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  1. Hello! For this thread, I only put a few tags in the mature info section, because what happens in this rp really depends on what you like, who plays, and where we take the story! Please tell me if you're a passive or aggressive roleplayer when you reply if you're interested! Thank you! Not that it matters THAT much, but I need to know if you're okay with me adding twists if the rp dies down. Speaking of that. Here are a few rules:

    1) I need a long term rp partner, not one that will stop replying after a certain amount of posts or when the rp starts to die down or get boring. Feel free to add twists and conflicts to keep it interesting!

    2) If you no longer want to participate in the rp, please tell me instead of ignoring me! It's not nice. :c

    3) If you want your character to be a mythical one, I will only accept angels, demons, and vamps.

    4) PLEASE contribute to the rp with each post! If you can't, say my character is asleep, you can't really do anything that affects my character, I understand! But if you can, please try to if necessary.

    5) If you're interested, please let me also know if you want to do this in the threads or PM.

    P.S. I think it's pretty clear, but I'm looking for someone to play the buyer. If you want to make additional characters, feel free.


    NOTE: I didn't really put any tags for the mature info because it all depends on who plays and what happens! I'm wanting someone to take over the buyer FIRST, but if you wanna make your own char it's okay!

    ALSO, VAMPIRES AND DEMONS, OR NO VAMPS AND DEMONS? If no, then all chars are human! My character is a human no matter what though. I guess if someone makes their char a vamp/demon, this will include those as well as humans? Idk :P


    She'd been standing in the same spot for a while now. She woke up feeling drousy, the cold cemented floor not giving much room for quality sleep. She was quickly woken up by one of the slave business workers.

    "Get up. Come on, let's go!! We'll be open in ten minutes!" Soon, she, as well as all other slaves in their rooms, were dressed and got their hair done; not anything fancy, just decent and presentable, instead of bed-head hair.

    Briar stood, her wrists in cuffs that were connected to chains, which were connected to the ceiling. It barely let her move, so tight it made her ribs stick out a little. She involuntarily wore black laced hipster panties and a white button up shirt, unbuttoned, over a black laced bra. It was too much for a girl her age, or any age in that opinion. As she stared at the ground, she thought. She doubted she would get bought today. She'd never been bought yet. She'd only been here for a few months, but other newbies had already been purchased. With that though, Bri was grateful. She'd always heard stories from other slaves- when they got free time to talk to each other -about how mean and abusive and scary their "masters" were. Some would even tell stories of near death experiences, rape, and even witnessing them killing someone. So yeah, Briar didn't know the rules of having a master, or really, how anything worked, but she knew enough to be scared out of her mind for her life.

    The bulky door to her cell room opened, entering two men: one, a guard to make sure the customers didn't do anything stupid, and the other, a customer himself. The guard stood right outside the door. Enough to give him privacy but to also monitor him. He was attractive. Almost extremely attractive that is. She couldn't help but stare. Even though his looks distracted her, it could not distract her from the fact that there was a possibility this man might buy her. What if the stories were true? Was this guy was just like the others?

    That is a part of my first post. I hope you like it! ^.^
    So... idk if you guys are supposed to do your character description on here..? I don't really care for one sometimes. I guess, if you want to do one, do it, and if you don't, just make sure you give some kind of description or visual of your character within your post(s).

    OKAY, respond away! :D
  2. Hello! I'm very interested pm me.
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  3. Bump! Always accepting! Most of the time lol