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  1. The air was crisp, no breeze in the sky to send the chills down your back. Lights illuminated the night sky, outshining the faded stars that lie about. Swarms of people are seen bustling down the streets of New York City, rushing to reach their next destination. If you walk a few blocks away from the center of the city, a small bar can be found on the corner to your left. Neon green lights outlined the worn down sign reading: Bar Oasis.

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    Name: Victor Lan
    Age: 26

    Grudgingly, a young man in his 20's took out his keys, inserting it to unlock the rusted door. He looked up at the darkened sky and sighed. How long could this bar hold up? For the past few years, problems arose among the staff. It all started soon after the previous owner of the bar passed into the next life. Victor was given the bar as stated in the deceased owner's will and next thing he knew, one by one the staff started to take advantage of him, stole money from the register, and even sneaked a few drinks for themselves. As a result, Vic flat out fired them all. Now he runs the bar by himself, not that it's that much of a hassle.

    Vic stepped inside and flipped on the lights. The lights above flickered for a few moments before returning to normal. He turned the open sign on, and walked towards his station at the bar, wiping it clean.
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    Name: Amelia Crawfield
    Age: 24

    Aimlessly, Amelia Crawfield drove painfully slow through the city in her beat up faded yellow '68 volkswagen bug. The rusty thing was unreliable and a piece of junk. Yet, she knew she would never part with it. It was a gift from her grandmother. It had been years since her grandmother had passed and the car was one of the few things Amelia had of hers.

    Suddenly, the old car started shaking and making an awful squealing noise. Steam rolled out from under the hood. Then, the car stalled and gradually crawed to a stop. Amelia groaned, and threw her head back against the seat, closing her eyes.

    "Great." She mumbled. Sighing, she snatched up her bag and yanked her keys from the ignestion before climbing out. After locking up the car she slammed the door shut. "Now what?" She asked herself, looking around.

    Once she knew where she was, she started walking. Soon, she stumbled unto a rundown looking bar. The sign indicated it was open. Maybe she could figure out what she would do after a drink....or two. It didn't take her another thought before opening the door and entering. She headed straight for the bar, not paying attention to anyone or anything around her.
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  3. Leaning on the bar, Vic wiped the dusted glasses in a nonchalant manner. He didn't care much about his image as a bartender. Running his callused hand through his dark-auburn hair, he glanced out the store windows. Couldn't really expect a customer at this time of night. Nobody really comes back to the bar after they figure out what happened. He lifted the cocktail glass to the faded ceiling lights, scanned it for any more specks of glass, and placed it back onto the shelf, next to the other wiped ones.

    As soon as he placed it down, the sound of a door opening and the bell attached to it traveled to the drums of his ears. Finally, someone decides to enter the lone bar! Turning around, he quickly scanned the incoming customer. She was a female, somewhere around his own age, and was clearly perplexed. How could he tell? Years of experience. Hah. More like years of dealing with the crazy customers this bar had taken in. Vic made eye contact with the female, and put on a slight smile. "Welcome, miss." He waited till she found chose a seat and slid her a coaster. "What can I get you?"
  4. Choosing a seat at the end, Amelia gave the young looking bartender a small smile. It seem too quiet in a bar. From her experience, she expected it to be busting with customers but a look around told her a different story. The night was quite early so maybe it would fill with people in a few hours. Shrugging, she place her bag in the stool beside her. "Well, what do you recommend for an early night turning to shit?" She asked, propping her right elbow onto the bar and resting her head against her fist. Her other hand on the edge.
  5. "I'm guessing today wasn't your best day, now was it?" The Asian chuckled. "How 'bout a Manhattan?" Vic pulled out a mixing glass and a cocktail glass from the showcase behind him. With a one go, he scooped the ice into the mixing glass, poured the whiskey and sweet vermouth in, and stirred it. With the cocktail glass to his right, he poured out the alcoholic drink into the glass, garnishing it with a small cherry in the center. Satisfied on his work, he placed the glass onto the coaster in front of the woman. Vic started to wipe some more things as he observed the female. Surely, she wasn't a regular, nevertheless from around the New York City. And of all bars to go to, why this one? Couldn't she see it was basically deserted? Well, that wasn't Vic's decision to make.
  6. "Try the last week or so..." Amelia admitted, watching as the experience young man effectively mixed and poured the drink, completely ignoring the fact he seemed amused at her awful day. "It doesn't look as if your night is going any better." She couldn't help but point out, somewhat sarcastically. When she thought he wasn't paying attention to her, she'd sneek peeks at him, looking him over. Her smile spread across her face, liking what she could see. Of course, looks wasn't everything to her. She shook her head out of her daydream she put herself in. This was not the time for spacing out though amiring a guy couldn't hurt...much. She frowned, not wanting to think of that. She had too much going wrong in life, that she didn't need this added to the long list of things.

    When the glass was placed in front of her, she sighed. The tips of her fingers tracing the thin part of the cocktail glass before picking it up and taking a sip. The whiskey burned slighty as it went down but the sweetness of the vermouth made it easier to swallow. It was actually pretty good. "Thanks." She said, glancing up briefly at him.
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