Bastion - Beyond the Wall

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    Bastion is a high fantasy roleplay set in an original world, with shades of a few book- and roleplay-based fandoms sprinkled in.

    Are you looking for...
    • a site packed with rich lore, inspiration for your worst muse blocks
    • multiple races, deities, alignments
    • a drama-free environment for mature-minded players
    • rich, sumptuous graphics including detailed maps
    • many opportunities for member-driven plots and site lore
    • access to staff-driven/DM-managed campaigns
    We're an active, friendly community open since July 1st, 2012 and still going strong. This site was carefully crafted for nearly a year before it's opening to ensure our members have a well-built foundation to expand upon and inspire creativity within writers of all levels. New members are always welcome and we love to hear all the new ideas you will bring. We are committed to this site and are looking for fresh faces to help us continually stretch out the horizons of our world. Come join the adventure!