Beautiful and Broken in Equal Measure (quiet Souris and HollowEastWord)

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  1. The sounds of chaos rung in his ears but there was no noise in his home. Everything lay quiet and still, even as his mind existed in the world known as war. He shot up from his position in the bed, gasping for breath and dripping with sweat from the memories that had only just run through him, still sending shivers and twinges through his right shoulder.

    Wincing, Markus hauled himself from the bed and grabbed the corner of the night table with his good hand, righting himself and ignoring the loud complaints of his healed but forever injured shoulder muscles.

    Half an hour later, showered and clean shaven, Markus was out the door and on the way to the most significant thing he would likely ever do in his shitty life. He was off to give another young person a place to belong, a place they could escape their current home.
    He sympathised he really did. He's gone to this exact orphanage and he'd never been adopted, kicked out at 17 before he'd joined the army as an initial marine. The matron if St Augustine's Orphanage greeted him warmly, the same older woman who had taken care if him in the past. "Markus Zein. I'm here to see the above 17's, as i organised last week."

    The matron hummed and directed him to the too most floor of the building- the children about to be kicked out practically.
  2. Sitting down on the grassy patch he gave himself a pat on the back, he ran away, again and they didn't catch him but they most probably will soon, he always came here to clear his mind he will go back the stupid people just over reacted and called him a troubled teen.

    Slowly he rose from his spot grabbed his bag and started to walk back the orphanage. Once there he went to the side his room's window was. He crimed on the windowsill of the other windows and hauled himself trough his window.

    He sat and pretended to read before anyone could say that he was gone, it was only him in the room.
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  3. This place hadn't changed at all, he decided. The walls were still boring grey, the floors still cold and hard.

    He had already travelled through the entire orphanage, seeing the younger children grinning had been a strange experience. He still had no trust in the world and it showed when he was distrustful of a few young kids.

    He travelled to the room he was supposed to be, knocking in the door gently to see if the boy he was supposed to meet was there. "Hello? I was sent up here by the Matron. May I come in?"
  4. Ash's eyes went wide when there was a knock on the door, someone came to see him, it must be joke, no one ever came to see him. They usually went for the younger kids or listened to the rumors about him being troubled. Slowly he got up from the bed and walked to the door, with a click he opened it. It was just a man, usually it would be a couple "Y-yes please come in" he said still a bit shocked.
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