Bancho Basara: The Delinquency Warriors



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In the Year 20XX…Much like today though, surprisingly.




Delinquents from all over the Tokyoronto area have been feuding for far too long. Even in their own ranks, there seems to be those who want to do things more violently than needed, who want to steal, cheat, and bully. Others want to keep honor in their veins, and are willing to uphold justice, even when they're marked 'delinquents.' And there are even those who have stepped up, sick of how things are going.

One night, while a group of regular delinquents were walking, they had been attacked by an unknown gang clad in red gakuran: the Han-Oh Alliance. This group consisted of various gangs, and former members of a few ones who didn't take well to 'honor' 'justice' and such, and tend to take things too far. They currently rank as the group with the most troops and strength, conquering many areas.

Opposing them are two forces…

The first is known as the Hiro Coalition, which consists of regular students who're sick of being pushed around, or something. They're led mostly by populars and advanced placement students, boasting huge intellect and good looks. They seek to try and make things their way, minus the Jin Roh, and any other who wishes to stand in their way, including the Hokuto Union (See below). They're known for their signature yellow color, but do not wear yellow uniforms, but rather hide yellow scarves under their clothing. Only in battle are they more noticeable.

Next is the Hokuto Union: the Delinquents who, despite their status as labeled by adults, follow honor codes, help one another, and stand up for justice. They're known by their new, dark blue gakuran uniforms, blue being the color they'd chosen to have people remember as their own. They primarily fight the Jin Roh, but have been known to be attacked by the Hiro Coalition.

These three forces are currently at war: Whoever wins will forever change the city of Tokyoronto in their image, their dream, and show everyone how powerful they truly are...

Some higher ranks, like commander level fighters may possess some serious skill, maybe even some martial arts and Ki use, mostly via fireballs, Touki (Battle Aura), nothing too complicated, but nothing too easy to survive either.

The Time of War is upon us.