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  1. Hello! Thank you for taking the time to look this over!
    So, I've looked around a bit, but haven't quite found the people to help with my cravings (aside from a great friend of mine who I refuse to end up throwing all of my ideas his way...that's a bit too much, even for me.) So I've decided to attempt to look here again. :3
    I'm mainly craving fandoms, at the moment. They seem to be able to keep my attention longer because we get to twist the story, but if anyone has an idea for an original plot, I'm here to listen! If it's interesting, I'll definitely give it a shot.
    I'll roleplay F/M, M/M, or F/F. :3 Totally fine with all of that.
    I like AU's! Please feel free to suggest some!
    But on to the Fandom's and pairing's I'm craving:

    Blue Exorcist/Ao no Exorcist (Watched Season 1):

    Suguro "Bon" Ryuji/OC
    Suguro "Bon" Ryuji/Rin Okumura
    The Twins

    Supernatural (Only watched this up to Season 9):

    Dean Winchester/OC
    Dean Winchester/Castiel

    One Piece (Up to date on the Show):

    Trafalgar Law/OC
    Eustass Kid/OC


    Okay, so this is more for the chance of using it as an AU. :o I'd love to do a pokemon AU...or just a pokemon RP with original characters. I'd love it.

    Star Trek (Watched all the REBOOT Movies):

    Leonard "Bones" McCoy/OC
    McKirk ('s been a while since I've done a McKirk rp.)

    The Avengers:

    Bruce Banner/OC
    Bucky Barnes/OC
    Tony Start/Steve Rogers
    Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers

    Ed, Edd, and Eddy:


    Harry Potter (Watched all the the books a while back, but don't remember enough to go off of):

    Draco Malfoy/OC
    Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter

    Okay! That should do it in terms of pairing's.

    But for other things...I want to say that I do double. I prefer doubling because it gives our rp a balance, honestly. But I'm fine if you don't want to. If you not expect me to play a Canon character if you cannot do the same for me. I've been run over by people doing this and honestly all it does is tick me off and make me want to drop any possibility of us doing an rp together.
    I write Dialogue a bit oddly...I like to use color text for it. Kind of like this:

    Normal description of area. "Talking about random thingy in area." Goes over towards the thingy in area.

    Kind of like that...I promise my writing is better. x3

    The last thing I need to say is that yes, I do roleplay smut scenes, no I will not play a smut scene with anyone under the age of 18. And I also will not rp with anyone under the age of 18. I prefer roleplaying with people around my age...sorry guys.

    Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful day/night. :3 If you're interested send me a message over PM or just drop a line here. ​
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  2. I would do pokemon with you XD
  3. That sounds awesome to me! :3 For some reason I just want to do a pokemon themed sort of roleplay. Came up out of no where. x3 Send me a pm?
  4. *touches your face slowly and whispers* Yes
  5. *Pats your cheek* send me a PM hon. I'm sure we can work out an RP with both ships. ;3
  6. Still looking guys!! And I have a few more things to add:


    Purple Guy (Vincent Bishop) x OC
    Mike Shmidt x Foxy (THE CHARACTER)

    (I'm also open to other pairings! These two are just the two that I'm really craving. o3o)​
  7. Did someone say Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers? Because I am very much here for that
  8. Apologies for taking so long getting to you! I was throwing out trash. But yes, I'm okay with doing a Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers RP! You can send me a pm and we can discuss more, if you would like?
  9. Well I'm not much of a fandoms person but I have two AU's, one involves demon and Angels and the other involves mages)
  10. I'm down for something Pokemon-esque if you're still looking!
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