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  1. "hye there! anyone here?"

    *looks around this place,, sees crashed landingpods..*

    "looks like the mission failed.. and not a little too.."
    "better find some fellow survivors.. hope there arent hostile natives"

    *he starts exploring his surroundings and notices a pod,.. quite intact.*

    "hii there! :D who are you?"
  2. Welcome to the site Resu ^^
  3. hye schizo :D
  4. "whats ur status rapport? is life support functioning?"
  5. Are u alive?? Dammit! Just as i found someone with a friendly face.. Now its dead..ow wait!

    *plugs in some plugs and start reamimating*
  6. "cmon..cmon.."
  7. Im darn wel alive. kinda tired. but alive.
  8. Thank god!
    Get ur ass moving, we need to regroup! Theres a whole rpworld out there!
  9. Why hello there!
    Welcome to Iwaku! Good to have you here!

    I'm here to help if you need anything! Have fun!
  10. Welcome to the site we are so happy to have you Since no one has given you the links yet let me help you.

    If you are new to rping check this out Roleplay 101, If you are looking for a partner, to get better, or just generally improve in the areas you are weak check this out The Academy. If you want to just jump into a new group rp check out here Jump in Plot's and Jump in Rp board

    For any questions contact the mods. I know that the links are a lot but don't worry we are welcoming here and not scary I promise. I hope you have a wonderful stay. Feel free to PM me if you want a one on one partner, you can also search here One on one for any toher members.

    Please enjoy we are so glad to have you ^.^
  11. [MENTION=1849]Juku[/MENTION] thanks :D

    [MENTION=770]Zorilla[/MENTION] thanks a lot ^^ i have schizo helping me out so i be fine ^^ but still thanks :D
    So far sl good ^^
  12. I am not a pod.
  13. It's fine I'm sorry for sending useless link to ya xD xD it's just semi presegure.
  14. Welcome to the community, Galore! :D