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    Like Sword Art Online? Maybe want to be a part of a growing roleplay group?
    Well maybe you're in the right place.

    Check out the group "Battle of Ancrad"[Link], a newly formed but expanding roleplay group based on the first season of the anime Sword Art Online. It takes place in an alternate universe, where none of the canon character's exist. The roleplay features a dynamic plot line, the original timeline and events never happened, and instead us, the roleplayers, will shape how we escape from the death game.

    With total freedom of the game depicted in SAO, you're free to do your own thing, clear your own path, write your own destiny and decide the fate of the world around you. The only set event in the plotline is the accident itself--it remained exactly as it did in the plotline of the original story. You're trapped in Ancrad, the floating castle of the VRMMORPG SAO, the only means of escaping with your life is to climb all 100 floors. If you die here, you die for real. We all know how it does by now. . .

    Some of the features of BoA
    • A Dynamic plot, shaped by the actions of the roleplayers, with periodic glocal events such as boss battles, ways to gain the extremely rare Unique Abilities, global plot twists, time skips to advance a few floors, and overall to give you the full experience of being in SAO.
    • Guilds, just like in the show, you are able to join or maybe even form a guild, comprised of real roleplayers and maybe some plot device NPC players.
    • Quick access to roleplay and easy to follow guidelines. I've tried to streamline everything the best I can, to give you all the info you need in the shortest time possible, to get your character created and accepted, and start your path on the road to the Ruby Palace.
    • Unlimited character creation, we have a very detailed template, a modified form of Diana's template, that will help you create a character that you can really get into the mind of and shape to you're liking.
    • Rewards for being very active and overall good roleplayer and addition to the guild, such as special weapons and Unique Skills (Limited to 10 Highly prized skills)
    • Contests For Special Rewards, much like the rewards for being a great person in the group.
    • Very eager to help get you started staff, I'm very willing and almost always available to help you get started or with any other issues you might come across. Just message me any time!
    Check it out and join now! Tell a friend!​
  2. This also will serve as an unofficial OOC thread for both members and possible members who haven't joined the group yet. If you have any questions, feedback, suggestions maybe, drop a comment on here or message me!
  3. I'm actually pretty interested and could potentially drag a friend in (depending on how much time he has) if signups are still open
  4. Sign ups are always open! Lol
  5. Please feel free to join, I want to make a very active and top group here at Iwaku. I've noticed since forming a few days ago, the group has not left the top 5 for activity, constantly switching from first to third.
  6. Interesting. How are you guys handling level and stat differences that should be present? Will their be exp gain? How you are (if you are) validating claims of, "I've done this, this, and this, so I have this'? How will player on player combat be handled? Will new members be expected to play out prolonged growth to catch up to established members? Will abilities be limited to SoA abilities or do you guys have a custom list that better fits into free forum turn based play by post games?

    Extremely interested.
  7. Looks fun, love this anime
  8. Very interesting questions. And this is my answer.

    Right now we do not run any form of level system as all players have just started (starting pont is around half a year after the incident.) and are assumed all roughly the same level(40-45), as we're all assumed to be the better of the players in SAO. So at this moment we don't need one. If anyone was to fight right now they'd be on the same playing field and would come down completely to their roleplaying skill.

    It is planned extremely soon, like, in the next couple days or hell if I get bored enough to do it today, to incorporate a way to add levels to the system in BoA. It's going to be based entirely on the roleplayers actions in serious events in the roleplay, their overall roleplaying skill and how important they was to the event. These "events" are both unofficial and official, they can happen in normal open roleplay(just...not ALL the time so no one gets to overpowered by doing 10 of these in a day) if your actions and skills are put to the test nicely--and it always happens for major events such as boss battles, major global plot events, and the through the "Quests" system I also plan to add in the near future.

    How the leveling up will go is an "assumed range", for the most part players don't reveal their actual level right? The level assumed range will be in increments of 5. Each time your character goes through a gainful event they will gain the next range up. 55-60 to 60-65, and so on. This is how it will go up until you hit level 75. Once at level 75, well you're pretty much a badass, you can take on 7 players of lower levels on at once without even blocking attacks. (Shown in "The Black Swordsmen")
    Going past level 75 will be only allowed in official events, and only one level at a time. At this point we assume you're on "the leaderboards" and your true level is shown. I mean, in all games it gets harder to level up the higher your level gets, right? This will make getting to the highest levels (At the end of SAO Kirito's level was assumed about 93 or so, so I'm assuming level 100 is max--and would make sense with the number of Floors in SAO) extremely hard. I think for the last 5 levels it will be purely based on my opinion of if you should be allowed to become stronger, again based on your roleplaying skills.

    The "Quests" system I also plan to add with this, they will basically be mini-plots, may even contain special drops along with level gains. I will list out a small event and you will sign up to do it, the event will be monitored by a staff member (likely me) as you and whoever you are roleplaying with, once finished if it passes a sort of requirements list I got brewing, the players involved will go onto the next stage.

    I hope I answered you enough, and that my system interests you. I don't feel like making the roleplay a business, I don't want it to feel like you got to seriously grind your way up to the top completely with a complex level system based on frankly BS that doesn't show your actual roleplaying skill. If you consistently post one paragraph of horrible grammar, you won't make it to far. A game is about skill and hard work, if you show skill and put hard work into your actions in the roleplay, you reap the rewards of getting advanced. Its a funner way to do it, doesn't seem as complex or challenging, while it shapes the story of the dynamic plotline and reflects the skills of the roleplayers.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
  9. I dig what you are saying. I have some interesting ideas about a stat based system that you could utilize. I dunno how much you've thought about it. I'd definitely love to talk to you more about it, I love game mechanics.

    Regardless I think I'll be joining.
  10. Im sorry but Im set on my system, I don't believe in letting luck decide outcomes of battles using an overly complex stats system and what I'd assume would lead to dice rolling, I believe it should be down to the skill of the roleplayer and their actions within the roleplay itself that decides their power level and abilities, and how well they do it.

    Sorry to shoot it down, but I'm already half way through making these features right now, and don't plan to change them. But you are very welcome to join up if you don't mind my system, I think its the most fair system.
  11. (Basically I don't want to see some rather poorly skilled player "boost" themselves and take out people who actually show true skill in roleplaying...You have to earn it through writing skill, not how many times you go from A to B to level up...)
  12. It's cool. I won't push on the subject, but I don't believe in utilizing dice rolls either. I don't use chance based systems, if I did I'd just play DND. But yeah I'll join.
  13. No no, I definitely understand what you are saying.

    I'm used to a turned based combat system that doesn't take levels into account.

    However my idea involves reference points. So say you Character A and B. They are both level X. They would be given the same number of skill points. Say one has 53 points in strength and another only has 40 points in strength. This provides a solid point of reference where you can say one is physically stronger than another.

    Like I said, I'm not pushing the subject. I just wanted to clear up the misconception.
  14. If I remember correctly, Kirito and a lot of the elite Frontline Guilds were in the high 90's by the end of the Aincrad arc. Kirito's shown to be at least Lv96 before the whole hoeymoon arc.

    Also if I remember correctly, the top end players are usually 10+ Levels higher than the floor they are on so 40-45 is pretty safe to assume for PCs in this roleplay if we go by what is in the 'verse :)
  15. You have good points, all I see is just being able to gain levels higher then 100 which is what I am setting the cap at. Maybe I will raise the cap later on, Kirito IS overpowered as hell anyways so its not fair to use him as a gauge, a player like Klein and Agil is a way better reference point on what would be normal in the game for a "good" player, since their clearly not weak but their not over the top like Kirito, Asuna, and Heathcliff.
  16. And the players do start at 40-45, which is about right since the start of the RP took place on the 38th floor. This creates a level playing field for everyone, and their actions is what will advance them. I just posted threads about all this in detail inside the RP, please, check it out if you would.
  17. New announcements and features have been added, the group is really starting to kick to life! If you haven't checked it out yet you should.
  18. I am definitely interested, though I am unsure if I would be active enough. I know I will be on during weekends, but during the week is questionable
  19. Thats to bad, its a rather fun RP...but I dont see leaving an RPer hanging for a week being very good x.x
  20. ya my hands are basically tied until the holidays. School is getting hectic.
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