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    The Plot
    California. Commonly known for the beach, the sun, and the surf. Maybe even Los Angeles and Hollywood comes to mind. When you think of California, you probably don't think of this place; Bayland. You might think about San Francisco Bay or Los Angeles, but not this place; our place.

    Welcome to Bayland, California.

    The city is home to hot surfers; who will probably work at your local store, so you do get some eye candy at somewhere other than the beach. Geeky college students who are trying to pay themselves through college. Bored housewives with an edge. Let's not forget the stinking rich who parade their wealth by regularly hosting elegant dinner parties with all their snobby friends.

    There's so many different personalities in Bayland.

    Who are you? Are you rich, glamorous and divine? Or are you poorer, working night and day for those precious bucks? Can you handle the secrets? The scandals? The betrayal? Can you make it through your life in Bayland? Who will you become along the way?

    Choose your path wisely. Your reputation depends on it.


    Please make this application look a little bit fancy, I don't like boring. 400+ words please.
    Name; [FULL]
    Age; please write this in words
    Occupation; [anything you can think of but make sure that it fits your class. Refer to cast list if you would like co-workers, If you're taking a job that hasn't got a building in Bayland already (for example a tattooist would need a tattoo parlour) then please state the name of your business]

    Housing Claim; [refer to cast list and make up a house/flat number!]
    Class; [refer to cast list]
    Relationship status;
    Living with?: [Link to character(s)]
    Family; [If relevant, can be NPCS]
    Car; [If the right age and make it fit the class]

    • Make at least one character of each gender to make it even.
    • IC Drama is encouraged, any drama OOC is not allowed and you will be
    • No Mary /Gary Sue's
    • If you decide to be one of the a-listers you are not allowed to be more famous than another a-lister.
    • Be realistic
    • No God-modding,
    • Posting speed should be at least everyday or before 3 days, unless you have spoken to me.
    • Posting expectation is at least 4-5 sentences, unless you are making small talk. Please use accurate
    • Please don't use anime images, please use real people with face claims!
    • When posting IC, always state where you are in Bayland to avoid confusion.
    • Everyone must have a class. Jobs and houses aren't compulsory as you may be homeless, unemployed or too young to get a job.

    » m i s s f o r t u n e

    The a-listers are your big buck earners, the celebrities. When you see them around town, they will most likely be guarded by security, however this is not always true, or be trailing some paparazzi. This is the highest class you can go. Everyone wants to be an a-lister, everyone is interested in what they're doing, everyone wants to be in their social circle, but only a select few are. They are constantly seen around Bayland. These people usually own a well-known business, are famous for their talents. Members of this class are usually put on a really high pedestal and given what they want. To be a part of the A-lister class you must either be famous or have a relative that's famous. (Please remember that your character can't be extremely famous, and no character is more famous that the other)

    Upper Class;
    The Upper Class are the people in Bayland that aren't quite A-listers but they have just enough money to be called rich. These are your typical rich class, being part of a five star social club, hosting dinner parties that all the middle class dream of being invited to. To be a part of the Upper Class you must possess a large sum of money.

    Middle Class;
    This class is usually where most average earning families with a nice house and two cars tend to be. Middle Class is where you mostly find your bored housewives and your classic 'perfect' family.
    When you are part of the middle class you earn an average amount of money a year, usually just enough to keep your household running with a little extra money on the side for those treats. You will generally have a tough job, maybe sometimes two depending on your lifestyle choices.

    Lower Class;
    The Lower Class, are born survivors of a city. They generally face uncomfortable living conditions. Their homes are nothing to be proud of, however due to their jobs they can't afford anything better. As for transportation, they normally can be seen within a city bus, not minding what others think of them. At times, these people have two jobs, which is to try to help them get back upon their feet and out into society again. That does not mean any of these people gain any respect from those of higher class. Although the Middle Class treats them well, to the A-lister and Upper Class, they are usually nothing but the scum upon their shoes. Many of them hope that one day there will be some sort of glory placed upon their name.





    Middles Class:

    » Margaret Marshals
    » Andrew Marshals
    » Marie-anne Marshals
    » Katherine Marshals



    Character into's:
    » Margaret Marshals || forty || middle class || female || aromantic heterosexual || stay @ home mother || married
    » Andrew Marshals || forty ||
    middle class || male || gray romantic heterosexual || mixologist @ supernova & waiter @ adam's ocean grill || married
    » Marie-anne Marshals || nineteen || middle class || female || demiromantic heterosexual || barista @ neo café & student @ friar park college || single
    » Katherine Marshals || ten || middle class || undecided || student @ orchard lake elementary || single

    Housing Claims
    The place you decide to live will depend on your class.

    Bumble Springs; A-listers, Upper class
    - [House number and list of people living there]
    Orchard Lake Estate; A-listers, Upper class

    Friar Park Subdivisions; A-listers, Upper class, Middle Class
    Gold Dale Horizons; A-listers, Upper class, Middle Class
    - No.1 Marshals Family;
    Margaret ~ 40
    Andrew ~ 40
    Marie ~ 19
    Katherine ~ 10
    Doubleton Flats; Middle Class, Lower Class
    Gargetown Slums/ trailer park; Lower Class

    Job Claims
    Nearly everyone is going to be holding down some kind of job. There may even be an unlucky group who are holding down two or three. Here is where all those citizens and the employment they've chosen are sorted out. Jobs are a great way for characters to get to know each other.

    Service & Retail:



    » Barista @ Neo Cafe ~ Marie-anne Marshals
    » Mixologist @ Supernova ~ Andrew Marshals
    » Waiter @ Adam's Ocean Grill ~ Andrew Marshals

    Miscellaneous, this is the category where I can put any suggested jobs:

    » Stay @ home mother ~ Margaret Coleman



    » Student @ friar park college ~ Marie-anne Marshals
    » Student @ Orchard Lake Elementary ~ Katherine Marshals

    There can be more than one of the same job. Please note that any jobs that aren't taken in the city will be NPC's.
    Places to go
    Please indicate where you are in all in character posts.
    Ocean front;
    Manta Beach
    Adam's Ocean Grill - moderate price
    Paradise Pier

    Dining & Shopping;
    Beatrix Grand Hall, where most upper class events are held
    Meadow Hall Shopping District

    Simpson Supermarkets
    Crimson Fence Restaurant - expensive
    The Mad Chimney Bar - moderate price
    Neo Cafe (like starbucks) - moderate price
    Trixy's Diner - cheap

    Sweet Downtown Bowling
    Everyman Cinema

    Saxton Arcades
    Friar Park Indoor and Outdoor swimming

    Sweeny Joes Golf Club - Upperclass

    Bar Adonis - Upper Class night bar
    Supernova - nightclub for all classes
    Realm Bar - cheap affordable drinks with okay entertainment, usually lower class and middle class go there

    Friar Park College
    Friar Park High school
    Gold Dale Middle School
    Orchard Lake Elementary
    Saxton Preschool


    Outside Bayland

    Los Angeles

    Anywhere Else

    Welcome to Bayland, a fictional ocean side city in California.
    Please use this thread for questions about signs ups and general OOC chats,to go to the
    Sign Up's please press the hyperlink below... thanks. Any CS that appear here will be deleted.

    BayLand Signs Ups |
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  8. I would love to reserve an upper class and a middle class!

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