Beast Tamers: Slaying the Shadows

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~~12 years ago~~

Deep in a relatively unexplored area of the continent is a fortress. It is not a large fortress city as is the norm for the races to live in, but a smaller fortress. It is unknown to anyone who finds themselves unable to hear the call, and even those who do hear the call only find it by following. It never seems to be attacked by the giant flora and fauna that challenge the races for land, and to anyone from the outside who saw it, it would seem lifeless.

However, this would not be further from the truth. For indeed, this is where the beast tamers are born. While every fortress city has hunters, tamers are a different breed altogether. Combining the fighting prowess of hunters, while also utilizing their bond with a beast. No one knows why or how the children are chosen, nor where the call or the bond is borne from. But it is a fact of life, and tamers are celebrated and revered.


Once day, while the rain was pouring down in the hills, the front door of the fortress opened and a green-haired young child of ten walked through. Next to him stood a young Velheim. The smooth-skinned canine beast looked around curiously, up to the torso of the child when standing normally. The glow of his heat was bright, keeping the two of them warm in the rain. Stepping farther inside, this young tamer stroked the predator on their head. "It's alright, Vorak." he said, partially to reassure himself. "This is where we have to be."

And he was right. It wasn't too long until the Master arrived, a grey-haired older man who looked over both Alori and Vorak before smiling. "Alori Yashi. I have been expecting you. You are one of the next tamers, but I am sure you knew that." his smile was warm and kindhearted. "Come, let us get you situated. The rest of your new family should be arriving soon."

Once that was said, Alori was led around the fortress, shown the different room - including the communal resting area. Everything seemed comfy and livable, which was good if they were expected to be here for years.

His training began soon after his new family arrived. The young man quickly found himself drawn to a special type of sword and shield. A sword that stored energy as it struck, and a shield that would become an axe blade when combined with the sword, and unleash that energy in powerful attacks.

During this time as well, Vorak grew. He ended up slightly taller than Alori by the end of their training, learning to control and manipulate his heat. And to fight together with his tamer and the others.

~~Present Day~~

Alori leaned against the wall of the entrance to the fortress, waiting for the rest of his family to arrive. His hand rested on Vorak's head, and his large shield was on his back, sword sheathed inside it. As he waited, he thought back to his past years. They would be leaving now, exploring the world with one another, and helping each other and the citizens. Such was their duty.​