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  1. Audra ran a hand through her curly locks as she set the very last of many boxes down on the table in her flat. "All done for now," She sighed softly, turning to look in her mirror. She had black curly hair that was somehow laid flat naturally. It reminded her of the few memories she had of her mother. She had a few blood red streaks in her hair that made strange contrast with her naturally dark hair, something that she liked to have. It was much more fun having a little color mixed in, rather than just all plain and boring. Her pale skin was riddled with light freckles on her cheeks and over the bridge of her small, rounded nose, which created a nearly flawless face and worked beautifully with her deep blue colored eyes. She was short, only around five foot seven inches, and with her larger than average chest and hips, it created an attractive woman only in her late twenties. She yawned slightly, going to grab her jacket. She'd have to nap later. It was so different here, in London, than her home back in the Midwest. It was a good different, but the gloomy weather of today and the previous night was tiring her out even more. She was hungry, and had an appointment with someone for lunch, whom, she couldn't remember the name to. All she remembered was it started with the letter 'M'.

    John pulled on his shirt, buttoning it up before walking out of his room. He looked around for Sherlock, who, surprisingly, wasn't in the kitchen dissecting some poor louse for what Sherlock called 'research' or an 'experiment'. Lestrade had called them nearly half an house ago to help on a confusing case, something about a serial killer. He sat down on the couch, tying on his shoes and looking towards Sherlock's room. He sighed loudly. "Sherlock, Lestrade called you nearly half an hour ago. You need this case," He called into the flat as he went to put on his jacket. "Besides, I have a date later, and I'd really rather not be late," he mumbled to himself, sighing softly and shaking his head subtly.
  2. Sherlock shuffled out of his bedroom, adjusting his shirt collar and poking at his mobile. "Yes, I'm looking at the information he sent me right now. Four murders, little to no evidence, we should be finished with this one in a matter of hours, leaving plenty of time for you to get to your date. Would this be with the loud one or the boring one?"
    After opening the refridgerator to be sure no one disturbed the jar of eyballs he had stored in there (no one had) Sherlod made for the door, taking his coat and scarf off the arm of the sofa, pulling the coat on as he opened the door. "Latest crime scene is only minutes away by cab," he informed John, knotting his scarf around his neck as he stepped out of the flat.
  3. John followed after Sherlock as they left the apartment. "Have you even heard of this case? I haven't seen it on the tellie," He said, shutting the door behind himself. He sighed as Sherlock asked of the woman who he'd been dating. "I don't know what you're talking about. Julie isn't either of them. She's a nice lady," he said, glancing down at his feet, not seeing the woman come up from 221C and walk straight into Sherlock by, most likely accident.

    Audra hadn't really been watching where she was walking as she stepped out of her flat. When she walked into the tall man, she looked up. "Sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going," she said softly.
  4. "Obviously." Sherlock replied condescendingly, looking the woman over. American; Midwestern, according to her accent. Immigrated recently - she still walked on the right sides of hallways, which meant that she wasn't yet used to concept of driving (and walking) on the left yet. Sherlock estimated her arrival at no more than a month ago. Casting his eyes down to her hands, he noticed the indent and lighter skin color on her left ring finger; this woman had been engaged, and recently called it off. That could be the reason for her relocation.
    "Did you leave them," Sherlock inquired, "or did they leave you?"
  5. Audra was slightly taken a back when the man commented on her saying that she hadn't been looking where she was going. She nearly said something, but he interupted her with a question. "He left me," She said, sighing softly, "But, now, that's none of your business, is it?" She said sarcastically, deciding to fight fire with fire. If he wasn't one of her neighbors, and he'd said that to her, she'd normally slap him so hard that his cheek bones would've been concave.

    John raised his eyebrows slightly at the woman's sarcastic comment. It wasn't usually that someone could out-sarcasm Sherlock, but he could see this woman easily doing that. He decided to speak in the silence that took over the hallway after the woman was done speaking. "Hello, I'm John, John Watson. Nice to meet you," He said, holding his hand out to shake.

    Audra shook his hand. "I'm Audra Weston," She said after a quick moment.
  6. Not bothering to introduce himself to the woman - there waws really no reason at this juncture - Sherlock turned to John. "We should be going, if we wish to have this case closed in time to get you to your date. Besides, judging by what she's wearing, we're obviously keeping Ms. Weston from a date of her own."
    Without another word, Sherlock turned and started down the stairs.
  7. John blinked a few times at Sherlock's comments. Sure, he was used to the detective's habits of being rude in front of people, but it still always appalled him on how Sherlock could still manage to do so. He surmised that Sherlock somewhat enjoyed being rude, even without meaning to do so. He nodded as an apology to their new neighbor. He'd probably ask Mrs. Hudson to have a chat with her about Sherlock's habits. "Yeah, I guess we should be off," He said to Sherlock.
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