EXERCISE Banner Theme Contest

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  1. Hello and Welcome to the First Banner Theme Contest!
    The rules are simple!
    I give you a theme, be it one word, three descriptive words or a phrase
    And you create a banner and post it below!
    I will judge the banners based on creativity and whether it fits the requirements!

    Now then!

    The phrase is:

    Holy Matrimony
    Eligibility Requirements
    All entries must adhere to the site rules
    Submissions can be recently made or old as dirt
    Legible and Visible Text
    900 x 200 max size (pixels)

    My love and respect?
    A cookie
    A recording of me saying something of your choice. (Within reason. I'm not saying something gross >.>)
    A shout out to you in my signature for a week

    An acrostic poem using your username
    A haiku

    First place gets all of those prizes
    Second place gets three (of your choice)
    Third gets two (of your choice)

    Saturday, April 25th 2015 at 11:59 PM EDT

    Assuming people participate, results will be out on the 26th.