Batman: Isolation

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  1. I had this idea to reboot an old role play I played on another site. It died because a lot of people didn't know as much about Gotham as they thought, or quickly got bored with their character. Even so, it was a lot of fun and definitely had some of the craziest team ups and pairings conceivable. I post this to see if others would be interested in exploring or exploiting Gotham City as it experiences the worst earthquake in recent memory and fends for itself as the federal government shuts down the city's borders. Anarchy reigns as gangs and villains alike vie for control of Gotham's streets, while the police scramble to gain a foothold while Batman is away. There really is no limit on characters, but I'd prefer Batman related supers. You can ask any questions here or message me if its complicated. On a plot note, I don't plan on following the comic arch's main story, as I expect many different characters to surface that were not in the original.
  2. NO MANS LAND, I need to read that long story.
  3. You should when you get the chance. Fascinating to see Gotham fall apart.
  4. Hah. I'm a Marvel fanboy but Batman and the GLC have my love too. If things don't pick up on my end, I wouldn't mind calling dibs on Red Hood.
  5. Dude, one of the crazy teams I mentioned earlier was Harley Quinn and Anarky. We blew up police cars and Luthor's helicopters!
  6. Can I have two :3
  7. You a red hood fan?

    What ever problems we had lets squash it cause i love you like a brother. Have you been reading Red Hood and the Outlaws?
  8. Aye, Red Hood is my favorite Batman story arc villain/anti-hero. I own The Killing Joke, Death in the Family, Under the Hood, and the Outlaws. I also own Batman '66, and the animated short on DVD Batman: Under the Red Hood.

    I'm kind of a fan. But my Marvel collection puts what I have for DCU to shame.
  9. I got into comic 2 years ago when 52 came around. You have death in the family paperback, Cool. I want to red killing joke, I could download but i want it in my hands. I heard it give you a great view on the way the Joker thinks, A look into the madman.

    I just started marvel with Loki agent of asgard (Loki is now my favorite hero in marvel) and deadpool. I never really liked Marvel like that, DC has always been around for me. Most likely because of all there animated shows. Only other companies i mess with is Zenoscope for wonderland and TopCow for Darkness and Witchblade.
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