He shook his wrist so the sleeve of his suit would fall slightly, cleared his throat, and sat his hand on his chest like a glorified bard.

    "Joy and woe are woven fine
    A clothing for the soul divine
    Under every grief and pine
    Runs a joy with silken twine"

    He bent down to ruffle her hair slightly, before spinning around and standing straight again in a smooth turn.

    "It is right it should be so
    Man was made for joy and woe
    And when this we rightly know
    Through the world we safely go"

    With that, he marched off, sipping his espresso and lining up for breakfast. He looked back to Tamsin and smiled a bit brighter, before looking ahead once more as he waited for his meal.

    In his head, he faced the monotonous threshold of black and white once more. The kitchen ladies appeared as horrifying monsters with contorted faces and demonic wings made from skeletal hands, and mouths agape with dread fangs aplenty. He looked back and it seemed a bit more colorful. The hue seemed to be a bit pink in this area. The happy girls who'd become his friends were surrounded by doves, a halo atop each's head. Faul wore hers a bit crooked. spirals of happy spring green came off from the strands of their hair, and their eyes glowed violet which was not theirs. It was just how he perceived them in his imagination. His eyes focused to the other lad, Louis. He was a good sort. Thus, he exuded an air of green, and his hair was not his color, but emeraldine. He exuded a green fog about him, an infectious happiness he brought to all good souls. He appreciated his company.

    Forward again, the horrific kitchen ladies. He flashed out of his vision as he was handed a small tray of food from a lady who was much more beautiful than he had perceived. She wore a sneer, however, which likely explained his impression. He bowed politely and returned to the group of acquaintances. He seemed a bit hazy, as he had returned to his visions. He was barely listening, even. He didn't hear the conversation. He just looked at the darling mixture of pink and green, of good friends and lovely ladies. He stopped for a moment while staring at the group lucidly and simply interjected, "You are all beautiful."
  9. At the sight of Louis, Faul squealed with joy and clutched on to his arm. She wore her signature grin as Ambros recited her poem, and giggled when he ruffled her hair. Oh how she did enjoy the attention. As he walked away Faul did care to give the girl, who at the moment was deeply contemplating her tea, notice. Tamsin was her her name. Faul huffed; was her tea really all that interesting, more so than Faul? Well who needed her when she had Lou-Kun?
    When Ambros finished his splendorous exit Faul put all her attention, as to grab his, on Louis. "Oh Lou-Kun! Lou-Kun! Did you hear that? A song! For me!" she giggled with delight. She grabbed his arms and began to dance with him. "Daddy came today! And he gave me the most darling toy!" She let go of one hand an began to spin herself around, her skirt making a blossoming flower as she twirled. Faul then stopped abruptly and fell into his arm. "Lou-Kun is such a good dancer," she sighed in delight. "Maybe he will dance with me at the ball?"

    All this time she was ignoring Tamsin, almost on purpose. She always got jealous when another girl was around, especially attractive ones. But of course none were as beautiful as she. The only time she truly could like a girl was when they were adoring her. It was always the way; adore Faul. Her daddy always did, maybe that was why her parents had divorced.

    When Ambros came back with his charming compliment, Faul tried to turn 'All' into 'Faul.' "That's so sweet of you to say, Ambros!"
  10. Tamsin had to admit that she was glad when Louis made himself known. He seemed to be utterly idolised by Faul, and perhaps that would mean the young girl would calm down a little bit. Unlikely, she had to ultimately admit to herself, knowing that Faul was something of a hyperactive character - to put it extremely lightly. Even so, as long as there was no malice in the girl, it really didn’t matter.

    “Good morning, Louis. Thankyou.” As usual, the compliment caused her to blush, high colour immediately rushing to her cheeks as she glanced into the distance nervously. It was this inability to accept positive criticisim that prevented her from seeking further appreciation for her performances in the string section. It was difficult enough as a part of an orchestra, let alone solo. Instead of dwelling on this, Tamsin just watched the two dance together, truly wondering how on earth anyone could be so confident as Faul. Or how anyone could tolerate such unavoidable energy. Of course, she didn't go as far as disliking the girl, but no doubt, the quiet, reserved Tamsin struggled to keep from being blown away by all the activity.

    Glancing over to the queue, Tamsin still had to wonder what on earth was going on with Ambross. He really didn’t look all there. To be honest, he rarely did, aside from when he was conversing with others. Still, Tamsin brushed the thoughts from her mind, doing nothing more than raising a quizzical eyebrow when he returned to the little group with a completely unexpected comment.

    Now, with tea finished, Tamsin felt she needed to stop dillydallying and get to eating her breakfast before classes started. She briefly whisked away, only disappearing for a short while, soon returning with the fruits she so enjoyed. It was lucky she brushed her teeth so thoroughly. Everyone knows how badly sugar and teeth get on. As it was, her smile was perfectly fine, what a wonderful world.
  11. Louis had a large grin on his face when Faul clutched his arm, happy that he had such a sweet friend. When he was suddenly spun into dance alongside her, he didn't blink, used to being pulled into things like this so abruptly. "How wonderful, a toy and a song for you! Maybe we could dance to the song, and maybe even dance at the ball, Fau-chan. Yet i'm sure somebody as graceful as you could find an even better dance partner," praised Louis, elegantly dancing across the floor, with Faul in his arms. Still, as Louis danced, his mind began to wonder, with Ambros' odd comment, and Tasmin's silence. While he adored Faul and her vibrancy, Louis also worried for the other's well being. So, he suggested "Why don't we all go out together for dinner tonight? Me, Fau-chan, Tasmin, and Ambros? Me and Fau-chan could dance, and I would like to catch up with Ambros and Tasmin- I don't feel we've talked much recently. Any objections?" The request led to Louis pushing his hand through his soft hair, from forced awkwardness.
  12. Lending a nod of agreement to Louis, Ambros just sat back and chowed politely. Whether it was forking eggs, or cutting ham, he was very polite, coordinated, and somehow elegant. He seemed to ponder things as he absconded from the conversation. That's because he was.

    He thought about his ideas of people. Tamsin was a sweet girl. Violinist. Like salt to his pepper. She seemed enamored by Louis, though, so he suppressed any romantic feelings he had. It was hard not to have them - she was a beautiful, kind girl. Shy, too, and Ambros liked that. But, again, she was after Louis, so he'd let her make her decisions. People are happier with their partners when they wanted to be with each other.

    His thoughts shifted to Faul. She was a nice girl, but a bit stuck-up. He didn't abide by that. But she was tolerable, and her poshness was more passive than active. He could deal with it. She was foolish at times, and sometimes a bit ditsy. She believed, and expected others to believe, whatever her father told her. She'd need to learn, and he only hoped her father would stop spoiling her. That said, he hoped he would let her down from this fantasy gently. She was a good girl, when she was in a good mood. An even nicer girl when you complimented her.

    And Louis' eminent, contagious good mood made him a great friend to a good person. Ambros considered himself a good person. It was a thing to strive for. So his green fog of bliss encased him in golden happiness. He remembered Louis as a gentleman. A gentleman with an energetic disposition, and a love of what's important.

    Ambros felt that what he needed right was a cup of espresso. He chuckled that it was all he could say of himself.

    "It certainly sounds like a good idea..." He smiled for a moment, before speaking again. "I can pay for my own bill. I won't cost much, anyway. I'll just eat what I need and we can catch up." He nodded in assurance, that he was okay with the idea.
  13. Faul thought it to be a most wonderful idea; to dance and eat with Lou-Kun! It was if he was the only person she, herself, could adore. Perhaps it was because of how much he complimented and adored her. She even found herself blushing from time to time around him. "Oh it sounds wonderful Lou-Kun! I know just the place too! Oh they have a grand chandelier and a live band. And a dance floor just for me!" She almost forgot, "and you! Oh wondrous! I could get my driver to pick us all up!" Her daddy had given her a sleek black cab and personal driver only three birthdays ago. It was either that or the pony she requested, and the car was much more practice. Faul had nearly so caught up in it all that she forgot to eat. She didn't want to leave just then, even if it was only for a moment. Not when Lou-Kun was there with his sweet comments. But her hunger was too much to stifle. "Lou-Kun, come with me as I grab a plate?" she begged with a pearly smile, tugging on his arm.
  14. When Louis suggested dinner, Tamsin was immediately worried. She hated the thought of committing some awful faux pas or other, or just being a bore. But then again, when was the last time she had gone for an evening out? Probably her birthday, when her parents had come to wish her well. That had been three months ago. So, that kind of clinched the deal. She'd just have to hope for the best, and also hope that the place wasn't too pretencious for her liking.

    "Yes, that would be lovely." Tamsin smiled, managing to be fairly convincing. As the words left her lips she became far more confident in the idea, coming to the decision that it would indeed be just as lovely as she had proclaimed.

    For a little while her attention drifted elsewhere. She observed the rest of the dining hall that had filled considerably since the earlybirds had arrived in order to catch the worm. The servers worked efficiently while most of the students floated from food to beverages to various frivolous conversations. There was such a gap between the staff and students that it seemed almost alien to see them in the same room together. Still, so long as everyone remained happy, nothing really mattered.

    The idea of travelling the way Faul did just seemed a bit alien to Tamsin, but this once she'd go with it, not wanting to be a spoil sport. So, she simply nodded and watched as Faul inevitably dragged Louis off to go and eat.

    Now her attention turned back to Ambross, and for some reason she didn't really understand, Tamsin actually spoke her mind. "Ambross, are you alright? You always seem so far away. It worries me." Spontaneity could be a huge enemy of hers, as it was in this case. Even as she spoke Tamsin regretted it, her words becoming quieter and also faster as they spilled from her lips. "Sorry. It's none of my business. Forget I said anything." She murmured, blushing quite a bright red as she stared fixedly at her shoes.
  15. He heard his name. A simple acknowledgement brought a good amount of attention from his daydreams. "Hmm?" he responded as she inquired about his well-being. He found himself smiling brightly as she voiced her worries. He stood up, as he was nearly finished with his food anyway, and laid his hand on her shoulder reassuringly.

    "I appreciate your care, don't fret. If you haven't figured it out already, I daydream a lot more than I should. It's no real problem. I'm just a bit spacey, I'm sure you realized." He let go of her shoulder and looked down slightly. "I imagine the real world through a creative filter. Sometimes it's macabre, sometimes it's graceful. I admit, it's more often than not macabre. But my friends, my music. It makes things beautiful when I daydream." He wanted to reassure his friend that she wasn't intruding. He wanted his friends to know of him, anyway. To know how he was so they could trust him, holding his heart in their hands.

    "I'm not angry. It wasn't an intrusion, just a query. Thank you for asking."
  16. Kathedra was lonely, but entertained by herself. She never got in conversations, she was too "weird". Yes, she was beautiful, but weird in a sense. Alone, she wandered the halls, listening in to some student's conversations. "Dinner?" she asked herself as she heard one group talking about the subject. "I'm jealous." she casually stopped to listen.
  17. Louis beamed at the three, commenting, "Perfect! I'm so glad to have such amazing company this evening. And it's a lovely offer Fau-chan, and since you a taking us there I shall pay for you." Louis decided to leave Tasmin to look after Ambros, not wanting to create any tension between the two. It wouldn't be very ungentlemanly to disturb them, especially now Faul wanted him to go else where with her too. "Of course I shall accompany to get a plate, hopefully with some delicous food on it. Let us go, Fau-chan, my enchanting friend," Louis lilted, linking his arm round hers to head towards the food. Just then he caught a glimpse of Kathedra though. "Kathedra, you don't look as divine as you usually do. Can you wait a minute, I'd like to talk to you about our class project, once I've gotten some food with Fau-chan," He called to her, as headed towards the canteen's food with Faul.

    ((OOC: It's hard being a gentleman to everybody at once ':/))
  18. Although it was understandable that a student attending this illustrious academy might have a unique view on the world, the extent of these daydreams did still cause Tamsin a little alarm. Where did macabre blend into pure horror and hallucination? It was impossible to tell, and so the young woman made it her business to keep a watchful eye on Ambross, on the offchance that he did succumb to anything darker than a wild imagination. In the event that it did come to that, Tamsin wasn't certain if she would have courage enough to speak up, but even so, she would endeavour to do so if need be.

    "Okay. I know it's who you are, it's just a little disconcerting to see you so far away so much of the time." By this point, the girl was flushed a rosy red, as she really wasn't good at speaking so openly, even with people she knew well, but now she'd started, she might as well finish. "But if you ever do find yourself in any trouble, I'm here." She felt this was far too bold of her, but her desire to care for those around her trumped the shyness, and that was that.
  19. "Not as divine? Ah well... I was in a rush this morning... but, there's always time for hair-grooming!" Kathedra said seriously. "Where did you say we were eating?"
  20. Ambros embraced Tamsin as his friend. "You are indeed a very good friend. There's nothing to worry about, m'lady, but I appreciate the sentiment." A creative filter ensued. The surrounding space was black. They were sketched black and white, the lines shaking. His suit wasn't filled in like usual. "Sometimes my visions are pleasant. Like you, my companions, all very colorful under most circumstances. I never see you in a negative fashion because I don't harbor any negative feelings towards you. You're my friends, and you, I guess literally, give my life color."

    Releasing her, Ambros picked up the meager remains of his meal and proceeded to be rid of them. He felt his heart beat a bit faster than usual. He confessed, at least to himself, a sense of attraction to Tamsin. He was well aware of it, but he thought he'd throw it into the mental air, make it known to the entirety of his cerebrum. But he felt a duty to his friends, and wasn't very big on being blunt to people. It wasn't poetic, which was a fabulous way to describe his manner of speaking.

    As he returned to the group once again, he felt his heart race a bit faster than usual. Things like this happened a lot when he was thinking of how to say things like one such as himself should. He put off telling her of how he felt towards her, and always ran out of time thinking of how. How does a poet, an author, an actor, a writer, not know what to say? Because words do not exist for how he means to say something, nay do they, for he was wise, and had a large vocabulary. He could make up a word, but only he would know what it means, and thus, it would be hard for him to convey how he felt with something like that. Shakespeare did that. He was possibly more creative than Ambros. Alas.