Be Mine? (A Valentine's Day RP)

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  1. Be Mine.
    A Valentine's Day RP

    Day 1: Monday: 4 Days Until The Dance
    ~The first day of the new semester~

    The Snow is pouring down in fluffily buckets. Ice covers the road and people are slipping and sliding all over the place. Monday Morning at Jamerson Highschool is like any other monday morning, kids are cranky and basically everyone is a walking zombie. Over the P.A. Announcements are rambled off before the start of the day. The first annual valentine's day dance is being held on friday and everyone is either excited.. or dreading it. Can you get a date in time?

    :Chloe: Girl 1

    Chloe walked into school as the announcements rambled on and on and on in a boring tone. Chloe unlocked her locker and opened it as she unraveled her scarf from her neck and placed it on the hook. Looking over her shoulder to see a girl with a large teddy bear in her arms made the girl groan silently as she turned back to grab her binder and textbook. With a quick flick of her wrist she heard the locker slam shut and she turned quickly on her heels to get though the crowd hallway and to her first class.

    If there was one thing Chloe hated, it was being alone, single and alone, on valentine's day. Her boyfriend Jacob had dumped her just 2 weeks ago for some slut on the cheerleading team. She felt sick to her stomach as she watched the heart filled hallways fill up with happy couples. God was she the only sad bitter angry single one in this whole school?! Rolling her eyes she stopped at her classroom and opened the door before stepping inside. She walked over to her seat and sat down, tapping her manicured fingers against the desk as she waited for her friends. ​
  2. Naomi ~ Girl 3

    Naomi’s long wild tresses moved about her shoulders while walking into school. She held her head high, as if she could see no one, just to keep her tears hidden behind her eyes. Robbie took her to school every day. He always had. Even before they were officially ‘dating’ and she’d tried to make it clear they were going out on dates but not together. Robbie had pursued and pursued though, until she gave in and gave him a chance. After that had been a whirlwind of romance that tapered off into comfort and expectation. It had been a cozy relationship that no one had questioned the seriousness of for at least the last year, though they’d been together over 2 now. The thing was, Naomi had no idea what Robbie was doing lately. He never texted her. It wasn’t like she was a needy girlfriend either. She would text good morning every day, just like he used to, and then only if she had a question throughout the day. Like ‘Can we go out for Mexican later?’ and then never again until she saw him next. He used to text her several times a day, to the point she was constantly pulling out her phone and smiling. Anymore she just kept her phone on silent so she didn’t rush to grab it every time it vibrated, only for it to never be him.

    Sure, perhaps he’d just gotten tired on keeping up romance and communication, but the last week she knew he had been intentionally pulling from her. And she had no idea why. Picking fights about stupid things. Like when she had been messing with a lighter in his car. He had freaked out and screamed at her, commanding her to get out and walk home since she could use a work out. The escalation had her jaw dropping and her heart aching. Of course, the apology always followed. The wrapping of familiar arms around her that made her feel like he’d just had a hard day, and although he was indeed being a jerk, he would be his old self again soon. He’d even bought her a huge bouquet of flowers for her birthday in January, so she couldn’t really doubt him, could she?

    Think about it later… she mentally told herself, heart and mind clashing, overthinking, hurting and angry and unfulfilled in so many ways she could spend all day thinking about them. Instead she knew she needed to think about classes and studying. Right? Right. She sighed with false resolve and turned into her first class, bellbottom jeans wafting around her ankles. Her loose navy blouse looked easy yet chic and the thick leather cuff on her wrist was more of a statement like armor than jewelry. Her hazel eyes fell on an empty seat right up front nearest to the door, and she instantly sat down in it, books firmly set now on its top.
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  3. It had been a rather long day already, the clock ticking slower and slower as time progressed in that blasted classroom. Math was Christian's only good subject, but he hated it. It was the boredom that came with schoolwork. The endless sheet of questions, having to show all your work, not able to use common sense because then the teacher thinks you're cheating. Christian turned to the clock one more time, tapping the end of his pencil on the desk while smiling at the girl next to him - a brunette with sparkling eyes, sturdy thighs, and the overall body of an athlete. She had this flushed face after seeing Christian wink. The guy just teased her, but wasn't really interested as he continued to wait impatiently.

    Then the bell rang, releasing the class and giving the students three to five minutes to get to their next class. There weren't too many classes left for the day, but still, Christian didn't like the class that was coming up either. In addition, he had to go to work afterwards, a small and local public library that had barely and personnel. It was always awkward showing up to work because none of the people working there really liked Christian. They stereotyped him as the cliche bad boy of the town. Many people knew him and the type of person he had become. Some agree that it's because of the home he grew up in and the influence he obtained from his parents, but others have the impression that he did 'this' to himself. Because he's a grown man and makes his own decision. What does Christian believe? Well, he really doesn't know why he does some of the things he does, it just sometimes feels as though trouble finds him. But what does he really do? Well, that's a secret.

    So anyway, Christian walked through the hallway heading to his locker. He was done for the day and was going to skip school, so decided to put his stuff away. As he reached it, he turned the combination lock and pulled the switch to pull it open. Immediately, he threw his bag in there that carried a simple notebook, homework papers, and like two pencils. But before leaving, he was stopped in his tracks as a friend put his hand on the Christian's shoulder. "What's up man? You leaving?" the guy asked. His name was DeSean, a six foot two dark-skinned student who had known Christian for a while now. A lot of times, he would help Christian do some of his 'work' outside of his actual job and of school. He was loyal, so that's the reason Christian kept him around, but no other real reason.

    "I gotta handle something. You wanna tag along? It's gotta do with James. Dude was tailgating me yesterday after school. He thinks his Mustang is all that. But I'll show him what happens when you mess with a biker" Christian explained, chuckling a little as he knew how good retaliation felt. DeSean agreed to go with him, so both guys ended up skipping class. They went off the side exit. With so many students, nobody ever really suspected them leaving, though the teachers would obviously know when they didn't show up to note them present. It was going to be a long day for everyone.
  4. N A T A S H A - E V A N S

    With a hand pressed to the spot where her head throbbed most, Natasha downed a glass of water after rampaging through the containers in the kitchen for painkillers (quietly, so that she wouldn't wake anyone up) - all while rubbing soothing circles on her temples to ease the pain. She was slightly nauseated from being heavily inebriated last night, but mostly bitter and annoyed with herself. Why did she think it would be a pleasant idea to let loose and have more than she could normally hold? She knew her limits, knew what was enough to satisfy her thirst for distraction. Getting out of control certainly wasn't the plan, she already reminded herself that. She set boundaries and rules for herself, typically when it came to her drinking habits. Had she think through her choices before acting them out and actually consider the consequences that'll follow suit, chances were, she probably wouldn't be curled up in a pathetic ball, and regretting that last shot.

    What even happened?

    She could barely recall the events that occurred during her time at the party - was it even a party that she attended, or just another one of her lonesome nights - partly not caring about who she spent half the time with but worrying more instead about what she did. Thankfully, though, on the good side of all this mess, she could safely say that she hadn't woken up next to a stranger in her bed. That would've only cause her more problems. Problems she had no time to deal with.
    Her head still ached and her mind swirled in a haze. As much as she didn't want to leave her room and interact with other people who may only worsen her headache, the angry growl her stomach constantly made was hard to ignore. There was also the issue of having to show up to her first day of a new school on time. Ah. Perhaps that was one of the few reasons why she decided to tempt herself. She had yet to step into the Jamerson High and she was already stressing over school. How typical. ". . . ." Reluctantly getting up to her feet and holding onto whatever within arm's reach, she glanced around in search for a quick breakfast. What she found to be a box of strawberry flavored Pop-Tarts and a glass of orange juice was all that she ate, and left some for Charity, in case she was hungry, too.

    After cleaning up and taking a hot shower, Natasha felt better. Not so much as she would've been if she were still resting in bed, but it was enough to keep her from hissing and wanting to stab herself on the foot so often. She dressed herself warmly for the frigid weather, grabbing a fur coat and the scarf lent to her by Charity's mother. Once finished with her morning routine, Natasha quietly left home first without waking her cousin up to give the younger female more time to sleep. They'd just have to meet up later on in the day.
    A cool sigh escaped her, the corners of her lips turning to a thin line. She trudged along the pavement, keeping a steady pace and taking her time. There was really no reason to rush when she had nobody waiting for her arrival. By the time she did reach the building, however, classes were just about to begin and she nearly had the urge to turn back to run away when she finally caught sight of the horde of students in the halls. She bit into the bottom of her lips, debating.
    Maybe she should've woken Charity up, and dragged her to school instead of leaving alone.
    Too late now.
  5. Daniel Miles // Lilydale // Boy 1
    Daniel was in the library reading for pleasure. No not some books about a hero fighting a dragon or even a book about high school romance. Daniel was reading a pre-calculus book and seeing how fast he could calculate various problems in his head. It was a delightful past time for him, as he had finished all of his homework during his rapidly ending study hall.

    He'd always thought it was kind of weird to have a study hall as first period. I mean, who did that? Free time before even learning anything? Daniel supposed this was some administrators way of being kind to the people who had partied so hard the other night that they hadn't even cracked open a book. It was a nice sentiment. But Daniel didn't like it. He didn't need any free time like this. He wanted to be in class learning new things, not lounging around in the library solving problems like a walk in the park!

    Finally the bell rang and Daniel practically rocketed out of his seat and made a bee line for the door, placing the calculus book on the check in counter as he left. He couldn't wait for his next class, AP Word Literature. He hoped he had a 'hard ass' who instead of filling the first day with ice breakers and round robin readings of the syllabus and class materials, would instead start teaching immediately and assigning homework.

    Entering class, Daniel slid into the third seat in the third row. It's not that he had anything against the first two rows, but, the first row almost guaranteed a spit shower if the teacher was someone who held copious amounts of saliva in their mouth. And the second row might prove a vice if he had to crane his neck back to see the presentation screen.

    So he settled in the third row, a happy medium.

  6. Charity groaned, as she could feel the light on her face, and knew she should get up. Unfortunately, she had spent the previous night teaching herself how to knit, and had been up until 1:00 am before passing out in a pool of yarn. Rolling out of bed, she noticed the strange quiet, and looking down at the clock she swore and jumped out of bed, running about her room, pulling on random clothes. "Crap," she muttered, "Natasha better be on her way to school, or I'll kill her." Charity ran down stairs to find some food out, and shoving it in her mouth, ran out the door with her hair in a messy ponytail and untied converse. She was supposed to have gotten to school early to work on an etching, but she wasn't even sure she would make it at this point.
    "Dammit Natasha, least you could have done is wake me up! Probably too hungover to remember though," she muttered, sprinting down the asphalt walkway, doing her best to avoid other late risers.
    When Charity finally made it to school, she had almost no time before the bell rang, so she sprinted through the halls, knocking over a person or two, before calmly walking into class just barely on time, and sliding into her seat in the back with her sketchbook on her lap.
  7. Kaitlynn Ann Cloud Girl #5

    With the last strum of the guitar, Kaitlynn's practice was over, and it was time to go to class. She doesn't have any performances soon, but she was practicing so she doesn't lose her touch.

    Kaitlynn sat the guitar on the stand next to her, and headed towards the teacher that allows her to practice in the mornings. "Thanks, Mr.Johnson. I apperciate it again." She told the music teacher as she was leaving. "No problem, Ann. Anything for a future star" Mr.Johnson replied as she left. Mr. Johnson always called her Ann, but she never knew why.

    Kaitlynn exited through the double doors that connected the music room to the hallway and left to go to her first period.
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