Be My Maid? (I Saved Private Ryan x wolfen_graal)

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  1. Name: Hiroki Toyotomi
    Gender/Sexuality: Male, gay, Uke
    Age: 15
    Personality: Normally, somewhat harsh and distant. When cross-dressing, becomes docile, timid, and feminine.
    History: Due to very bad fortune, Hiroki is made to work at a hotel run by some powerful people. They don't pay him much, just enough to live on, and give him free room and board. He can't find other work due to his age, and while working he is made to wear a female maid's uniform and pretend to be a girl by the name of "Yuki." He is mentally conditioned to this now, as he's been in this situation for three years.

  2. Name: Hikaru Ishii
    Gender/Sexuality: Male, seme, gay
    Age: 16
    Personality: Hikaru has a very happy-go-lucky attitude to people he knows, but around people he doesn't know that much he becomes shy and cold.
    History: Hikaru has always lived in the countryside with his mom and four sisters. Until, his mother scored a job in the city and they moved into the hotel. Because of his age, he's looking for a job near architecture, but he is just staying in school and trying to make it past third year. He's only lived in the hotel for a few months and always gets lost. Nothing exciting has happened in his life but he gets to be with his eccentric sisters that care for him, him being the youngest.
  3. Hiroki paused in his scrubbing of the bathroom to fix the frilly head piece, looking at himself critically in the mirror. Why the hell do they make me where this thing? he thought bitterly. It's not like it wearing it is what completes the look. I look like a woman with or without it, wearing this damned dress. He sighed, his voice in a feminine pitch as he resumed the cleaning. The frill on his head didn't serve any purpose, and that's what irked him. The dress was uniform, that much he understood and accepted. The shoes were to look nice while also being comfortable and easy to walk around in. But the head piece? It was just a frill on the head. It didn't even help to hold back his hair, he needed to buy bands for that himself.

    Finishing with the sink, Hiroki made to leave, pausing and giving a small, cute curtsy and smile to the guest in the room. The man nodded, eying him with obvious interest that made his stomach turn. Hiroki couldn't be rude, however, and simply gave a small, timid smile. As he made for the door, the man spoke, causing her to pause in the doorway. "What's your name, cutie? So I can give you a... proper tip."

    Hiroki suppressed a shudder. The man was large and fat, not to mention three times his age. Still, he would be punished severely if he was rude to a customer. With another curtsy at the man and a timid smile, he replied in the highest, most feminine voice he could muster. "M-my name is Yuki, sir. I-I do not have a last name." He smiled again, his eyes barely leaving the carpet as he backed out of the room, glad to be on to other duties.
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