Batman Versus Iron Man

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Batman or Iron Man?

  1. Batman

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  2. Iron Man

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  3. They're both as good as each other

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  4. They're both as bad as each other

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  1. For years, men and women, boys and girls, have shed blood and tears over one question.
    A question that has burnt throughout space and time, and has surpassed the levels of a mere debate topic.
    This question has divided families and friends, turned lovers to bitter haters.
    I talk of course, about this one:
    Who's better - Batman, or Iron Man?
    And not just in a fight - who's the better character overall?
  2. Batman impresses me more than Iron Man does.
  3. Sorry, I just cam back from Wrong's MxM thread.... And my brain just is going to scary places now!
  4. Batman/ Bruce is a better person, I think.

    He NEVER crosses that one line.

    And as long as he is written correctly by a SANE writer he is an epitome of morality and everything I strive to be. Every once in a while he does something DUMB like fall in love with Tahlia. Which results in an offspring that I hate to no end with a burning passion. And a few other things.

    Tony is willing to cross the line into killing and has as far as I remember.

    Plus while drinking is a character flaw and they have used it to explore that route in the comics to show what happens. . . for the most part Tony is just an admittedly genuis level alcoholic womanizer that happens to have tons of money. That he uses to make advanced armor suits that on occasion gain sentience and try to kill him like some psychotic jealous girlfriend.

    Sure RDJ makes him seem awesome but IMO that's more from RDJ's talent at making people like a potentially dislikable character.
  5. Whichever one can tend, in a loving oral manner, to my DICK...I will say is the best.

    *closes eyes & unbuckles pants*


    *begins The Wait*
  6. I can't decide! D: I love the Batman movies so much, but Iron Man was equally awesome. x.x
  7. I'm biased on this. I'd say I like IRONMAN better, but if we have to go by facts and stuff, BATMAN is the "better" person. But that's what I tend to think of all DC superheroes. They often start out as the embodiment of a perfect hero, nothing wrong, at least at first, and they just kinda go from there. Kinda like how superman is just what he is... impossibly overpowered and perfect, until they add in things later on to actually give him weakness.

    Just my opinion, but I enjoy "Heroes" having personality, having character flaws that feel like they are more real, more intended for the character. It's for that reason that I tend to enjoy Marvel heroes more.

    The idea of batman is great, but the possibility of someone being the way he is, without any of the "crazy", is just what makes him come off as less believable to me (or more of a superhero, you could also put it). Maybe I don't like superheroes, maybe I like people trying to do the right thing? o.o

    *wants a philosophical debate*
  8. Iron Man beats Batman any time. Iron Man is a billionare playboy who does not care what anyone else thinks. He does not hide in the shadows like Batman does and while he does not have the cunning of Batman, he does have the power of pure awesome along with the power of powered armour and technology. One should never underestimate those.
  9. Technically Batman does have character flaws such as his obsession with being BATMAN. And a bunch of other that I'm omitting right now for the sake of not spending all Saturdat night typing this. He honestly is crazy in plenty of ways but either conceals them or directs them toward something productive. He deals with intense and profound loss in ways that are certainly not healthy. And whenever they show Old Bruce he is pretty much always alone and isolated with little to no comfort.

    To be fair on another note, Batman and Iron Man were created at least 20 years apart when people wanted different things from their heroes.
  10. I don't know, I'd say Bruce is pretty crazy. Just in his own way... He isn't visibly crazy like some of them are. I'm even willing to say that he's mentally unstable. The main reason he fights criminals in Gotham is to avenge his parents. He feels like it's the best way to get revenge for having been killed by bad guys in the very city he defends. He's also paranoid, OCD, has trust issues... The self-centered playboy personality he has is all just an act. So few know he buries his grim, depressed self beneath all of that.

    Heck, I can even remember a comic book where he does meth. o__o;

    ... Anyway, yeah, I'm done. Like LStorm said, at least Tony Stark doesn't hide who he is. But he also hasn't been traumatized like Bruce, so...

  11. Definitely true, but you understand what I'm saying. And them being made years apart, I certainly want what I'm given by Iron Man more than anything by Batman. So kudos Marvel, you got me.
  12. Mhmm.

    To each their own.
  13. So it's agreed then.

    Hoppy the Marvel Bunny wins.

  14. He's the hero this topic needs, but not the one it deserves.
  15. Batman has more cool appeal,and even though Tony Stark is a genius,only an idiot would reveal they're identity to the masses.
  16. Psychoman.

    The superhero created by a person who has no idea how to fucking write superheroes.