Battle of the Demi-Gods

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  1. After discovering who they truly are, these young demigods must do everything thing they can to protect the world they live in! ((Sorry everyone this RP is filled. I already have enough people for this RP))
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  2. ((how do one join is there an OOC somewhere))
  3. (You can jump in whenever you want XD)
  4. «ok i will jump in tomorrow becuse i don't know what god i wnt s a father r mother»
  5. ((Lol ok :P))
  6. «i hades dather now let me go se if i spelled that right »
  7. «turned 16 what time period is this rp in»
  8. ((I have no idea. I assumed it was the present time.))
  9. «wht are you taking about»
  10. ((Grimm, you need to tell us who you are talking to because I don't know if it's me or Eli.))
  11. ((Yeah who were you talking to? XD))
  12. ((5 pages!?!?!? I only left for a few hours!!!))
  13. ((HAHA! Sorry man! XD))
  14. ((Lolol np haha I'll join back in once I get back home to my comp.))
  15. you guys po to fast»
  16. ((Haha sorry XP. I am a fast typer XD))
  17. «OoO you guys dont know what a kobo is then what my friend all ways tells me google it»
  18. ((I already Googled it and put it in my post above. It's an eReader.))
  19. think ff him goning on myunculls computer tommorrow and thatis what hedes looks like noread manga called Aries look it up it greek mytholeg in manga»
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  20. one thing to ask can we keep it G please lol XD»
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.