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  1. DICE announced their next Battlefield, the setting is World War One. From horses to the wodden airplanes, this Battlefield will contain some of the largest and "most dynamic battles in FPS history" and will include battles on land, in the air, and in the sea. If you want to see the blog post, here it is.

    What do you think of DICE going back in time from the modern warfare? Are you interested in this game? Do you think it's a refresher from the futuristic shooters (like Call of Duty and Halo)? Do you think that this game will serve as the rebirth of World Wars (1 & 2) shooters? Do you think there's going to be more games set in the World Wars in the near future?

    Also, people are posting #RIPCOD all over Twitter as a response to the trailer being released. And I find some of the tweets funny.

    As for me, I am finally happy that there's a World War 1 shooter. Many people are, of course, upset that the game doesn't take place in World War 2. However, I think that this is the chance that people will finally get interested about the First World War. Also, I think that DICE's next Battlefield will take place in World War 2 (if this game makes tons of money for EA).
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  2. Ever hear of Verdun? Hella awesome WW1 game that needs love.
  3. Can't wait to play as a courier for one game and forever harbor a grudge against the other teams.
  4. Holy shit, I'm so incredibly excited for this game.
    DICE is giving to us what the developers of Call of Duty have refused to give us for years, and I haven't been this hyped for a game since Batman: Arkham Knight.
  5. Also, ugh, the wub wub Seven Nation army song needs to die in a mustard gas attack.
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  6. *See's there's no shown Gameplay*
    *Looks back at Dice's flop with Battlefront*

    I ain't holding my breath.
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