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    The following thread is to document and save the lore for a possible thread build codenamed: Battle Bros. The information in this thread was created by moi and the help of random generators/dicking around in shitty translations. No one has the permission to use said information within this thread. Do not ask permission to use information in this thread. Feel free to poke around and watch the thread as shit gets put up in here.

    The “Children of God” or Liberi E Divus (as they call themselves) are the devoted men and women that believes in the stories of the “Hero of Ages” (Heros E Aeon) while trying to follow their lives as they lived. Liberi E Divus has been a part of Terra’s history for millenias, but their influence of Borealis and Austellus is as recent as five hundred years ago. These days, the Children of God has become influential in the ways of aiding the governing bodies of each respective power. Most important decisions are discussed with the Pope and his trusted group of advisors (made up of clergymen of renown and name).

    As stated, the religion is based on the most influential mortal of Terra: the Hero of Ages. He is considered the prophet of the church and the son of their God (Deus) who was sent to Terra because of what God foretold. It’s states that Deus had seen a great evil emerging from Terra in two decades that would destroy the world and life he’s created. Deus had sent the angels down to Terra in order to choose a vessel to hold the soul of the great evil’s bane. A pure maiden was chosen and the seed of life was planted into her by a single touch of Deus. Thus, the Hero of Ages was created and fulfilled his role to banish the great evil and lead Deus’ children to salvation. His life was the greatest sacrifice to free the lands of Terra.

    What the Children of God follows are the examples that the Hero of Ages through his life and eventful final battle with the great evil. The life of the prophet is recorded in the holy language of the angels called Lingua and is widely available with the title “The Scripture” (Biblia).

    So… with all this talk about the “great evil,” what exactly is it? The great evil was a demon of renowned power that supposedly rivaled Deus’. With his horde of vile monsters, he nearly took over all over Terra but was thwarted by the Hero of Ages. These days, demons and half-demons are regarded as hideous leftovers from the great evil’s presence. The Children of God makes it a point to subjugate and “retrain” demons to repent for their sinful existence. In layman’s terms, they are hunted and enslaved by the church. If they aren’t captured, they are usually ostracized by the rest of the people and (possibly) killed because of their existence.

    The main location of the Children of God is located in Borealis in the kingdom of Erelen.


    Angelus (angels)
    Hume (humans)


    Daemon Summoners


    Aether (magik of the angeluses)
    Castus (holy magik of the humes)

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    One of the oldest territories of Terra, the Highlands of Borealis is the birthplace of monarchy and one of the two current super powers of the world. Its roots dates back to prewritten history to an ancient civilization long since wiped out. What remains is the knowledge of magic and one of its essence: magishteyn. Wars have been fought over the control of these unique veins, resulting in the rise of a single power to control and regulate the magishteyn.

    For nearly twelve hundred years, the Astor-Windsor family have rules the land of Borealis and its magishteyn ores. Attempts to usurp the throne from the royal family have failed countless times, resulting in rebellion being crushed long before reaching fruition. Out of all the previous royal lines of Borealis, the Astor-Windsor is one of the strictest and strongest families. Their militaristic mindset and need to control has subjected the people, using high taxes and fear of punishment to keep them in line. The laws of the land closely follows the Scripture of the Children of God.

    Demons and half-demons are second class citizens in Borealis, resulting in many attempting to flee the continent in order to find a haven for their kind. In Borealis, they are usually used in manual labor in the magishteyn mines of serve as lowly summons for members of the Children of God.

    The level of strictness of Borealis laws varies from kingdom to kingdom. The king appoints seven of his most trusted subjects (and of royal blood) to manage and control each region. Some are far worse in terms of punishment and subjection than others.

    Borealis is regarding as the land where the Hero of Ages was born.


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  4. MAGIK

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    Divine magik (or aether magik) is the magik of the angelus. Only the Hero of Ages is the only mortal that was able to use aether magik. No other mortal has been able to master this powerful art. Angeluses are born with the ability and requires little training to master the basics. The source of aether comes from the very wings on their backs. The bigger and more vibrant they are, the stronger their magik is. Aether magik encompasses “light” and “divine abilities” of Deus. This means that angeluses have the ability to harm their opposite (impius magik) and banish darkness. At the same time, the very elements they combat can destroy an angelus. An angelus’ power is at its strongest when Solar (the sun) is at its highest peak (noon).

    The following is a short list of what angeluses are capable of. The titles/names comes from Superpower Wiki if you want more information:
    Ethereal Physiology
    Light Element Manipulation
    Aether infusion
    Sacred Energy Generation

    Unlike aether magik, castus magik is built around a mortal’s faith in Deus. It is based on the story of the Hero of Ages teaching his followers how to defend themselves from the great evil scourge. Rather than mimic divine and light magik, mortals are able to convert their faith into creating miracles, healing, and banishing evil from their presence. Like general magik, a catalyst is needed to direct said magik and giving it form. The most common catalysts in castus magik is using the Scripture itself to contain their faith and changing it into magik. Those that have their faith shaken or disturbed will not be able to use castus magik.

    The following is a short list of what mortals that depend on faith can use via castus magik:
    Contract Nullification
    Miracle Performing
    Purification Manipulation


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  5. RACES
    Angeluses are celestial beings and servants to Deus (supposedly). Non-terrestrial beings of Terra, angeluses are divine creatures that lack the ability to understand normal mortal behaviors such as emotions and creativity. Rather, all of their focus is guiding the mortals into the light of Deus and protecting Terra from the daemon/daemini scourge. Rarely is there an angelus that doesn’t follow the Children of God and their ways. They are associated with the daemons and daemini if they ever abandon their duties and must be smited immediately (to prevent them from siding with the daemons and daeminis).

    They have particular characteristics that makes angeluses stand out from other races. Most notably are their wings. Their wings are ethereal in appearance and some in a wide variety of shades (that mimic stained glass seen in their churches). The wings are functional for flight and are the source of their magik. Another stunning feature is their flawless appearances. They lack the blemishes imperfections that makes everyone else unique. Angeluses lack the ability to scar by regular means. “Black burns” of impious magik residue permanently scars them, never fading away. Their voices is just as stunning and deadly for mortals. In Lingua, their voices take on “bell-like” qualities and could internally shatter a mortal’s insides with the sound of their voices.

    As stated, there are some mortal abilities they lack. Emotions is something of a quandary to angeluses, struggling to understand the concept. The attempt of emoting results in confusion and loss of interest after trying. They can’t understand the behavior of mortals too such as overindulgence, greed, and fornication. It is not the way Deus would want His creations to act.

    There is no such thing as procreation among angeluses. They have no need since they are semi-immortal. There is only two ways an angelus can die: impious magik and “falling.” The idea to “fall” terrifies them greatly, only believing that angeluses that abandon the way of Deus will eventually fall. What becomes of an angelus after they fall is a mystery.

    Along with the abilities to telepathically communicate with other angeluses and daemons/daemini, they have the ability to use magik similar to Deus dubbed “aether magik.”

    Wings Example

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