Beautiful Assassin

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  1. // Ongoing one on one rolepay. Message me if you would like to participate. Need someone to play as the man hunting her down. Must be okay with short replies.
    *a man working for the castle guard set out to carry out his latest assignment. to track down and execute Kiyomi, a very dangerous assassin whom had killed several high ranking royals of the kingdom. part of what made her so dangerous was her incredible beauty. even the most merciless men couldn't resist her beauty or her smile, which she definitely used to her advantage. he had been given a photo of her and her last known location in order to help him track her down. he was instructed that once he finds her, do not hesitate to kill her if he is unable to secure her to bring her back for a proper execution. she is extremely dangerous*

  2. Oh my god this sounds so good! I am intersted! Does he fall in love with her? Just pm me so we can get started.
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  4. Message me.
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