BB Codes Make No Sense

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  1. I've seen users do some pretty slick formatting around here, but it seems the Help section on the topic is a bit... unloved.

    For one, how does Imga work? Does it go around the inserted picture file or around the text?

    I think I represent Coding Newbies everywhere when I say...
    This makes no sense!
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  2. Well, you know... imga tag would prolly make lots more sense if we didn't forget to put the example code in. O______O I'll see about fixing that today!

    It goes like this:

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  3. Ah~!
    Thanks, Diana!

    Alright, here's a new one for you:

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  4. o___o What is that jumble of nonsense!
  5. Every time I attempt a simple code, it multiplies by... four?
    It is quite irritating.

    Do I blame Internet Explorer? (Don't judge me >:I)

    If you want to see it in action, my character sheet in Corrupted Innocence is a great example T.T
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  6. Ah, I think there was a conflict where bbcodes were closing out of order and messing up the SOLID command. So the command kept thinking the solid hadn't been closed, then auto-added the closed tag, just in the wrong place and then... bazzam. bbcode traffic jam. o___o

    Also: You can't put any bbcodes or attach inside the imga tags, it has to be an url!
  7. So would using a different border type work, or is it the same for all of them?
  8. Border works fine, just make sure you don't do something like

    [font=Tahoma][solid=purple]tex tex t ext text[/font][/solid]

    Imagine the box like an actual box. You can put the opening and closing tags outside of it, and you can put the opening and closing tags inside of it. But if you put one outside and one inside, it's going to mess up the code!

    They have to look like:

    [solid=purple][font=Tahoma]tex tex t ext text[/font][/solid]


    [font=Tahoma][solid=purple]tex tex t ext text[/solid][/font]
  9. I did that? Coulda sworn...
    Huh. I'll try to be more careful in the future!
  10. If you use the auto text editor, sometimes it messes things up. D: Always good to type out bbcodes by hand. >:3
  11. I thought I'd done that, too... :/
    Alright, lemme try it again:

    Do I know what I'm doing yet?

    Maybe Fate is trying to tell me something.

    -double edit-
    Ah ---- I made it worse!
    Report: Changing the Font Size and/or Type through the top menu makes Solid go nuts. The image... Well, that was nuts to begin with.
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  12. Yeah, it looks like the menu keeps adding in the font and styling tags where they are not supposed to be. o_o

    ANd in this case the imga tag is broken cause there's an URL tag around your image link. XD
  13. There is? Where? D:
    Am I blind?

    -bangs head on keyboard-
  14. If you haven't done so already, you really should get the Auto Text Editor disabled on your profile. Because that fucking thing just loves to play home-wrecker on the BBcode you've just spent five minutes typing up.
  15. I've had some experiences with BB codes, and the only way for me to really make sure that it works is to test it out. Could there be a code testing thread? I was thinking about makin' myself a fancy BB table like I did in my previous roleplay forums...*sniffs* all dead now, may they rest in peace. So could we have a sticky code testing thread? I was thinking about making a tutorial on how to make tables.
  16. The coding here is a bit different, actually. The tables don't work out quite the same as they usually do in the other forums. Here's the table code:

    text goes here.
  17. [atrb=cellSpacing,0,true][atrb=cellPadding,0,false][atrb=border,0,true][atrb=width,450,true][​IMG]

    Alright, have I finally fixed it? I disabled Rich text Editor, which is what I'm assuming you're talking about.


    The little knight Koene lets out an obscure string of curses before collapsing on the ground. She whimpers softly as she buries her head in the dirt, accompanied by a series of squeaks from her melancholy suit of armor. Over and over, a single word is uttered: "Why... Why... Why..."
  18. Make sure you're using the right Editor (the A/A) button in the top right corner). You want to use the BB Code Editor for that, not the default one (Rich Text).
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  19. Oh, and that code didn't have any images in it. I need to put in the background url, and the header and footer images.

  20. I'm just going to keep spamming this thread until something works.

    Oh. Hey. It works.

    Thanks, everybody! Have a bunny! :D