Battle of the Crown.

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  1. An old man sits on a chair, a boy on his knee. They are in an old tavern in a shipping town called Drakes Peak. The fire burns in the hearth, causing the shadows to dance on the wall. The only other person in the room would be the tavern's waitress, who is finishing up her duties for the night. The boy looks into the mans face and asks excitedly.

    "Grampa! Can you tell me again about the Drake's Treasure?!" The man laughs, "I must have told you that story a dozen times by now." He sighs and takes a sip of his ale. He leans back in his chair and begins...
    "Two hundred years ago, in the year of our Lord 1456, there was a Pirate, feared by all who traveled the seas. His real name was Gerard Drake, that's were our home got it's name from. But he was known far and wide as the Bloody Dragon the Pirate King. His ship was painted blood red from sails to hull and on its main flag was the Jolly Roger, white on black, with a red dragon gripping the skull. He was the most bloody and profitable of any pirates that ever sailed the seas. He took on great merchant ships, the navy and even other pirates, to get their treasures and killing almost every one on board. Many people both pirates and Navy alike searched out the Dragon, to kill him and enact their revenge and to get at his treasure. For one man who barely escaped an attack from the Dragon with his life, escaped with a story."The elderly man continued his story as the young boy's eyes lite with excitement.
    " The Dragon had a compass that pointed the way to a hidden island where, according to the man, he stored all his treasure. Unfortunately, no one is sure whether the Island exists or not. To the Pirates and Navy seeking revenge however, this did not matter, it was just another reason to kill the Dragon. And so the Commander of the Navy and The King of Pirates made a deal.They would join forces and destroy the Dragon, splitting up the treasure between themselves and each taking turns torturing him."Stopping to cough for a moment he stared down at his grand son,he was bobbing on his small knees with joy as the story had been told on, Ah.. the young always so excited by their favorite tales. He again resumed on seeing that his young one was getting slightly edgy with his pause." The entire force of Pirates and Navy sailed the seas looking for the Dragon. And one night in early August, they found him. He was taking provisions in a small island town, this very town in fact. When the two fleets got the word, they surrounded the town and began to fire volley after volley of cannon fire into it. They decided that a few casualties in order to catch the Dragon would be fine later, once they decided they had shot enough of the cannons they ordered their men to go and search the town for the Dragon. They searched for three days and three nights going over every inch of the rubble, searching for the Dragon. But the only trace of him they found were his men, killed by the attack and a note. The note was nailed to the tavern wall, and somehow escaped the destruction. On it was written a challenge from the Bloody Dragon."The bouncing little boy squealed in delight."Go on Grampa tell me what it said!"The elder chuckled at him and leaned over to pat his head."Why don't you repeat the note with me since you as well as I know it so well."He requested, the young boy nodded his head and began as his grand father did.
    "I have sailed the seas for years and have taken my fill of blood and treasure,

    I have decided that my time has ended, and a new generation of pirates shall take my place.
    So to these new Scourges of the Sea, I say this.
    Upon the Dragons Head Sits the Crown of Iron and the Gems of Stone,
    The Dragon Stones give power and,
    the Dragons Crown will lead you to the Gold Island.
    Those of you who search for this Dragon's Crown, I call you my children
    And when you find this Island of Gold you shall have your inheritance,
    and the title that was foolishly taken by a man who does not deserve it and will soon relinquish it. It is the title you will have earned the title of
    The Pirate King."

    The old man marveled at his grandsons memory,
    "You sure now you stuff don't you lad?" With those few words he yet again resumed his story.
    "The Soaring Giant, who had taken the Title of Pirate King was furious and ordered his men to never speak of the Dragon's Challenge but he could not stop them nor their greed, soon word of the Dragon's challenge spread, and the King got wind of it.He wanted it, he thought maybe being King of the Pirates would do him and his homeland some good.He sent his navy and many pirates he promised to split the treasures with to search in vain for the Dragon's Crown. However, the action caused an all out war with the Navy and the Pirates. The pirates ideals consisted of only their kind being Kings of the sea, and the Navy thought that them having the Dragon's Crown would bring a stop to some of the smuggling and raiding of villages that the Pirates were conducting. The title of Pirate King has changed hands many times since that day, proving the Dragon right. And many people still go out and search for the Dragon's Crown, and the path to the greatest treasure the world has ever seen."
    It has been two hundred years since the Bloody Dragon issued his challenge. For years people searched and for some time that search has slowed. Lately though the search for the Treasure has increased at an shocking rate due to a new and young kings curiosity to have the crown and the pirates at the sway of his hand, and another reason for this are the Dragon stones. Mystical stones brought from a distant land farther over the sea that anyone has been before. These stones give the owner amazing abilities as the tale of those go any way. The name Dragon Stone was given in the other country but many of the Pirates and Men believe that this is a sign that the Dragon's treasure is soon to be found. A race to acquire the stones began and soon the limited supply of stones were snatched up some were by some band of pirates who worked for the Young King, however along the way back to the King the stones where taken and scattered. Either way a new power had tipped the balance of the world, and all of it was now centered on the Dragon's treasure yet again.
    The Dragon Stones:
    Seven Stones must be found in order to obtain treasure beyond ones dream and the title that would determine who was worthy enough to have it.But with the army in the way and the pirates who obtained the stones on the loose fighting among them selves over the stones who will be victorious which crew and Captain will obtain glory and Fame or Infamy?Whoever it may be ,only they can weave the tail of the new Pirate King...and break through the thresh of Greed or Honor.
    Lunacy: A stone with the powers of madness. The user becomes less intelligent and humane as a human but oddly their perception speech, and combat skills increase at night.
    Loss: A stone with the power of monotony: the users loses all emotion which grants greater intelligence and rationality but makes them lose their humanity and purpose which means they don't see a right or wrong and don't have aspirations.
    Ferocity: A stone with the powers of the animal. The user may become any animal or use the abilities or appendages of the animal. The user becomes highly instinctual and therefore have much quicker reflexes and greater perception but also makes them more primal meaning they're intelligence,speech skills,humanity,charisma,and rationality.
    Discord: A stone with the powers of chaos. The user of this loses what humanity they had and only brings destruction to anyone or thing they cross paths with. This stone grants immeasurable power but it is only destructive and calamity causing. The power is under the users control but also unleashes itself at random. The user of this stone will eventually be their own undoing.
    Greed: One of the seven sins and most effective of the stones. The owner will do anything and that means anything (May gain super human abilities) to attain goals. the user loses some humanity when goals are in reach (ex: they'll shoot their girlfriend for a thousand bucks). They'll be horribly affected if they cannot reach their goals and may some times result in death.
    Responsibility: gives the user godly powers but may only use them to protect people. SHARPLY increases the person's humanity and no longer allows them to kill without it being purely for protection and even then it has serious adverse affects on the person who is absolutely pure. The person may become seriously ill or even die.
    Persuasion: This stone is the most clever and manipulative, it give the user the ability to call out an order and have it done by any means necessary. This can kill a person's will permanently, and the user will loose their natural charm in the process, they will become unlikable in a sense.
    Towns,Cities and Islands:

    Drakes Peak:

    A town where the legend of The Bloody Dragon originated and where all the late night entertainment can be found. Women and men alike have made this place the center of entertainment, the greatest and the worst of pirates have been here weather it be chasing skirts, looking for information or looking for a break. This is a place where everyone is always looking for a piece of the action. Captains with ships look for crewmen or extra hands, or Navy men come looking for their bounty.
    Flenaris: This city belongs to the naval Armada and is not really a place of entertainment for pirates but a place of supply, being as their are black smiths, ship repairers , doctors, and a list of infamous Pirates that must be caught and hung. Also the Young King is here in safety ,as he stands behind his army awaiting those he hired to bring him the Crown of Iron. Only to reward his most loyal pirates and military men the gold of their dreams.
    Velconia : A small fishing Island which can be said is home to most of the men and women who sail the seas, and sometimes it's a good place to hide thanks to the dangerous and mysterious forest that lay behind the little village. Coming here many have discovered things they should know whether it be by man or beast is a mystery.
    Gold Island: Where the ultimate treasures reside, the home of glory and fame for any man , be it Pirate or Navy man, who can get to it. This places location is not easily found and cannot be unless lead by the Dragon stones, only the bearer's can hear the calling of the Island, but what awaits them is far more than just gold and power. Gold Island is said to have been a dangerous Island , that there are creature that reside there who are ready to kill and artifacts that would catch the eye of man and turn them away from their task at hand. It is either their undoing or it could be their most amazing discovery. Though is a long ago rumor that was started by the Bloody Dragon's crew members. The lines of truth and false , reality and dreams, life and death are blurred here, so treed carefully.
    The regular Rules and Regulations of VT.
    On the subject of Captains and Crews. Crews can be played out by the owner of the ship and or another player, they would be considered general members of your crew. Because men and women have a natural nature of greed in some form or way, betraying your captain and captain betraying you is normal and much welcomed. any thing goes for gold.
    Navy men can have any kind of reaction, though they are devoted to their King , some may or may not be seeing as they too can become a King of pirates and have stacks of gold all to themselves.
    Characters can consist of Navy men, Pirates , or just a bystander looking for a way out of their boring lives.
    The stones are to be found in different areas and seeing as their are seven of them very few people will start off with them three will be bounced out and the rest will have to be found. When and where you find it is up to you.
    The stones are an invitation and you do not need more than one to find your way to Gold Island. You only need one. If another player is in your crew they can just as easily hitch a ride and follow along.
    This is open to imagination of others so twists and surprises are welcomed from any angle.
    No one liners because it drives people and me crazy! I expect basic Grammar and Punctuation.
    This can become [M] depends.
    Character Skeleton :

    Brief History:
    Stone: [If one, pm me and I'll give the okay for it.]
    Ship name: [Only for Captains and Navy Generals.]

    My Characters
    Show Spoiler
    Show Spoiler

    Name: Corett Salvette Drake

    Appearance:Jet black hair cascades around her head and hazel eyes adorn her features
    Brief History: Sailed the seas since a child, coming from a long line of the Drake family, in which she shares a relation to the Bloody Dragon from years ago. She is the tamer of the sea and the captain of her own ship named Sapphire Raven. Back when she was younger , living in Drakes Peak when it was being raided she caught caught up in all the chaos , while running for safety leaving her brothers and sisters she hid upon a ship, Sanguine Waters. A ship known for the ruthless crew and a fierce captain. After a day of hiding she had not known they sailed out, when they found her she found the captain was far from fierce , he was a guy no older than she around 20, young for a Captain. But he ran his crew like a leader and they had no problem listening to him with all the galleon he was bringing in. Too late to turn back he put her to work, and she was quick to learn also the best damn crew mate he had. She became the first mate of his ship , though it all ended quickly with one mistake. Another ship blasted them out of the water, the name was hard to recall, the memory was blurred all she could remember was that the crew and captain of her ship was massacred. Now supplied with her own ship and crew she is known as a deadly foe in the seas, no remorse is felt when she slices open the throat of man or woman, no second thoughts to the consequences she may face, she is above all ruthless and wild but she plots and cons. She is the greatest thief by far.
    Stone: Discord
    Ship name: Sapphire Raven
    Name: Ratlhier Fenro Bastille
    Alias: None
    Appearance: Instead of red his hair is dark chestnut brown and his eyes are emerald green
    Role: Civilian
    Brief History: The Bastille family was known for being extremely formal and taught manners as a part of education. Ralthier took many of his classes very seriously, though he was best in sword fighting. Being the only child he was naturally the heir of everything though his father had unsettle debts and when he passed Ralthier was only a child and ended being taken in by an old man who told him many stories of the great Bloody Dragon and the Crown. The Old man had run an in Called Crying Sailor and after his pass the Young Bastille Boy was back out on the streets only to be raised by whores. He was practically brought up with the harsh reality of life tailing him at every step, he charmed and swooned many.No fruit could satisfy the forbidden lips that many have kissed. With a smile, he deflowers another rose he plucks from the garden and pulls another fruit from the bushel. The delicious juices of many aching hearts so dazzled by his silver-tongue fill his mouth but his hunger still craves for more. With beautiful words, he’ll promise a grand tomorrow but take everything left to offer others with purer hearts that could have been another's. When most wake to the morning light to reveal the tragedy he had left you to face, plenty have been blinded by the light as their eyes cloud with tears he’ll lick off their cheeks before he leaves with no promises of anymore tomorrows. Ralthier will lie and deceive, give anyone any title they desire but all many find in his promises are beautiful words as he whispers them again to another ear and steals another heart. Bastille known by all and they've heard whispers of warnings but even after the stories of sufferings people heard, they never heeded once he motions them to come. They all learn a harsh lesson but once the taste of his lips fills theirs, they become addicted to the taste and come back for more heartache, like he knew they would. A true devil in disguise but what use is a devil once his charms and tricks are known to all and just empty promises?Not prone to give himself away easily, he stays in the back of the room, behind the scene, under the curtain and lets other people steal the spotlight. He was the man of deception who longed for a way out into the sea. Though Ralthier has stopped trying to play the forever whoring man and has begun to see openings appear before him.
    Stone: None
    Ship name: None

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  2. I so want in on this. Give me a bit and I'll write up a character sheet.
  3. Name: Azyx Wright
    Alias: Bloodstone
    Appearance: Brown spiky hair that seems almost perfectly fashioned with hair product, yet it's completely natural. His hues are a deep emerald green, highlighted by a young, boyish face. (Image inserted below)
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Role: Captain
    Brief history: As a wee lad, Azyx knew nothing of the ferocity of the sea. By blood, he was merely a common son of a naval patriot, though his father was never one to talk about his expeditions. His mother knew better than to even breathe a word about her husbands work. Why? The town they lived in was in quite a different strife... A rebellion against the government itself. Azyx' father was no spy. Moreover, living in the town and being apart of the military was no easy task. The town have home to happy people, that had to be granted. Many friends were made there, some Azyx would never dream of willingly part with. As he grew older, he learned the truth about his father, as well as another secret of his, one he had come across when asking his mother why his father was so... Heartless. She shook her head and told him the tale of one of his fathers ventures, one in which he found a certain stone. They had intercepted a pirate ship as it had come into shore for supplies, arrested the pirates, and confiscated their loot. His father, however, came across and odd stone, one red as blood that swirled within like the fiery depths of a dragons heart. This gem was named loss, though it looked like an eternally bleeding stone. The stone itself had made his father a highly intelligent man, but in consequence, robbed him of his emotions. Shocked that his father would keep such an item, when he next returned home, Azyx yelled at him with all he had, at the very least hoping for a reaction. To his dismay, his fathers expression stayed stoic, unwavering, unchanging. No answer was given, he merely glanced out the window, where a face was peering in. Then it vanished. Not moments later, their door was beaten down, a rather large angry mob of people at their door. They ran the small family out of town, to the coast where the sea lay. Scavenging a fishing boat, his father paddled them out into the great blue yonder, away from the angry mob. It was on the second day of the trip that they were commandeered by a pirate vessel, and brought on board. His mother and father were killed in front of him, the same stone his mother had described hanging around his fathers neck on an intricate chain. He made a grab for it, surprising the crew. It went against most of their morals to kill a lad no more than fourteen, so the captain claimed the gem, and he willingly joined their crew, determined to stay as close as possible to his fathers stone. It was the only link left to his family... So he had little choice. Not long after his twenty third birthday, he had now turned out to be a superb pirate, and a wonder of a navigator. The loot they gained was astonishing, he had even been nicknamed after the appearance of the gem he held so dear to... Bloodstone. Azyx was a true pirate, through and through, although he never did start speaking the lingo. He preferred regular speech, and was respected for this. When the captain passed away, throwing himself overboard one night with the help of one too many bottles of rum, the crew themselves appointed Azyx as their captain. He renamed the ship 'Blood Remembrance', for his parents sake. With the gem, loss, now within his clutches, he had a goal... And began drafting up a new map, one that hadn't been written before...
    Stone: Loss
    Ship Name: Blood Remembrance

    Attached Files:

  4. Name: Jacob Honorall

    Alias: The Lone Wolf Pirate

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Role: Rogue

    Brief History: Jacob was born in a poor slum by the ocean, where the fishing was poor and the people were poorer. The town was so brook it didn't even have its own place on a map. When his parents died of scurvy when he was younger, Jacob fell to crime as his parent. Through small smuggling jobs and bypassing guards, he earned himself a place among a notorious band that called themselves "The Red Dagger." It was there he was adopted by their leader, and trained by the best of their men. He learned how to pickpocket, pick locks, use his silver tongue for more than just pleasure, and the Golden Rule of Pirates: Trust No One. They taught him how to be nimble, good with the sword, and even better with his wits. After that, the group went into retirement and hid, Jacob still being young he set out and became a single handed Pirate. He steals and does everything on his own, ship and crew or not. This incredible feat has earned him the title of "The Lone Wolf Pirate."

    Stone: Ferocity

    Ship Name: N/A