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  1. This is a basic setting skeleton that I use for my Image Setting Challenge series! Essentially, you can translate those character-making skills of yours into world-building ones by applying the same approach to construction of a "character sheet" for your setting. This is just a simple, essential-building-blocks deal. You can use this as a guideline when crafting your setting or use it to organize information after the fact!

    Copy and paste the sheet below:

    Location/World Name: What is your setting called?

    Genre: E.g., fantasy, sci-fi, or etc.

    Scale: How big is your setting? Is this a planet, continent, city, someone's backyard?

    Geography/Appearance: What does your setting look like? What landmarks does it have?

    Technology/Magic: Does your setting have magic? If so, how does it work? How advanced is the technology?

    Inhabitants/Culture: Who lives in this setting? What is society like? Religion and customs?

    Flora/Fauna: What sort of animals, plants, and other non-human life are found in your setting?

    General History: Sum up important events in your setting's past.

    Current Events: What is currently happening in your setting that we should know about?

    Extras: Anything else you can think of to add!
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  2. Location/World Name: Mobius


    Mobius is a planet, but it's world-relevance in the story centers in the city of Raiza

    Mobius has an atmosphere and flaura/fauna similar to the makeups on Earth, in that the air is about the same density, and it rotates around a single star. However the atmosphere makes the sky a bluish-green shade, and weather patterns are caused by distortion between the particles; for example, if the levels change in a certain way the sky may appear a different colour, the weight of the air may change, and there may be a smell or taste to it. Static electricity in the atmosphere makes thunderstorms common.

    Technology/Magic: No magic; technologically advanced to be comparable to Earth's late 18th century. However because of the electricity in the atmosphere, technology advanced in a very different way, concentrating on power sources other than electricity, because unless operated in a bubble, the energy in the atmosphere tends to muck it all up. Power sources focused more on steam, kinetic energy, hydraulics, and other forces. The current "big hope" of scientists is to find a way to harness the atmospheric energy.

    Inhabitants/Culture: Human life on Mobius evolved from humans abducted from Earth millions of years ago. The main religion centered from the effect of the sheet lightning and thunderstorms on prehistoric humans; it gave rise to the belief that there was an all-powerful diety who decided where the lightning would strike. Eventually, this evolved into the church of Thestalos. Thestalos is a fictional deity, and his followers believe that he does not actively involve himself in present Mobius affairs (eg, by granting prayers, causing miracles, or making appearances). Rather, that Thestalos is a creator god who set everyone and everything's paths in motion at the beginning; the future is already set, and people need only follow the path Thestalos has set before them. Because they don't believe in prayer or worship, priests of Thestalos mostly perform counselling for the depressed and disheartened, use the resources (that Thestalos has put in their paths) to help the poor, elderly, and injured, and study history to discern Thestalos' guiding in the past.

    Flora/Fauna: Life on Mobius is not divided into species like on Earth (eg, they do not distinguish with terms such as "fish", "bird", "insect", etcetera, rather all life forms other than humans are referred to as "Creatures", or "Monsers" (a more malignant connotation). There is an equal variety of dangerous and friendly creatures as there is on Earth

    General History:
    • Neanderthals are kidnapped from Earth and deposited on Mobius as part of an experiment
    • The alien abductors die off, but the Mobians live on
    • The Mobians form a rough religion based on the powerful and common thunderstorms
    • Technological advancements protect Mobians from thunderstorms/the wrath of Thestalos
    • Safe cities provide an environment for technology, and philosophy to advance further
    • The Society of Free Will is formed; an opposing force to the vastly superior (in numbers) Church of Thestalos; their core belief is that there is no predestined plan, and that humans alone choose their destiny (whereas followers of Thestalos believe that Thestalos has planned all things, and while Humans can try to form their own destiny, it's much safer and more beneficial to allow the omnicient Thestalos to guide you to your fate)
    Current Events: The Society of Free Will has formed a formiddable political party, and is vying for power to give Freedom Thinkers more power and freedom in society

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  3. @Ozzie Krampus

    May I use this for an RP. I've been trying to find a nation sheet so that people could make their own nations, and I think this is the best thing I've found so far.
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