EXERCISE Basic Punctuation and Capital Letters

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  1. This exercise is a practice in adding proper punctuation and capital letters to your posts.

    Without capital letters and punctuation, your posts lack tone and it's difficult to understand it's meaning. Punctuation is what tells people when to pause, stop, continue, connect thoughts together. What is dialogue and what is action or description. The basics of punctuation are THE most vital foundation for your writing.

    For a great guide on how to apply Punctuation, Check out Asmodeus' Funky Punctuation Guide!

    A quick refresher of the basics:

    The first word of a sentence should be capitalized. So should names and pronouns.

    Quotes " " should always go around dialogue. Don't forget to add in the closing quote.

    A sentence must end in a period (short pause), ellipse (long pause), question mark (question), or exclamation mark (excitement, high energy, or unexpected). Most sentences should end with a simple period.

    Your task is to take the two posts below and add in the proper punctuation and capital letters.

    Bonus Exercise: Check over your old roleplay posts and see if you can find missing punctuation or capital letters. Fix them!
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  2. Punctuation has never been one of my strong points really, but here's my try at it.

    Ester looked up at the young man that held his hand out for her. "Excuse me miss, but I couldn't help but see you in distress. Could I possibly be of assistance to you?" She felt her blood begin to boil and she slapped his hand away. "No thank you, I'm fine." She stood and dusted her dress off wiping the tears away, wanting to be away from the man she turned and walked away as quickly as she could at least with a possibly injured ankle. Not only was she weak from not feeding but she had to meet a human she couldn't stand, so much for a good day, huh.

    She got a fair distance away and stopped favoring her ankle, still hungry she felt herself growing weak and she spied a child's fruit stand. Well, I am hungry enough, she walked over and pulled out a small coin purse."I'll take three apples please," she dropped a few coins in the kid's hand and the boy scrambled to grab the fruit. He handed over three golden apples and she nodded a goodbye, walking away before the boy could speak.


    Josh took his coffee, added a bit of sugar and cream and stirred. He looked up to her as she spoke, chuckling a bit as she spoke of the mob, if only that was the least of his worries. "Well, my family runs their own shop. We do a lot of odd jobs, I guess you could say there's a lot of cleaning up in my line of work." He chuckled sarcastically. If only she knew, he thought. "But it's nothing major, just enough to keep a roof over our heads." As he said this he brought the hot coffee up to his lips wincing a bit as it ran down his throat.

    "So do you have any line of work Ms. Sonya?" He asked out of pure curiosity, no alternate reasoning behind his voice, looking at her. Though he did realize that this whole situation was giving him a case of de ja vue, he looked around for a moment and then peered out at the street. Through the rain and the drizzle he could see a man under an umbrella, standing across the street, as soon as Josh spotted him the man turned the other direction and walked away. Checking up on him as he could see he didn't mind, someone was always keeping an eye on him, he was a bit different after all.
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