Battle Ground [Dual + Equinox]

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  1. I walked around in the village, the scent of mules and cabbage stew filling my nose. The noise of barking dogs and drunk yelling men clogged my ears.

    I had not one idea to the know the reason why was I in this village, when I could be in the castle, or knight house living peacefully. But no, I had decided to meet my parents, who were peasants. I loved them enough to leave the castle to come into the village.
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    Samuel walked down the road, quickly approaching the town. Hopefully, here he would be able to remain with no one recognizing him. Everywhere else, they had, and hardly anyone was offering him services. Apparently everyone who was in contact with anyone else had heard of his exile, and, not wanting to be associated with the "Devil Prince," as many had started calling him, had sent him on his way. Wondering how he'd ever let it get that bad, he shifted his bag over his shoulder, trying to get it in a more comfortable position.

    Entering the town, he saw it in the disarray usually seen in old villages like this. Sighing, he ignored the beggars panhandling for money. Having barely enough to feed even himself, he kept walking, hoping that it would have some sort of inn, so he wouldn't be sleeping outside again, like he had so many other nights.
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    I had noticed a young man carrying a large bag over his shoulder. He looked familiar in some sort of way, but I couldn't remember him. I kept my pupils on the man as he kept on walking north.

    I shook my head and kept on walking to my father's home until three children, no older than six years, began pulling my dress and trying to snatch my gold away from me. "Shoo! Go to your mothers little pests!" I yelled at them but they kept on pulling until one of them tore my dress. I gasped as the young little boy caught the bag and ran with the other two children.