Bathing in Red

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  1. Most have heard the story of Bloody Mary, the fictional entity that resides behind the mirrored images, waiting for the chant to release her spirit on some unsuspecting victim. But do you know the real Bloody Mary? In the older ages, there once was a woman; so malicious was she, and so deranged was she, that she gave way to her nickname, being known for kidnapping young women to drain their blood and bathe in it. She was no woman, in fact, but a monster. A monster in human form, although as such, most monsters are, in fact, human. However, this woman is dead. She has been long dead. There is no paranormal entity here..or so it seems.

    You see, a month ago, young ladies began disappearing again, from around the country of France. All are around the same age, late teems to early twenties, and they all seem to disappear around the same time each month. Around the nights of the full moon. Is this a strange coincidence? Possibly. But the locals have begun to fear for their lives, as men even began disappearing, all still around the same age. And it isn't uncommon to find droplets of their blood around where they slept the night before. Strangely though, the only DNA they pick up from it is from the people who disappeared..

    This is where our story begins. Its dark. So dark. It reeks of metal and feces, and the grime that covers the walls of where you are is becoming unbearably thick, turning once clean skin into a grotesque show of brown and black. Bars cage you and another into your cage, and this other person can either be an asset to your mental health, or be the thing that tears you apart; mentally, or physically. Screams can be heard down the hall that leads to such a dark dungeon, and sometimes the people are led back, looking much worse than before. Some aren't led back at all. You don't know when you will live or die, or where you are or why you are here, but you do know one thing. You're next for whatever lies behind these halls of terror. Your screams will be what paint the room with disgruntlement. Mayhaps you shall find the one doing this, or maybe even escape, but it is unlikely. One thing you should remember though: Don't let them drain any of your blood.

    There are three parts for antagonists that may be filled and the rest are to be prisoners or investigators. You all reside in a dungeon, somewhere unknown in France, and people every day are tortured and maimed in this place. It is splatterpunk, and will be highly gory and full of descriptive torture. So if you aren't into that, then this won't be for you<3

    My Rules-

    No overpowering

    No Mary sue/Gary stu

    No one liners. I enjoy having at least one paragraph. Please.

    No power/meta gaming. If you don't know what that is, google it. It is IMPORTANT. Google Mary sue while you're at it if you need info on that. A third offense on either of these, Mary sue-ing, or overpowering, will get you kicked out of the rp.

    (I'll leave the cs fairly simple)

    Character sheet-
    How long you have been captive:
  2. I'm into it! Unsure if you want us to post these here or to PM them, but I'm very excited for this!!

    Name: Rinnette Sumner

    Age: 19

    Captive For: 3 days

    Personality: A little quiet, but not shy. Never very vocal, high tolerance for pain, a little bit sadistic in a way as well. At least, according to an ex. A little passive-aggressive and never very vocal about her thoughts.

    History: Rinnette grew up in the States, and moved to France with her father at age 12 after her parents divorced. She'd missed America but never whined about it. She wasn't a complainer. She didn't
    attempt to learn the language, but did learn to do the accent. She moved out at 18, wanting to hit the first plane to the States the minute she was legally able, but the money didn't suffice and before the month was up she was back in France living with her father once again. Until the night she'd seen death. The black death, which took her father away, and sent her what looked to be horrible, dirty, dream-crushing hell.

    Appearance: Short light brown hair, close to the scalp but long enough to comb. Pale, icy blue eyes. Thin body with light, almost pale but not quite skin.
  3. Cs's are fine here! I'm happy to see interest!

    Here's my own cs-

    Character sheet-

    Name: Claudette Noir Bourge

    Age: 20

    How long you have been captive: 1 Hour

    Personality: Clever and curious, Claudette is generally very interested in things, having a child-like excitement that is almost matched with that of a five year old. Often, she over thinks things, though, and loses that excitement to a fear or a haze of simple quietude that lasts until she finds something else to sate her curious and ever wandering mind. However, just because she is clever and curious, doesn't mean she isn't susceptible to extreme fear fullness. If put in a dangerous situation as now, she slowly loses her grasp on sanity if without something to keep her sane, the fear gnawing against her excited nature as it feeds off of her ability to over-think.

    History: Born in a small town in France, Claudette grew up a happy child, one full of love and kindness that spread itself well through who she spoke with. This slowly ebbed away, as all children lose such an ability, and the girl became a more mature one, gaining the above personality through her experiences with her friends and her dad, who kept her alone in a small house. Her mother had died during childbirth, you see, so Claudette had never known her. Nevertheless, the girl grew up into a lady, beginning her classes at a local art school in a nearby city. Her father sent off on a business trip, and left her the house, deciding her old enough to be okay for a week or so.

    This was his mistake. She had a friend over, that night, and they left to go to the city to enjoy life and hang out at a local spot for dancing. It was all going well; they had a few drinks, danced a bit, and had even met some new people. But one of these people became a bit too friendly with Claudette, and intoxicated, the girl went home with the man, being dragged into this torturous world after blacking out in his car.

    Appearance: Claudette is rather average in height and weight, being 5'5" and 137 lbs. She has fairly tanned skin and blonde hair, and is seen wearing glasses and her night-wear, which consists of a simple mans T-shirt, as, she slept over at his house when she was take
    Appearance (open)
  4. I'm joining~ :P
  5. Is this RP still on?
  6. Oh definitely. I just need one more person and then I'll be starting.
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  7. Did you say I could play as one of the torturers? :o
  8. I don't think so..I have the spot filled already. Two want it, actually.
  9. Oh, when I read "three parts for antagonists" I thought they were all torturers. What are the other two?
  10. Oh. Dear. I must'nt have been paying attention when I wrote that. I'll go change it, but I'm leaving it as one antagonist. I need the prisoner spots filled.
  11. Oh, okay. Nevermind then, sorry. >w>'
  12. Sorry^^ on my part. I should've been rereading.
  13. Ok. I've been thinking. Theoretically, could the dynamics of characters and their roles in the story entwine and change? Cause I've got some killer ideas for the antagonist person who's name I have yet to fucking decide because French character names are something foreign to me.
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