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  1. Hello! I'm really new here, but I've already loving the atmosphere here. ^-^ I am somewhat picky on which partners I'll take, as I don't have much time to spend here, and I use role-play for practising writing more than having fun (though I guarantee we'll have fun. :D)

    I have two ideas I'm thinking of making, but I'd like to know if anyone would be interested in either of them, before I make them or store the ideas away for later.

    Baron Munchhausen - Group

    Fairy-tales + Mythology + 18th century nobility + Outlandish ideas. Baron Munchhausen, a German nobleman, was famous for telling tall tales about his life and adventures. According to him, he has danced with Aphrodite, been swallowed by a giant fish and sneezed out again from a pinchful of snuff, tricked the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire into giving him the entire treasury, sailed to the moon, climbed on the roof of heaven, descended from the sky on a rope made of a lady's hair, etc, etc, etc, who even pays attention to the man these days? This would be a group roleplay, where I'd play the Baron, and some of you would play his travelling companions (generally people of extraordinary talents of one ridiculous sort or another). Other people could play guest star for a mini-adventure as nobleman (Catherine the Great, for instance), Gods (Zeus or Hera), giant bitey monsters, or anything else that fit in the story.

    Lots of silliness, fun, adventure, and humour.

    Fae (In the style of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell) - 1x1x1

    If you don't know the book, that's completely fine. All you need to know is that Fae do not think like humans. They become infatuated or infuriated easily, from the smallest demonstrations of your character. They are mercurial, sociopathic, self-absorbed and magnetically charismatic. They don't understand logic, and let their emotions be their guide. They are intensely magical, with enormous power.

    Now the fae are sorta explained, here's the plot:

    Abigail always believed in faery people and faes when she was young, trying to call them to her and waiting for hours at her window to catch sight of them. One day, however, she grew out of her fantasies and lived a normal girls life. Too bad the fae didn't stop believing in her... two fae return, and both are smitten with her, and hate that her attention and perceived affection is divided between them. They both try to win her heart (romantically or otherwise), in their own ways, which are terrifying and amazing at the same time. One gives her a tame leopard, the other causes someone she dislikes to get a horribly itchy skin rash. One randomly takes her to China, the other makes flower petals fall where-ever she walks, to coat the ground in a carpet of pink and red.

    One of us would play the girl, Abigail, and the others would play the Summer Fae and the Winter Fae. Abigail would write in first person, and the fae would write in second person, as characters in her story. This would be a 1x1x1. This might veer into mature grounds, but I'd prefer to keep it PG-13, R at most.
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  2. I'd be interested in the Fae plot. It seems like it'd be cute.
  3. Could one of the Fae be a redheaded male? *it could be the Summer Fae* if so, I'm interested in the Fae one ^^
  4. Interested in being a guest star for the Baron!

    Semi-interested in the Fae thing but realistically I don't have the time to commit.
  5. I'm sorry, I completely forgot I posted this. >< Unfortunately, I have to concentrate on my main projects, so I can't start anything new. I may bump this when I have time later. (Thanks for the interest, though!)