Band Romance

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  1. The Band, L.U.N.A, is becoming very big. They just released their first album and are about to have their first concert. The guitarist/vocalist, Alexander got sick and found out that his has to have surgery on his throat or he can't sing again. He didn't want to tell the other members of the band, especially the lead singer ________ who is his best friend since diapers. Instead, he has his twin sister, Anastasia, to switch places with him until he is able to return. Luckily Anastasia and Alexander look just alike and sound just alike too. He ended up teaching her all of the music, how to act like him, and everything about the other members in the band. Everything was going to be great until, ________ found out that Anastasia was performing with the group instead of Alex.

    We can start before ________ finds out.