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  1. ~ Story ~

    What if i told you life was relied on phones. The phone that your using right now, yes that one your holding, is the one thing that's keeping you alive this very moment.

    Instead of brains and hearts that keeps us alive, we have our own phone battery to do so. Well, we still have our hearts and brains obviously, we could still get physically hurt and affected. Like what you expect, if you lose your battery and it goes out you'd certainly be expected to die.

    Not everyone had this case, only certain people does. No one knew about it but them, not the government, their parents nor their friends. Even if you told it to others would you think they'd believe you? This was a game of survival, either you work together or do it solo.

    - - - - - - - - -

    " .....and that's how you solve the problem. " the teacher wrote down the answer on the board in front then encircled it afterwards. " Now students answer page 137 on your book and please show your solutions this time. " he placed down the chalk and sat down at his table watching all the students do their work.

    " Yes sir. " all the other student groaned together.

    A girl who sat at the back of the class was staring down her lap checking her phone the whole time. She couldn't care less about the topic either way. " Hnn.. " Jhanine, just an average student like the rest of them. Chose to be alone at all times and not bother talking to anyone else but herself.

    " Jhanine. Is there a problem? " the teacher was behind watching her. " 52.... " she replied softly avoiding the gaze of her own teacher. " 52 ... percent... Have to charge my phone... " the teacher stared at her questioningly and nodded instead of asking more.

    - - - - - - - - -

    ~ My Character ~

    Name : Jhanine Evans
    Age : 16
    Gender : Female
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  2. Keichii was sitting in the front of classroom, next to wall. He stared blankingly at the board, then carefully tapped his right pocket, making sure his phone was safety and securely hidden in his pocket. He'd do that every once in a while, about five or ten minutes. He'd also carry his phone everywhere he went. It was like that was the most important thing in his life. Although he never used it to play games or text.

    Suddenly hearing Jhanine's conversation with the teacher, instead of having his feet parallel to the desk's legs, he turned his whole body sideways, so that his feet were now in the isle. He tried to take a look at Jhanine, but he was too far upfront to actually see what was going on in the back of the classroom. So he turned back around, minding his own buisness like always, like nothing had ever happened back there. But he did actually start to wonder something about her. Some people always acted like that when their battery life was low.


    My character:

    Name: Keichii.

    Last Name: Sergio.

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male.

  3. ' 51 % ' the phone had shown. It was almost about time she had to recharge her phone again before it could reach 25% of it, and she wasn't gonna risk that. In all her life it was her phone that was mostly important to her, sure others would think of their phone like that but she'd treat her phone with care, even made sure no one would borrow it from her. It was quite an obsession. Jhanine looked outside the window and watched the clouds slowly passed by.

    The school bell rang reminding both students and teachers classes were over. " Now students, make sure you pass your books before you leave. " the teacher yelled loudly for the students to hear. It was break time, finally. Some students left their books down the teachers table while other planned to pass them later.

    Jhanine stood up and slowly organized her things and placed them inside her bag.
  4. Keichii rose to his feet, tapping his pocket once again. He could feel the texture and the shape of the phone. He then silently picked up his book, walking towards the teacher's desk and placing on the stack of the same books. He then again, silently went back to his desk. Most of the stuff he had to carry, because his bookbag seemed like a semi-truck was stuffed inside of there, since he has a hard time keeping up with his work most of the time.

    He picked up his binder, placing it against his pocket where his phone was located. That was really the best way to tell if it was still there, because of course, he'd feel the case pressing against his thigh. He wrapped his bookbag strap around his right shoulder, walking towards the door. He'd figure some people are too lazy sometimes, so he got the doorstop with the sole of his foot, opened the door, and of course-- placed the doorstop in the gap between the floor and the door.
  5. Before picking up her bag she remembered one thing. Her phone. Immediately she paused what she was doing and stayed where she was for a few seconds before picking up her bag above her head and shook it letting all her things fall out her chair. Notebooks, books, pens, scratch papers, wallet, and charger. But no sign of her phone. " Where... where.. where is it.. " she talked to herself. Just a few minutes ago she was holding her phone. And now it was gone.

    " Is there a problem Ms. Evans? " the teacher was walking towards her carrying the books that some students submitted. " Do you need any help? " he asked placing down the books to the nearest table.

    " My phone is missing. " she said still searching through her books and notebooks. She sat down the ground and looked under her chair, wasn't there. " If you want i'll help you look for it. I could report it to the lost and found if you want. " the teacher had said kneeling in front of her.

    Jhanine stood up and looked at the small hidden pockets in her bag ignoring for his help, " I don't need your help. I'm fine alone. " brushing him off she watched the teacher leave the classroom. " Alright. If you say so. " she heard him said and place back all her things in her bag neatly. Pockets, she searched them and finally found it. Jhanine sighed in relief and carried her bag. ' 48% ' she had read before heading towards the door.
  6. Keichii started to pace down the isle of the hallway, ignoring the commotion that usually happened in the hallways when the bell rung. Out of the blue, his phone started to vibrate, for atleast 4 seconds, then it ceased. He quickly snatched it out of his pocket in a panic, dropping his binder.-- that usually happened when his battery was 5 percent or lower. But it was only a text message. "Don't scare me like that.." He thought to himself. His hands easily got all sweaty and trembly when he was nervous-- if he was nervous enough, he'd have a panic attack.

    Somehow, his phone slipped right out of his hands, crashing to the ground. The thin case of it flew off from the impact, causing his screen to crack. "No, no, no, no, no.." He whispered shakingly. He instantly picked it up from the ground, observing at the screen. Right at that moment, he started to feel queasy, as an uneasy feeling settled in his stomach. He just simply stared at the screen and shock, not really doing anything else other than that. He hoped it was just his mind playing tricks on him, but he sure knew that it really happened, and that there's no denying it.
  7. It was about time she went out to charge her phone. Jhanine quickly walked off the classroom carrying her bag and her phone heading upstairs to the roof. There was a plug there that she could place the charger on, not to mention it was peaceful and quite. ' 46 % ' the phone showed slowly going down. She had to hurry before it would get to ' 25 $ ', it wasn't really much to worry about, after all it was just a battery. But it was a big thing for her, she treated her phone as if it had a life living inside it. Weird right?

    Left, Right, Left, Right. Jhanine chanted in her thoughts while running up the stairs, she wasn't really much of a fan on falling or getting bruises around her body, feeling pain is not something she'd want to experience. Just to make sure she ran swiftly yet carefully at the same time. " Ah. " she said to herself finding a plug on the side of the stairs, well, the nearer the better so they say.

    Quickly she sat down and slowly plugged the charger to the plug and attached it to her phone. ' Battery Charging ' it had read. Finally, she sighed.
  8. He mashed the power button countless times, and finally it woke up from sleep mode. "I told you, don't scare me like that again..." He sighed, slipping his phone back into his pocket. He picked up his binder, not really caring about the case of the phone. He could get a thicker one, that would be more protective when his phone falls by accident. He paced down the hallway, quickly rushing out the doors. He ran to a large tree, sitting against the bark of it. "Finally..."

    He hadn't gotten sleep in days, because of his very agitating siblings, coffee, and other excuses. He closed his eyes, sighing happily. But he'd only go asleep for a few minutes, then wake back up-- but something is more than nothing-- right?
  9. Once her phone was at full charge she removed the charger and placed it bag on her bag also hugging her phone like a stuffed bear. Now it was again in full battery, this time she wouldn't use it as much as she did in class. Luckily it wasn't even confiscated, if it was she didn't know what to do for the rest of her life. Jhanina stood up and shot a glance outside, she liked the view, it was peaceful in some ways regarding the other students yelling and such.

    ' 10:36 - The view outside looked beautiful as ever, except the noisy students shouting. ' she typed on her phone adding it to her diary and made her way downstairs writing down whatever she'd like.

    " So she was like-- GAH. Watch where your going. " Jhanine accidentally bumped into a girl who was a year older than her giving her a glare before leaving. She nodded and continued walking minding her own business as always. She wasn't used to handle people or at least starting a conversation with anyone, only to her friends that she met online would she show her real side. For some reason she felt much more energetic than the usual today, well after she had charge her phone at least, it was kind of weird but maybe she was just imagining it. Jhanine tends to imaging almost everything all the time.
  10. 01 aka Chi was running for her life she need to get back to the others but she didnt want to make the 'Bad People' find them too. she was scared she wished 02 was here he would know what to do. she ran to an near by school. she hide naer the gym area as the man ran by her. she ran the other way into the gym storage. she sat down near the basket balls and closed her eyes waiting for the cost to be claer. when she closed her eyes and rememberd the break out.

    Chi hurry" 02 called out to her. she ran next to him with the others 03, 04, 05, and 06. they didnt get the others out well becasue they didnt have time. and some didnt want to leave. they had pland this for many mouths now and now they where going to get out. "were almost there" 02 said. she knew 02 had goten out many times. and she was glade or they would be lost here forever. she looked behind them to see the bad people runing after them. "their behind us 02." she said with worry. "dont worrie they wouldnt shot us" he said and she nodds they ran till they made it out side. it was bright and the light blinded her for a few mins but she still ran. "02 were are we going" she said. he didnt say anything but everyone ran in to the woods that was near the 'bad place' and now they hid in the trees. they waited till the cost was clear. it was amazing she was free and when she looked around she saw the beauty in this world.

    Name: 'Chi'

    real name: 01

    Last Name: Mononke

    Age: 16

    Gender: female

    hope its ok ^^))