Banner Making [FREE OF CHARGE]

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  1. Hey Iwaku, this is MelodiusLime or xXxPffftxXx coming to you Live (Well, at least I think it is, well, the possibilities are endless :P)

    Anyways, I got a little gift, which is practically is the antidote for me because I got B.O.S (Boringness Overload Syndrome), apparently, I got tons of time in my hands, so... I will be making Banners for Free! Now isn't that sweet? For YouTube, for Facebook, or for your awesome R.P, I'll be doing it as fast & good as this guy could muster. But, a guy has limits ya' know? & I will accept & decline favors, wether it is possible or not.

    So yeah, I will close this thread if School Time is here again, & I will open it again if I have Free Time :)
    So yeah, ask away! :D

  2. Could I see an example? :D
  3. Sure, here's one:

    P.S: Example Banners are available.

    FOR RP:
    Full Picture:


    Banner Mode:




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  4. If you're still accepting requests, I need a site banner for my up and coming mermaid role play.

    I need This picture with the word Salt in large font and then in smaller font, A modern fantasy mer roleplay.
  5. To: @Polystical

    Hey Buddy! Sorry if the response is late, I was on a Vacation in my Province (ya know, for Christmas XD) But, I managed to do it today! Yay.


  6. @MelodiousLime
    Sorry, I forgot to cancel this request. I already got someone to make a banner for me. Thanks though, (although I didn't want it to say Salt Salt xD.)
  7. Pffft... It's ok *teardrop falls from cheek*
  8. D: B-But I will be creating another rp soon and when I do I'll come straight to you! :D
  9. Hello if your still accepting Banner requests then I have one, Its for my Fantasy Academy about 4 Kingdoms.
    So basically I'd like the image below.

    fantasy academy.png

    To say something along the lines of this.

    "The Great 4 Kingdoms & Armies"
    "Do you have what it takes to rule a Kingdom!?, Or an Army!?" ​

    Try to have some type of fantasy look to it.

    Thanks ​
  10. Hiiii! I'm back! (I said I would be, remember!) :D

    I need This picture with words 'Like Father, Like Spawn' next to the devil's face. :D