Banner needed please (Naruto)

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  1. I desperately need a banner made for my massive group roleplay
  2. What kind of Banner, and what would you like to see in it?
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  3. For my role play I want the village of Konoha silhouetted with a sunset in the background,I want the words Konoha Next Gen in big letters at the top then on the bottom I want Konoha where a ninja can be a ninja in small letters
  4. I'll get to work on it dear, I'll try to have it done within the next 48 hours. Please check out my Shop at Gypsy's Dancing Signatures and Avatars and show some support, get an idea what to expect and to voice your opinion~
  5. Done and thank you btw your art is amazing
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  6. Thank you so much. I appreciate the praise~
  7. Feel free to apply for my to my rp and thanks again
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