[BARPG] Bleach Anime Roleplaying Game

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  1. The BARPG is a story driven RPG set in an alternate Bleachverse. It is backed by an orderly system of statistics and promotes character growth through participating in RP's and by writing stories. Give birth to your own brain-child and nurture them to one of the top characters in our own version of the Bleach story.

    We are a "Free RP" in the sense that any genre goes as long as its within the Bleachverse. Write action, comedy, drama, mystery, whatever suits you and write it either in collaboration with other players (both friendly and hostile) or write your own story all by yourself. This is all possible in the BARPG.


      • Structured Bleach Roleplaying with easy to understand statistics
      • Intermediate-Advanced, 100/1000 word minimum, no maximum
      • Shinigami, Hollows, Vizards, Arrancar (and Quincy in the future)
      • Roleplaying and developing your character makes them stronger
      • Unlimited growth potential!
      • Focus on developing the character (the path) instead of reaching their peak (the destination)
    For those already enthusiastic
    Shinigami Beginner Guide | Arrancar Beginner Guide
    • June & July: Gain 250 Reiryoku extra by filling in "iwakuroleplay" behind Referrer in your application!